Randal Nardone : Taking Risks & Achieving

In life in order to get ahead sometimes we must take a risk. A lot of people have a predestined plan for what they believe will be their ultimate success. However, a lot of the time this just turns out to be a chance for experience or just a launching pad for something much bigger and greater in life. Taking the risk and seeing what new opportunities have in store have been the things that have made many men successful. One of those people being the man known as Randal A. Nardone . Randal Nardone is the Co-founder, principal and director of a company called Fortress Investment Group LLC. This company is actually an investment company. Randal Nardone didn’t start here on this path first though. He attended the University of Boston where he received a doctored degree in Jurisprudence. This is a law degree and not exactly a degree that goes with what he is doing now.

After college he worked at various companies and in the process went from a lawyer to financer. He worked at Thatcher Profit and Wood as well as BlackRock financial and UBS. These jobs were moderately good, but he decided to go a different route. Nardone and a group of other gentlemen started the company Fortress Investment banking in 1998. He as the Chief Operating Officer or COO of the company was in charge of handling the legal business and watching over the structured finance segments of the company. This move turned out to be the right one and the company has found great success.

The company is doing great and his employees like how he handles the company as they feel the work environment is just right for the work they do, and that Randal and the other leaders are kind and respectful.These days Randal Nardone is the Interim CEO of the company and holds 53 million shares in it. He is a billionaire and even has a place on the Forbes list. He was placed on the 2007 list at position 557. Randal Nardone is a man that went to college like last of us and changed course hen he felt he needed to. Taking that risk has catapulted him to a level of success and wealth that is extremely desirable. He is a good example of why following your gut and taking risks is good for business and for overall success. Learn More.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Recent Healthcare Developments

Eric Lefkofsky is a Chicago based entrepreneur who together with others co-founded Tempus Labs. This is an institution that applies data analytics to provide solutions for cancer patients that will enable them to lead normal lives. The institution was created in 2015, and it has rapidly developed into one of the most reputable tech health startup bodies in the country. This development has been to a great extent due to the influence of Eric Lefkofsky. Eric and his wife Liz are philanthropists who have in the past given to numerous charity bodies. They have a group called Lefkofsky Family Foundation that has been active since its inception.

Tempus Labs is highly committed towards developing cancer remedies to people. The institution has formed mergers with numerous National Cancer Institutes in the country to ensure that they reach out to many patients as possible.
They offer a wide range of services that include the following:

Conducting of tests to diagnose the presence of cancer Characterization of tumors in a bid to give specific treatment solutions to the patients

Machine learning and use of patient data to create an effective treatment program. The efforts of Tempus Labs towards bringing relief to cancer patients have not gone unnoticed. Recently, the research institution was featured in the yearly Eric Topol’s listing that rates companies that merges healthcare with technology. Tempus Labs have been recommended for its efforts towards bringing changes to the health industry that are projected to revolutionize the entire sector in the near future.

Tempus has been highly rated due to its application of gene therapy and gene editing in the treatment of ailments that had no cure in the past. Through gene therapy, it is now possible to treat inherited loss of sight that was impossible to curb in the past and eventually led to blindness. Tests are still ongoing on the application of gene editing to treat Hunter syndrome, and the progress is positive.

Tempus Labs in collaboration with Stanford University have also been working on a formula to simplify skin cancer diagnosis. They have numerous other FDA approved developments that include glucose sensors that are used for direct injection of insulin to patients. Also on the list of their numerous works is an algorithm that can detect heart attacks and gives a signal before the problem escalates to uncontrollable levels.

About Eric Lefkofsky: www.lightbank.com/team/eric-lefkofsky

Robert Deignan‘s Career Portrays Success In Leadership and Business Management

ATS Digital Services is a technical support company committed to provide clients with top notch security services. The company is always pursuing pathways to making improvements in the processes, client relations as well as programs. Whether the team comes to you or it just resorts to fix the technical issue remotely, one aspect remains constant; the team is quick at diagnosing the technical issue and fixing it on time as well. Behind the success of this company is the tremendous input of one Robert Deignan who serves as the co-founder as well as the chief executive officer of the company. Since he joined the company, ATS Digital Services has been leveraging its services to various clients across different industries with technical support being the major service dispensed.


Before he joined the career industry, Robert Deignan was a student at Belmont High School between 1983 and 1987. He proceeded to Boston College where he majored in Bachelor of Science and economics between 1987 and 1991. Later on, he advanced his education by joining Babson Graduate School of Business, an education center dedicated to preparing business professionals from different industries for all kinds of challenges. The entrepreneurial docket in this institution imparted competent skills in Robert’s leadership abilities.

