Skout Helping People Find Friends and Food

The tech world is an ever changing place and one area that is changing the fastest is the of social media applications. Companies like Twitter and Facebook have certainly staked their claims to social media but applications like Skout are trying to put their own spin on this sector of the consumer business world as well.

Skout is an application that is meant to not only allow you to communicate with your buddies, but also meet new friends. The application is also changing the way social media applications actual compete with one another, considering you can actually sign into the service using your Facebook account. Once a user is signed up, they will see a kind of grid layout which displays a user’s information as well as their recent posts.

From inside the application, users can wink at other people that show up on their board and then if the other user winks back, a chat can actually be started. While some people will look at this as a kind of way to find a date, it should be pointed out that the grid isn’t set up in a way to only show people of the opposite sex. Truly this is an application that might be able to find you a date, but is much more interested in finding you a friend.

Interestingly, the developers of the Skout application aren’t just trying to help find buddies. near the beginning of March, the application started trying to get its users to practice a more well developed sense of social justice. On March 14, Skout encouraged users to send virtual gifts of a bag of potato chips to their friends. When this virtual bag of chips is handed off to a friend inside the application, the developers of Skout will be making a cash donation to the Food Bank of San Francisco. These donations will be made until the company hits the goal of being able to serve 20,000 people through the food bank has been reached.

This shows that the developers of Skout understand the social contract that people have with their communities. It’s great to find yourself a new friend, but there are things that are more important than hanging out with someone when you have a little free time. Some people are worried about where they’ll get their next meal and Skout is looking to answer that question.

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Lime Crime Makeup Cosmetics Come Through

If you’re looking for a fashion brand that covers everything kind of makeup you could possibly need all from one brand, that also holds their product to a cruelty-free ethical standard then look no further than Lime Crime. They’ve been on the scene since 2008 with products that think outside the box of traditional makeup.  While their Wicked lipstick is popular with the Amazon crowd, Lime Crime is becoming a true fashion force to be reckoned with.

Already garnering a huge Instagram following Lime Crime makes products like lipsticks in much more vibrant and vivid colors than most other brands do. The colors seem to be made to pop out and bring out the features in your lips or eyes. With their wide variety of colors, it’s no challenge to find the right one for your face type, and when you do you’ll certainly stand out from the rest with the way these radically colored makeup make your face so noticeable.

For those who are consistently checking labels making sure the products you buy are entirely cruelty-free, you can rest assured that any product you buy from Lime Crime is held to a one hundred percent vegan, cruelty-free standard and has been that way since 2012.

They don’t stop their ethical practices at simply making all of their products vegan, they go as far as to donate a percentage of what they make to charities mostly focused on helping children, animals, and women who have suffered abuse. Girls Inc, Hola, Sanctuary for families, Bideawee, Adopt NY, and Red Cross all receive donations from Lime Crime.

So next time you run out of lipstick or eyeliner, check out Lime Crime. Not only will you be getting an awesome product, but you will also be not giving your support to companies that practice cruel and unusual treatment of animals, and you can know that some of the money you spent will be going to help those in need. Facebook users talk about how as soon as you put on Lime Crime’s makeup and look in the mirror for the first time, you will know you made a good choice.

$588,375, the total amount a Major GOP Presidential Candidate took From George Soros

John Kasich and his PAC “new Day for America” received a significant donation which has raised major eyebrows among the conservatives as he continues to remain in the Republican race.

The Soros fund managers Stanley Druckenmiller and Scott Bessent donated a total of $488,375 to the governor in what they referred to as small money fund. This is according to the records which have been provided by the Federal Elections Commission.
George Soros, who had already spent billions of dollars in coming up and funding far left organizations such as ACORN, MoveOn.Org, and the countless pro-amnesty groups. After Forbes billionaire George Soros had already donated an incalculable amount of money to the Congressional Democrats, he went ahead to hand a pro-Hillary Clinton PAC a sum of $ 8 million.
Soros had recently revealed about his expanded efforts in trying to oppose more border security. “we must reaffirm our commitment to the open society principles and attempt to resist the siren song from the likes of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump,” Soros explained on Bloomberg.
Kasich, representing himself as a Republican primary reasonable voice caught the left’s top donor together with his allies interested.
Bessent has been Soros chief investment manager until late 2015 while Druckenmiller has been managing George Soros investment money at the hedge fund. It should be remembered that Druckenmiller was Soros top fund manager when Soros successfully broke the England bank by devaluing the British currency in a move that profited him a total of $1 billion. People are now expecting Kasich to portray a strong showing in the Buckeye state. However, Senator Marco Rubio’s campaign has forced his supports to back Kasich in a move which will try keeping Trump away from winning more delegates.
About George Soros
Soros is a self-proclaimed billionaire who is popularly known for his investment savvy. George was born in Budapest, Hungary on the 12th, August 1930. However, George fled Nazis in 1940’s heading to the New York City in 1956. It is in New York where he entered the finance life. It was in 1979 when Soros began his philanthropic efforts and by 2012, he was giving amounts of more than $7 billion through his Open Society Foundations. The foundations used to fund a range of initiatives across the globe starting from public health, education, business development, advance justice and independent media. The different causes which Soros help are numerous and include the establishment of the after-school programs in the New York City, aiding the regions which have been struck by the natural disaster, lending financial assistance to the Russian University system, funding the arts, combating brain drain in Eastern Europe and fighting disease.

