Flavio Maluf: Piloting The Building Materials Giant, Eucatex

Brazilian furniture and construction industry giant, Eucatex, which commenced operation in 1951 runs the largest green manufacturing franchise, competing on a global landscape. It became the industry’s first to utilize natural resources with a conscious approach to environmental preservation. Eucatex production of model building materials featuring organic eucalyptus and supplemental green resource is the crown marketing strategy. It has fashioned the finest building-grade panels and ceiling tiles originated from natural eucalyptus. During the early stages of inception, Eucatex nurtured an alliance with the Sao-Paulo-based Brazilian company, Americana Sawmill. Following a rebranding of the mill to Fiberboard Industrial Unit in 1954, Eucatex introduced a patented soft board line.

It wasn’t long after Eucatex ventured into panel and ceiling tile manufacturing. During the period of 1956-1965, it launched a series of divisions spread across the nation’s capitals, Argentina’s Buenos Aires. With a maximum daily production scale of up to about 100 tons, Eucatex gradually reached global affluence. In fact, Europe became a key benefactor of the mass exportation of Eucatex panels and ceiling tiles. The export outreach, which began back in 1956, attracted other foreign interests. The enterprise soon expanded its portfolio as it gained global influence and majority support abroad. Expansion has always been a fundamental ambition of the industrially influential Eucatex family.

Eucatex ventured into hardboard milling during the period of 1966-1989. This extension of the enterprise has a factory in Salto. Additionally, it installed a Barueri-based Metal Industrial Unit. With regional divisions in the U.S., Holland, the U.K., Mexico, and Germany, it continues to strengthen its global outreach providing the best building supplies. In the 1980s, it ceased exportation of building materials across segments ranging from Mineral, Forestry, Metallic to Wood. During which time, Eucatex was the source supplier to 50+ countries spread across all four landscapes. In 1994, it established another production plant in Salto focusing on varnish and paint installation. By 1996, the Botucatu-based factory also originated MDP panels with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-grade certification.

With the installment of a Salto-based industrial outfit in 2010, Eucatex introduced its newly developed T-HDF/MDF production line. Furthermore, its latest exportation outreach extends to about 37+ countries. Without the appointment of Flavio Maluf as president, who’s been involved in the company’s running since the late 1980s; it couldn’t have achieved this height of success. Besides his devotion to the Eucatex cause, from his Twitter it’s clear Flavio plays a pivotal role in the GrandFood operation as president. Additionally, he was an instrumental innovator in sealing the installment of the Botucatu and Salto factories. His keen management strategy and superior leadership as a key executive of the thriving group. In fact, he’s been credited for the group’s monumental success in the export market. With a wealth of industry knowledge and affluent experience managing a top-tier building construction empire, he’s the among nation’s most influential profiles.

His name carries immense weight on the social ladder being Brazilian congressman Paulo Maluf son. In school, CamaraBarbacena indicates that Flavio studied business, law, and mechanical engineering. With an international business administration degree earned at NYU (New York University) and a previous education from Sao Paulo-based FAAP (Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado) Foundation; Flavio has an extensive scholastic background detailed in full on SlideShare. He first began working for the family business in 1987 following completion of his education. In 1996, he became an industrialist and later ascended to an executive position. This appointment helped Eucatex to flourish beyond the unimaginable boundaries, realizing its full potential as a premier enterprise. Flavio also spearheaded a model modernization strategy that has brought the company monumental success in its pursuit of global transparency.