About Doe Deere And Lime Crime’s Phenomenal Entrance Into The Makeup Industry

Many women consider themselves women of steel, but they can not match Doe Deere and her determination and vigor to succeed in a field where very few other women have succeeded before. She set a niche for herself in the makeup fashion industry as the unicorn mistress who always breaks fashion rules to come up with even better beauty and fashion rules. Doe is a firm believer that it is no sin to break both fashion and beauty rules so as to come up with even better trends. She is the self-appointed unicorn queen and also the Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime, the latest sensation when matters related to making up are concerned.

Her company specializes in colorful cosmetics that are loved by many. According to Doe, Lime Crime is for the women who believe in being equally stylish even when ‘norms’ dictate the opposite. She has been very outspoken and tells women that they should not stay inside their cocoons everytime when matters related to styling and fashion are concerned.

She has successfully come up with her rules to break the rules. For instance, she advises that it is not correct to wear a bold eye with a bold lip. She likes experimenting with colors and that is one thing that has made her personality stand out.

Deere is not new to controversy. This is contributed by the fact that she relied heavily on the internet for all her company’s marketing. She has therefore been criticised a lot and even ridiculed. However, that has never deterred her from making the necessary strides when matters related to effective management of the company are concerned. Lime Crime has with time managed to attract a large customer base owing to the fact that it makes high-quality cosmetic products that allow customers to effectively express themselves using color.

Doe was born in Russia and raised in New York. She has maintained that she has always been on a mission to prove that cosmetics do not just conceal imperfections, but rather, they allow someone to express themselves in a much better way. To her, beauty is not what is natural but rather, what one feels comfortable in. She coined the company name because of her love for Lime color. She is a staunch believer in trying new things, and before she ventured in Lime Crime, she was deeply involved in a music band.

Her typical day at work starts by having a meeting with her Creative Director where they go through projects and develop concrete strategies. After that, she makes sure that she meets the company President and Vice President and then the Chief Operations Officer. The reason all these meetings happen is because she wants everyone in the company to work together and feel like they are in the same page. She also spends a lot of time developing new products and responding to emails. Doe can be used as an excellent example of an individual who has worked extremely hard to get where she currently is and has an even bigger vision.