Securus App Improves Communication for Inmates

Video visitation is something that is becoming very popular in the correctional facility community. I have witnessed firsthand how this has become something that is making life less stressful for people that have loved wants that are incarcerated. Many people do not know just how much this can change someone’s life. There are droves of family members of incarcerated people that have never had the opportunity to bond with their mothers, fathers and siblings that are locked away. Securus has a new mobile app that has given a lot of people that opportunity to do this.

The video visitation app that this company has offered gives people an app that they can download quickly. They can fund their accounts and log in. From this point they can utilize the app to communicate with people that are imprisoned. The app is quite effective because it allows people that download it to keep up with the schedules for visitations.

Securus is getting a lot of recognition because this app has been downloaded over 65,000 times. It is available through Google Play and the iTunes Store, and it is gaining a lot of attention from people that are drained of the long prison visit routines. I have witnessed myself how this app has saved me a lot of time because I siblings that are confined in different states. I would never have the time to physically visit everyone that I knew that was incarcerated, but this app has allowed me to defy geographical boundaries. Even if the prison is not within my area I still will have the ability to communicate through the Securus mobile app.

I appreciate what Securus has done. I can use the Securus software on my desktop with my webcam but I was elated to find that this company had developed an app. I rarely used my computer, but I am always on my phone. The Securus mobile video visitation app just allows me to set up visits easier. I can do this during lunch when I am out in the park. I can connect and visit while I have other friends present. I think that it provides a lot of motivation for the inmates that get the chance to rent the tablets. They get the opportunity to feel connected to their families and friends again. This is an upgrade that is much better than traditional inmate phone calls and conversations.

Securus Technologies is not affiliated in any way with the health product Securus nor the Securus America site.

QNET is Actively Involved in Boosting the Success of Women

We, women, aspire greatly to attain success in the society in terms of a good work-life, more income to help us cater for our family needs and desires. However, not many of us are in a position to achieve our goals and desires such as completing school, getting good jobs, starting a business or becoming leaders. The direct selling industry has provided us with a unique platform for low-risk, easy, and quick opportunities to be empowered entrepreneurs and visionaries.

Together, we can do this. Are you ready to be a #qnetpro?

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To our advantage, various entities such as QNET have come up with strategies to help us achieve success and become instrumental figures for change in our societies. In a bid to commemorate the International Women’s Day, QNET, the dominant Asian direct selling firm, has continued to show its support to youthful women entrepreneurs.

The Direct Selling Association released statists, which stipulated that among the workforce and independent representatives in the direct selling industry, 74.4% of them are women. Khaled Diab, the Regional General Manger of QNET MENA attributed the resilience and nurture of possessed by us women to the continued success of direct selling in the MENA area as well as globally.

How QNET Empowers Women

It gives us an opportunity to join its direct selling teams in a bid to support us boost our financial gains. We are given a platform to work at our preferred time without fixed schedules. Consequently, this requires us to be committed and self-driven to attain our personal objectives.

Benefits of Developing Women Leaders

According to the United States Agency International Development (USAID), societies that desire change and development ought to help and support us women to acquire better healthcare such as maternal care. In addition, such societies should be willing to help us access education opportunities to the highest level possible as well as educate us on how to utilize technology for development purposes.

The USAID also advocates for gender equality and opportunities in terms of leadership and control of markets resources and lands, especially in patriarchal societies. Societies that achieve this will have made a great step towards progress and achieving long-term development plans.

