Sergio Cortes Weights in on Zika Virus

Feeling abandoned by their government, the parents of approximately 3,500 babies born in Brazil are left with no answers or cures for their babies born with microcephaly. The birth defect is thought to be caused by the Zika virus, though there is no definitive research yet.
Lima was a victim of the Zika virus. She caught the mosquito-borne illness during her pregnancy. At the time, no one knew much about Zika and Lima was told not to worry, but it soon became clear that something was wrong. At a prenatal checkup doctors discovered problems with the fetus. Arthur, Lima’s son, was born with a very small head that looked as if it had been placed in a vice. The misshapen head is called microcephaly, and also causes severe brain damage that will affect all the child’s physical and mental development.
Lima has noticed that Arthur seems uncomfortable, he is often fussy, and he doesn’t suckle well. While trying to cope with her sons illness, she is still struggling to grasp the full reality of the situation. She feels as though the government has abandoned them, and shirked their responsibility. Brazil had an epidemic of dengue, which is carried by the same mosquitos that carry Zika, and the government failed to provide adequate eradication efforts. She has also felt left behind by the medical facilities, simply being transferred from one doctor to another and so on. NPR
Well established and respected on noticias Brazilian doctor Sergio Cortes has spoken on the issue plaguing the country, and the work being done to find a cure. Cortes has stated that the disease is new and so far the main factor in determining it is not similar diseases is the intense itching in the hands and extremely red eyes. He is also not as quick to blame Zika for microcephaly. While it seems the two are related, research on is still being done to determine, for certain, that this is the case. Cortes goes on to state that at this time there is no known antiviral medication or drug to cure or prevent the disease, and the current treatment for Zika is still being studied. At current, he recommends to maintain proper hydration and plenty of rest for five days before returning to any physical activities. Cortes also noted that the Butantan Institute in Sao Paulo has been working on an antidote to combat the disease, and it is currently in it’s second state of testing. He expects that it should soon be passing to the third state and will be manufactured on an industrial scale.
Information from Dr. Sergo Cortes obtained from R7 Noticias

How FreedomPop Has Been Able To Expand Its Services Even Into The International Markets

The world of communication and especially in telecommunication matters has really evolved in the last few years. The latest move has been made by AT&T by offering free unlimited data plans to its smartphone customers. The move has made a very big potential reversal when matters related to industry trends are concerned. The well-known telecommunications company is trying to make use of its DirecTV purchase it made last year by having an unlimited data for cellphones for clients who watch DirecTV or its other U-Verse home TV channel.

The unlimited data package may be cheaper than its other limited data plan for clients who have families that watch a lot of videos and are feeling the need to have cable. In the event that its only one person who is sticking with the existing plan, it is also good value if the client does not want cable. Although it is a limited-time offer, the company did not say when the promotion would end and it allowed users who sign up keep their plans until the promotion ends.

A few years ago, the network stopped its unlimited data plan for new customers followed by Verizon in the same. Both networks are still the biggest wireless network carriers and have increased their prices with Verizon charging an extra $20 per new line and AT&T an extra $5. Other networks like Sprint and T-Mobile still offer unlimited data plans.

FreedomPop is a phenomenal wireless mobile and internet service based in Los Angeles, California. The company is well known for its wireless data, text and voice services on both Clearwire and Sprint’s network. In the very recent past, the company has also made announcements that it has plans to expand into the international market. What makes FreedomPop stand out is its ability to offer free data voice and text services as well as selling mobile phones and tablets.

The company has also had a lot of success when matters related to getting venture funding for its expansion are concerned. When the company was started, it was only selling 4G hotspots on Clearwire’s network but it later merged with Sprint to start selling both 4G and 3G hotspots that were compatible with Sprint’s devices.

So far so good, the company has been able to experience a lot of growth when matters related to getting more users and profits are concerned. The expansion in the US market has also been successful and in the very recent future, it plans to expand into other international markets as well.

Bargain Luxury: The New Trend in Mens’ Shoes

Men’s leather shoes has been a static, unchanging industry for years. But now, companies are making waves and altering the process. To ensure customers are getting exactly what they want, merchandisers are working directly with designers and cutting the middle man out of the process. And the craftsmen, by taking on all the minutes that goes into making a durable, attractive shoe, see an increase in revenue and return buyers. And customers will be glad to know that the quality of shoe they are sporting is better than ever.