Work Experience

From school, Robert Deignan joined the career industry by first, practicing at RECOLL Management Corporation as a senior asset analyst between 1992 and 1997. From there, he worked for Nations Credit as a relationship manager. His roles in the company included improving the relationship of the company with its clients and employees. Moreover, he became a trusted client advisor and managed to foster the growth of long-term revenue market niche for the firm. A few years into his service, he quit, joining Citizens Bank. Surprisingly, he still leveraged his services as a relationship manager in this institution. In 2005, he joined Wells Fargo and has since been part of the company.


Robert Deignan co-founded ATS in 2011. He still holds a major share of the company and has been supportive of leveraging high-end security services for firm and independent business owners.


Ara Chackerian and His Deference for The Business Value of Forestry

It is said that you can maximize the payoffs you gain in any type of investment by getting the right people to manage your assets. While this is easy to claim, this is hard to do. It’s hard to trust people to handle your money. There are accountants who cheat the system, and finance gurus may sometimes also exaggerate claims just to get or keep a client. Most of the people you meet in finance today may also collude against you, and fix the system so that they can keep your business. Fortunately, there are also people like Ara Chackerian, who always show skin in the game in taking responsibility for their actions, ideas, and products they sell to the society.





Norcal News Recap



One of the most relevant solutions we read today about Ara Chackerian is the one from Norcal News, where Mr. Ara talks about the role of forestry in managing our forests. In it, he mentions about vision about how important is the wilderness right now in making sure that the foundation of our society is substantial, sustained and healthy. There are various forms of recreation and inspiration for people today as they gain access to many ideas and resources, but unfortunately, the opportunity, potential, and topic of forestry isn’t discussed that much in relation to development and job creation. Fortunately, Ara Chackerian puts in a lot of his time and effort to improve the issues concerning forestry and to improve it in order for the future generation to still enjoy its bounty. Check out interview.net to see more.




About Ara Chackerian



Mr. Chackerian is the entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor that varies his assets across a diverse set of interests and projects. His passion for forestry and diagnostic imaging services has built him a name that would ultimately define his future in the business.



With his transcranial magnetic stimulation innovation, he’s able to help people who need the right medical knowledge and resources to address their medical issues. It is also the vision of Mr. Ara to make sure that the procedures and treatments that he offers to the society provide the much-needed jobs that any community needs. Truly, Mr. Chackerian is one of the people who help generate jobs, and not eke out of the support from the government.


Click here: http://californiablog.org/content/exploring-tms-ara-chackerian-non-invasive-mental-health-treatment-targets-brain


Shiraz Boghani, A “Splendid” Visionary In Healthcare And Hotel Hospitality

Time is the key element to all things, and being Shiraz Boghani beholds the key. A proven visionary who has taken action throughout time in the healthcare, hotel and restaurant industry. The Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group perpetually holds reign expanding hotels and restaurants across England.

A master in hotel hospitality, as a recipient of the 2016 “Hotelier of The Year” at The Asian Business Awards, admirably cites Chairman Boghani as an infallible leader of the times. Ever advancing the hospitality of quality, security, comfort and the scope of entertainment. He has broadened the landscape to over 20 trending hotels and growing. Most if not all, mounts over 200 rooms per hotel where convenience is paramount. In addition, this portfolio includes the five star He Grand Hotel and Spar, York.

As Founding Joint-Chair of Sussex Healthcare, Shiraz Boghani evidence veracity dwells in its fundamental values for every patient. It is the core resource of quality support in health and social care. Ensuring proficiency in all care components of patients, his award-winning Care Home Group avails and maintains a qualified workforce of over 1100 staff members for operational services.

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Sussex Healthcare, Care Centers, and Support is a community of medicinal services designed to serve Alzheimer & Dementia, Gerartic, Neurological and Learning Disabilities superior care. The vastness of Sussex existence encompasses a compendium of qualities founded on their fundamental values. Citing a few, Person-Centered Care, specializing individuality of one’s treatment. It is the patient entitlement to expect and receive privacy, personalized care, equality and profound support that sustains their independence of Dignity and Respect. These values and more are aligned with the Mental Health Act as pursuant to Healthcare of England.

Dedication, commitment and consistency is textured by Shiraz Boghani, a servant in numerous vital roles to his community and charity organizations. Inclusive of being a member of the National Council, The Chairman of the National Councilman and Arbitration Board and Resource Development Convenor for the AGA KHAN University.