Details Concerning QNET

It was established in 1998 in Hong Kong. It maintains its membership to the Direct Selling Association of Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. It is also a member of the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore and other countries as well as the Hong Kong Health Food Association. QNET is also actively involved in sports sponsorship around the globe. In the recent past, it signed a direct selling partnership contract with Manchester City Football Club to last three years. This information can be obtained from

Soros donates to court Latino votes

George Soros is getting involved in politics again. Soros, a billionaire financier who often supports liberal causes, George Soros has said he will donate $5 million towards a $15 million campaign to sway Latino voters into voting for the Democrats in November, according to a story in the New York Times.

Democrats plan to focus the effort on Florida, Colorado and Nevada, three states with significant Latino populations. Organizers believe there are enough Latino voters in those states to provide a victory in November. The campaign seeks to get those supporting Democrats to get out and vote, and to court swing voters who are not decided.

Republicans also have a campaign going to try to reach Latinos, spending $10 million that was given by the Koch Brothers.

Republicans may have a steeper climb though, as Republican front runner Donald Trump has insulted and angered Hispanics already and other candidates have also taken stands against Latinos. Trump was the most bombastic though, calling Latino immigrants rapists and thieves. He also called for a wall between Mexico and the United States, and he said he would make Mexico pay for construction.

Democrats may also have to mend some fences with Latinos, according to the article. Organizers in the Latino community are disappointed that President Obama has not been able to deliver a promised immigration overhaul, and he deported a lot of people. Organizers have also complained that Democrats have not funded campaigns well enough in the past, so the new money may help in that regard.

George Soros supported a major campaign to try to unseat President Bush in 2004, but has since supported less blatantly political campaigns. He has a foundation called Open Borders Society that promotes human rights as well as transparency. He has donated a total of $13 million in this election cycle.

He said the rhetoric of Republican candidates caused him to get concerned. In addition to Trump’s insulting of Hispanics, he has called for banning Muslims, which Soros has called offensive. Soros said such talk is against the national interest and a danger to democracy. Soros said there should be consequences to such hateful talk, and he hopes voters will provide those consequences this coming November presidential election. Learn more about his profile at

Soros is now one of the world’s most wealthy men and spends most of his time now running the Open Society Foundation. He grew up in Hungary, and his Jewish family was in hiding during Nazi occupation and during World War II. After the war, in 1947 he moved to England where he went to school at the London School of Economics. In the early 1950s he moved to America where he started his international finance company that also managed hedge funds.

Sanjay Shah and the Solo Capital Strategy for Long Term Wealth

While the world seems to be more and more chaotic all of the time with respect to business, economics, trade, and the financial markets, people know deep down that they cannot let their fear prevent them from planning for the future. The fact of the matter is there will always be both good and bad times ahead when you consider the markets. However, if you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel then it becomes a lot more difficult to actually invest for your retirement. After all, who wants to willingly throw hard earned money after investments just so that they could wind up evaporating overnight?

The important thing about dealing with investments is that you need to find a professional who can help guide you around, through, or over the worst and the best of times. Making money is an importing part of investing and obviously everyone wants to save as well as generate additional wealth through their investments. However, even if you are able to understand the long term importance of investing early and investing often, just throwing money at the markets won’t necessarily yield the results that you want (and need).

When people think about what they can expect from the investing world, and then they compare that with what they would actually like to see from investments, the two aren’t necessarily correlated. One such icon that has started to turn heads and has become one of the fastest growing firms in the financial field simple due to the reputation. That financial beacon of hope is Sanjay Shah and the Solo Capital organization that he represents.

Sanjay Shah has created not only a lifestyle for himself, but a place for anyone who understands the importance of investing. Not everyone is of a mindset with numbers, interest rates and payments. That being said, even if it is not your priority, you also know just how important it will be to look deeply at your strategy and make sure that it makes sense for you. That’s where a financial professional comes in.

The importance of investments is dealing with global citizen, and when you think about the fact that you are only in the investments game to try and retire (which everyone does), then it can make so much sense why there is such a need for people who both understand the markets and also understand how to communicate well with others as well. By that logic, if you are planning on retiring then you can either try to specialize in financial investments and the markets in general, or you can choose to work with someone who truly does understand the markets on their own account, and who is also an excellent communicator.

The Coming of The Queens of Drama

The soap opera genre has fallen on hard times. The reality show’s popularity is on the rise. Several former soap opera actresses are killing two birds with one stone. They are united together on a new reality show called “Queens of Drama” which will depict the actresses in the formation of a new soap opera television show. The part about it being about the formation of aforementioned soap opera is really not important. It’s obviously contrived just for the drama and entertainment. And there is plenty of drama with lots of cat fights, silly shenanigans, and unbelievable dialogue.