Founded out of the frustration of finding either a great show at a ridiculous price or a sub par shoe that was affordable, many companies have jumped on the bandwagon and begun manufacturing shoes using this method. One of the most notable of these emerging companies is Paul Evans.

Bridging the gap between quality and price, Paul Evans is a New York based design company with no land based shop. Instead, the designs are sent to Italian artisans in Naples (the same factory that churns out shoes for Gucci and Ferraagamo). Once created, they are put up on the Paul Evans website and sent directly to the consumer. Efficient, fast, and sold at a guaranteed a lower price than what is found at brick and mortar stores, Paul Evans is committed to supplying their customers with artfully made footwear without breaking the bank.

Paul Evans is an international company, able to ship its creations around the world. Since there is no physical shop, customers are able to easily send back any shoes they do not want and request a different size, color or design in their place. The shoes are made with calfskin and suede, and as the shoes age they only become more sophisticated and attractive. The hand painted finish results in a unique product unlike anything customers have ever seen.

Bucking the trend and cutting out the middle man has resulted in an influx of companies that are dedicated to selling only the finest footwear. It’s no longer necessary to spend too much money or settle for shoes that are less than exquisite. Customers of brands like Paul Evans can have it all.

Brenda Wardle and the Pistorius Trial

Pistorius was a well-known South African runner in several Paralympics and 2012 Olympics. On February 14, 2013 Pistorius shot and killed his long term girlfriend Steenkamp in his home. Pistorius admitted to police shooting Steenkamp but did so thinking she was a thief breaking into his home. On February 15, 2013 in Pretoria court, Pistorius was formally charged with the murder of Steenkamp. On February 25, 2014 in the Pretoria high court with Judge President Dunstan Mlambo authorized the trial to broadcast over the radio and on the television. The trial proceeding began on March, 03, 2013 and the first verdict was delivered September 11 and 12, 2013. The first verdict delivered by Judge Thokozile Masipa. The verdict concluded Pistorius was guilty of culpable homicide and reckless use of a firearm in a restaurant. On October, 14, 2014 would serve a maximum of five years in prison for culpable homicide and another three year suspended prison sentence for the other charges.

Brenda Wardle is the legal analyst that covered the Pistorius case through the sentencing hearing. She grew up with parents that have a passion for education and law. Her parents have passed on their passion to her. Brenda Wardle is a known around the world as a legal analyst. Wardle has many different degrees to help her stay the top legal analyst. She holds three law degrees specializing in but not limited to medical law, forensic medicine, and advanced constitutional and fundamental rights. Wardle is currently registered at the University of South Africa to obtain a Doctor of Law degree.

Brenda Wardle’s career has focused on high profile cases. She has been interviewed by television stations and radio stations to give her expert opinion on what is going on while the case in in process and to give clarification to the audiences questions. Wardle has also written twelve manuals on the Contract Management Framework for the South African public sector. The manuals are also known by different titles. She has many talents and will continue to take her career as far as it can go for as long as she can.

Brenda Wardle discusses Oscar Pistorius Trial:

About Doe Deere And Lime Crime’s Phenomenal Entrance Into The Makeup Industry

Many women consider themselves women of steel, but they can not match Doe Deere and her determination and vigor to succeed in a field where very few other women have succeeded before. She set a niche for herself in the makeup fashion industry as the unicorn mistress who always breaks fashion rules to come up with even better beauty and fashion rules. Doe is a firm believer that it is no sin to break both fashion and beauty rules so as to come up with even better trends. She is the self-appointed unicorn queen and also the Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime, the latest sensation when matters related to making up are concerned.

Her company specializes in colorful cosmetics that are loved by many. According to Doe, Lime Crime is for the women who believe in being equally stylish even when ‘norms’ dictate the opposite. She has been very outspoken and tells women that they should not stay inside their cocoons everytime when matters related to styling and fashion are concerned.

She has successfully come up with her rules to break the rules. For instance, she advises that it is not correct to wear a bold eye with a bold lip. She likes experimenting with colors and that is one thing that has made her personality stand out.

Deere is not new to controversy. This is contributed by the fact that she relied heavily on the internet for all her company’s marketing. She has therefore been criticised a lot and even ridiculed. However, that has never deterred her from making the necessary strides when matters related to effective management of the company are concerned. Lime Crime has with time managed to attract a large customer base owing to the fact that it makes high-quality cosmetic products that allow customers to effectively express themselves using color.

