Wiki Experts for Hire

Wikipedia is a popular resource to find general information, and school teachers often do not allow it to be used as an official source in research, but they encourage students to use the online encyclopedia to start off in the right direction. One of the features of the Wikipedia site is anyone has the ability to edit Wiki pages, which often creates concerns about the relevance of information provided by the site. If you are a business, try to stay enemy-free, but if you are an actor, apparently crazed fan editors are the ones you should be worried about.

Leonardo DiCaprio, amongst a significant film resume, finally one his first Oscar award this 2016 season due to his latest film, “The Revenant”. Fans were shaken up because the actor has long deserved the award, so the excitement of this finally happening has become a little too much to handle. One fan, taken over by the event, tackled Leonardo’s Wikipedia page, repeatedly inserting a vulgar phrase praising his winning of the Oscar award. Previously, DiCaprio had been nominated to receive five Academy Awards, but he never made it all the way to winning a category of the Academy show. Thankfully, he has won a Golden Globe and a BAFTA also, but all-in-all, his fans are hysterical, and they have reason, but the one fan who vulgarized his Wikipedia page may have taken it too far. Leonardo is set back by the unwanted changes made to his Wikipedia profile. Now, he insists on hiring Wiki experts to recover his grace.

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