There are a couple of things that lead to a lot of big, fluffy drama: 1) Vanessa Marcil leads the project until Donna Mills rudely takes charge and 2) Lindsay Hartley and Crystal Hunt are constantly bickering like the drama queens that they are. Hunt definitely has a lot of experience being dramatic. She was born and raised in an upscale community in Clearwater, Florida. Metacritic indicates that her first appearance as a performer was in pageants as six-months-old. Recognizing her talent, her parents had her get lessons in music and drama performance. They also helped her land many a role in T.V. commercials. She attended Palm Harbor University High School. After landing a role on Guiding Light, Hunt dropped out of school and moved to New York City.

IMDb indicates she began her stint on Guiding Light in 2003 and into a much bigger acting career than she had ever known. In New York City, she completed high school via correspondence while acting on the show. On the soap, Hunt famously portrayed Stacy Morasco. She did so well that in 2005 she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Best Upcoming Younger Actress in a Drama. She remained on the show until January 2006. Hunt has also become a successful entrepreneur, owning a high-end pet boutique called “My Pet’s Dream Boutique” back home in Clearwater.  Crystal Hunt’s acting reel can be seen on YouTube.

Wiki Experts for Hire

Wikipedia is a popular resource to find general information, and school teachers often do not allow it to be used as an official source in research, but they encourage students to use the online encyclopedia to start off in the right direction. One of the features of the Wikipedia site is anyone has the ability to edit Wiki pages, which often creates concerns about the relevance of information provided by the site. If you are a business, try to stay enemy-free, but if you are an actor, apparently crazed fan editors are the ones you should be worried about.

Leonardo DiCaprio, amongst a significant film resume, finally one his first Oscar award this 2016 season due to his latest film, “The Revenant”. Fans were shaken up because the actor has long deserved the award, so the excitement of this finally happening has become a little too much to handle. One fan, taken over by the event, tackled Leonardo’s Wikipedia page, repeatedly inserting a vulgar phrase praising his winning of the Oscar award. Previously, DiCaprio had been nominated to receive five Academy Awards, but he never made it all the way to winning a category of the Academy show. Thankfully, he has won a Golden Globe and a BAFTA also, but all-in-all, his fans are hysterical, and they have reason, but the one fan who vulgarized his Wikipedia page may have taken it too far. Leonardo is set back by the unwanted changes made to his Wikipedia profile. Now, he insists on hiring Wiki experts to recover his grace.

Wiki writers for hire are knowledgeable in the Wikipedia business page creation of excellent Wikipedia profiles and other encyclopedia-style pages. They are also able to update a Wikipedia page that already exists to reflect the most accurate or up-to-date information. Whether a business or an individual, wiki experts could be the way to go when trying to establish an official online presence amongst the madness of the internet. Get Your Wiki is one reputable group of wiki experts who will create, edit, and monitor your Wikipedia information. The knowledgeable team at this Wikipedia editing service ultimately take the headache out of creating a wiki page by providing countless benefits and opportunities to grow an online presence with professional help. A guaranteed page approval or your money back offer certifies an excellent final product and also covers the chance of your page being taken down from the Wikipedia site. Results from Get Your Wiki could meet the needs of even a new Oscar star like Leonardo, but he may never know.

George Soros and His Political Contributions

Forbes billionaire George Soros is an individual who has been very influential in the market. He has predicted change in the markets many times and been very spot on about his predictions. There are many different hedge fund managers out there, but very few who has found the level of success that Soros has found. There are many out there who even believe that Soros is the best hedge fund manager to ever grace the markets. He found his first claim to fame when he bet against the British pound and earned a billion dollar fortune for himself in just one year.
George Soros is now finding himself in the political realm as well. Politico has reported that he has now pledged 8 Million dollars to Hilliary Clinton’s campaign. Soros is one of the few liberals who has dropped 8 figures on any campaign this election. In 2004, Soros was trying to oust George W. Bush with a 20 million dollar contribution. With this failing to work towards the democrats advantage he has been much more reserved with his political spending this election. This could be also due to his current retirement from public hedge fund managing.

Soros has been able to predict major shifts in the market. This is how he was able to create such massive success and wealth in his career. Soros was able to predict the crash of 2008 due to market conditions. He is now predicting that a crash of similar proportions may be in store for the market very soon. The devaluation of the Chinese currency is the main aspect that is alarming Soros. Without China having a proper growth model there may be a ripple effect that would rock the global economy. It is important now for global and market leaders to take precautionary measures to prevent a crash as devistating as the 2008 crash.