Doe was born in Russia and raised in New York. She has maintained that she has always been on a mission to prove that cosmetics do not just conceal imperfections, but rather, they allow someone to express themselves in a much better way. To her, beauty is not what is natural but rather, what one feels comfortable in. She coined the company name because of her love for Lime color. She is a staunch believer in trying new things, and before she ventured in Lime Crime, she was deeply involved in a music band.

Her typical day at work starts by having a meeting with her Creative Director where they go through projects and develop concrete strategies. After that, she makes sure that she meets the company President and Vice President and then the Chief Operations Officer. The reason all these meetings happen is because she wants everyone in the company to work together and feel like they are in the same page. She also spends a lot of time developing new products and responding to emails. Doe can be used as an excellent example of an individual who has worked extremely hard to get where she currently is and has an even bigger vision.

Coriant and a New Leader

Coriant telecommunications launched in 2013 in both Munich, Germany, and Naperville, USA. The technology company, fronted by new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir, Chairman Robert Legget and Vice Chairman Pat DiPietro, services a global audience and currently has about 3000 employees.

Coriant began in the Transmission Technology department of Siemens based in Munich, Germany. The official launch under the Coriant name was announced by OFC/NFOEC in March 2013, and on May 6 of the same year, Coriant began to operate independently from Nokia Siemens Networks under the new ownership of Marlin Equity Partners. A merge with Marlin Equity-owned Sycamore took place in January 2013, and it was announced soon after that Coriant would be branching out overseas with the opening of Coriant America Inc..

Coriant serves as a hardware and software vendor for optical transmission in the backbone data network for voice, data and mobile networks. They also sell software products for network management and network planning.

Coriant develops fast and efficient solutions for some of today’s major networking problems, and a company with such high ambitions and large responsibility must fall under the leadership of an individual who is as passionate about the future as they are experienced in the current industry. For Coriant, this is new Chief Executive Officer Shaygan Kheradpir.

Shaygan Kheradpir earned his bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. from Cornell University in engineering and was on the advisory board for the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology, as well as the Cornell University Engineering Council. He has multiple patents for telecom, media and payments and has risen to be the head of Coriant after beginning his career at GTE Corporation. He is the former EVP & Chief Information Officer of Verizon, and a member of the leadership team which is one of the United State’s largest infrastructure programs with a capital investment of over $20 billion. Throughout his career, Shaygan has proved himself to be not only passionate about his work, but also dedicated and drive, and it is this level of commitment that he now brings to the future of Coriant.

Developers Are Turning New York City Have Always Bought Air Rights But Basement Rights Are The Latest Real Estate Fad

Broadway theater owners have been selling developers the rights to build above their antiquated buildings for years. Developers buy those rights so they can add floors to the skyscrapers in the area. But there is a new twist in the real estate market, according to Town Residential’s Managing Director Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick said developers are buying the basement rights from theater owners, and that could change the dynamics of the real estate market in Manhattan.

Town Residential is considered one of the top real estate companies in New York. The company’s office is located at 26 Astor Place. Town Residential brokers sell commercial as well as residential real estate. The New York City apartments for sale market is ever-changing, according to Fitzpatrick. Selling basement rights will open the door for building owners around the city to do the same thing.

Selling basement rights does entail some major renovations to the property involved in the transaction. Building owners expect developers to keep the integrity of their building intact while they develop retail or residential units below ground. The Broadway area is the first area in the city to sell basement rights, but real estate agents and developers all over the city are pushing this new way to add more space to the already crowded streets of Manhattan.

But Town Residential brokers are not only watching the new basement rights twist, but they are also extremely busy selling multi-million dollar properties all over the city. Trying to find listings that sell for less than a million dollars is a struggle in Manhattan these days. If an apartment or a condo is listed for less than a million chances are its small, out-of-the-way and needs work, according to Fitzpatrick.

Most agents believe the market prices will continue to increase because of the demand and the new construction that is going on all over the city.

Brooklyn is another hot market, according to Town Residential brokers. The prices in Brooklyn have increased dramatically because it is the perfect alternative to living in Manhattan for Millennials that can’t afford the multi-million dollar price tags in the city.

A recent New York Times piece described the real estate market in New York City as a market with no ceiling when it comes to price. Wealthy Chines buyers are flooding the market and buying condos, townhomes and apartments for mega-millions and most of those buyers are paying in cash.