Shiraz Boghani is indeed a Marketing entrepreneur for the 21st century.

Chenevert Deserves the Compensation

Chenevert has completely changed the aerospace manufacturing industry forever. Never again would any other company in the sector be able to hold a candle to the United Technologies Corporation. He has led them to be the most dominant force and completely own the production of aircraft for both the military and commercial sectors.

The United Technologies Corporation works on a 30 year product cycle. This cycle is based on consumer needs and a passion to create life-changing products. They had worked with a small group of executives which have allowed them to create the most efficient cycle ever known. They also would go out to acquire key businesses that allow them to both diversify their portfolio and enhance their innovation.

While the main business for the United Technologies Corporation is to produce jet engines and sensors in flight controls and systems it is not as simple as that. They have gone further than any other company and created the most efficient engines in their field.

First of all, they took it right to Rolls-Royce and invaded their territory by taking away the monopoly they had for the large business luxury sector. They created the Gulfstream G 500 and the G 600. They also enhanced the GTF engine. This would fit in the F1 35, Bombardier C-Series, and the Airbus A320. This engine requires 30% fewer parts while also having a 20% more fuel efficient burn.

They would continue working with the United States government to produce the best aircraft and also at a rate that could not be matched. Their Sikorsky unit produces over 80% of the helicopters for the United States of America Military and does at a rate faster than any other industry. For all of his hard work, Chenevert receive a compensation package of 22 million annually.

The United Technologies Corporation is also known for its environmentally conscious ways. They spent immense resources reducing their own carbon footprint. Water consumption at the factories decreased by 53% and they also watched as gas emissions reduced by 24%.

Chenevert has left a legacy that’s difficult to follow well.


Jordan Lindsey and the New FOREX

To the many individuals, the world of monetary investment is viewed in much the same way that one would view a football game. It is interesting, often fascinating, the players are often larger than life, and the stakes of individual decisions can be huge. People will give their opinions, watch the plays, and debate the outcomes, but it would seem insane to try to step out on the field themselves. Clearly professional athletes play on an entirely different level. In the same way, people see “the markets” as something to be touched only by those graced with some particular innate skill set that allows them to profit where mere mortals would flounder.

The foreign exchange market, generally shortened to FOREX, embodies this concept. Many people understand the surface concept of the stock market, such as predicting the value of corporations; however evaluating the strength of a national currency seems to be another monster entirely. In FOREX, one is attempting to predict the value of one national currency in relation to another, or in relation to many others. Add in the recent explosion of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and getting an accurate measure of the future seems closer to witchcraft than statistics.

However, there is a counterpoint to this view. Enter Jordan Lindsey, a man who has made a career out of making sense out of the obfuscating complexities of the FOREX and cryptocurrency world. His battlefield is more broadband than boardroom, and while earnings reports and press releases are important, Lindsey’s real weapon is data. Lots and lots of data.

A self-taught programmer and system designer, he is a pioneer in the relatively new field of algorithmic trading. Algorithmic trading operates on the concept that fluctuations in price can be predicted by watching various trends in market data and beyond. If you feed the data into a sufficiently smart computer program, it can help predict the likelihood of a certain product rising or falling in value.

With success in building and utilizing algorithmic trading programs for FOREX trading, Jordan Lindsey founded JCL Capital to both develop profitable trades, and to teach average people the methods of analyzing trends and making educated choices in investing.

Lindsey continues to do the same today, both analyzing the FOREX markets and providing the explanations that allow new traders to confidently enter the field.


IDLife Can Help People Change Their Bodies And Meet Their Goals

There are people who have tried for a long time to get into shape and who have failed to reach their goals. It can be a struggle for a person to lose weight or to get their body to a strong and fit shape. IDLife is a company that offers products that can help those who are looking to change their bodies and meet their goals. It can be difficult for a person to change their diet enough to lose the weight that they really want to lose. It can be difficult for a person to exercise enough to get in good shape. The products that this company puts out can help those who are in need of a little boost.

IDLife creates a product that can help a person control their appetite. Those who are having trouble cutting back on the eating that they do and really getting into a diet can benefit from this product and the help that it offers. The Appetite Chew is chocolate flavored and tasty. It is something that helps a person refuse those snacks that they know are not good for them so that they can lose weight and be healthy.

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There are times when a dieting and exercising person might feel tired. They might need a bit of a boost so that they can get to work on their fitness plan. IDLife has created products that are made to help all kinds of people have energy when they need it. The Energy Shot from this brand helps a person perform at their best in all ways.

The IDLife Lean Jar features ingredients that help a person’s metabolism be at its best. This product is available in a capsule form and it provides the body with nutrients. Those who are looking to get their body looking good can benefit from this product and all that it offers to a body.

The IDLife brand is focused on helping people be at their best, and they have a variety of products available to help people reach their fitness goals.

For more information about IDLife, just click here.

Jason Hope And The Reality Of The Bicentennial Person

No one wants to die, but it would be crazy to think one could love forever. Though, when considering the possibilities, to have a choice in the matter is much more ideal than not. When I first saw the movie Bicentennial Man starring Robin Williams, my imagination went wild as a kid. The older I got, the more I realized how impossible that future was. That is until I can across Jason Hope and the SENS Foundation. What he is helping them to accomplish goes beyond my wildest dreams, and I’m surely not alone.

With his original donation of half-a-million dollars, Jason Hope wants humankind to live longer and healthier lives. For Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Diabetes to be a thing of the past, the things post-modern science fiction. Not may sound crazy, but one day this could very well be our present.

They are looking to develop what’s called rejuvenation biotechnology which will see to it that death doesn’t come with age. That’s because many diseases occur because the body is breaking down faster than it should. There are other species of animals they love under these conditions tortoises exemplify this.

SENS led by Aubrey de Grey, have been able to identify the leading cause of molecular breakdown within the human body. It’s called glucospane, and de Grey has become a leading bioscientist advocating for their research. With donations like Jason Hope, they have been able to accomplish so much, and wouldn’t have been able to make it this far without his help. Governments don’t yet see the benefits of their research, but private donations are helping them pave the way towards real treatments. One hurdle they must overcome is how to remove glucospane from tissue.

As a graduate of Arizona State University, Jason Hope made a name for himself as a top-notch investor with a gift for spotting market trends and investment opportunities. He has made it his mission to ensuring the well being of others as a result. Outside SENS, he donates his time and resources to many other organization and is always looking for new opportunities.

One of his other goals is to put his resources to work by investing in entrepreneurs who otherwise don’t have much-needed funds to turn their ideas into a reality. His selflessness will take us a long way as a species. He sees the bigger picture, and though I have never met him, I’m grateful for him to have relit hope in my childhood dream.

Contact Jason Hope: medium.com/@jasonhope

The Lime Crime Craze

Doe Deere is the founder, CEO, and owner of Lime Crime. She is the ever-changing, self proclaimed unicorn queen in the makeup industry. Her unique vision and love for color have captured the attention of fans world wide. This makeup is just not amazingly popping with vibrant color but it is vegan and cruelty free. Having a vegan and cruelty free brand is very important to Doe because it just speaks of her personal attitude towards things like animal testing. She does a lot of animal related charity work as well so the vegan theme just makes sense. Doe launched her Lime Crime makeup brand in 2008 two weeks before Halloween. In 2009 her Unicorn lipsticks came through with a radical range of lip colors and a cute sparkling unicorn on the packaging. In 2012 she came through strong with her Velvetines lipstick which put the liquid lipstick game on the map!

Her beauty brand has been called a “cult” brand. This means a unique brand and producing something that no one else can, and we can see she has been doing this since she launched in 2008. With the market always changing Doe says, ” It is a big deal to stand out and be individual in a really crowed place.”

For this year in 2018 Lime Crime is focusing on the shades of purple like lilac, lavender, and bright purple. This is going to be worth the purchase because you know your getting smudge proof quality. The Lime Crime rule is if they think it will not work for them or is not right for them they will not produce it to the public. That is boss lady entrepreneurship! This is the reason that her brand continues to spark the industry every time a new product is released.

Doe has some motivating advice for other young women who want to start a business in this makeup industry. She says, “Look for gaps in the market and always think about the next innovation. Listen to your inner voice and pay close attention to what you like and what you want to exist. Then go out and make it happen!”

Lime crime pallets and lip sticks are not just slathers of color put together. The colors are uniquely chosen and placed together to tell a story. It allows you as the individual to choose your color or colors to tell your story and express your self apologetically. It allows you to own your difference.

Lime Crime not only takes pride in the quality of their product but they also think the packaging is just as important. Their motto is, “Who wants a awesome product in crappy packaging?” So it only makes since to go all out on the packaging as well. It lets the customer know they are getting a really good quality product.

If your getting that itch and want to try quality fun makeup then give the Lime Crime a try. You will love every story that you can create with every pallet they offer. Happy creating! Learn more: http://www.doedeere.com/