Dick Devos the Philanthropist

“Be brave. Take the first step now. Be unpretentious. Work smart. Volunteer. Teach. The main issue here is to do what is required of you and live up to your words.” Dick DeVos. These principles drive him. One makes it this far by the small things we overlook in life. To me, he is an icon. The success in his career and the charity works. When people look into his face, this is what they see.
This philanthropist Dick Devos was born on 21st October 1955. He is a business entrepreneur born in Michigan. His father Richard Devos co-founded the nowadays Amway International. He has so far involved himself in the dealings of Amway in many positions. He rose to the rank of CEO and President of the company in 1993. He served the in the same seat to the year 2002. Coming to the year 2002, Dick Devos ran for the seat of the governor of Michigan. He lost to Jennifer Granholm a new Democrat. As of 2012, the Forbes magazine listed him among the 100 richest people in the USA. He had a net worth of roughly $5.1 billion.
His involvement with Amway a family business runs back to his childhood. He recounts welcoming visitors to annual conventions as a boy. He and his brother Doug could lead the Amway guests to play tennis and waterski. They could hang around the company offices, clear dishes and so on. This early involvement in the commercial world as a child prepared him for the future life.
Mr. Devos took his junior and senior education in the Forest Hills public school. He holds a degree in BA from the University of Northwood. Later, he also attended the Business School of Harvard and Wharton School of Executive Studies. The Northwood University recognizes him as distinguished alumni. The Central University and the Groove City College have both awarded Dick Devos with honorary doctorate degrees.
The Devos family as always been in involved in charity works. The family has contributed over $200 million within the past two generations and 40 years. Richard Devos has donated several million dollars to companies like the Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority, the Heritage Foundation, and Americans for Prosperity and so on. Dick and his wife Betsy took on the Education Freedom Fund as co-chairs back in 1993. This fund program supports the minimal wage families of Michigan to get an education from universities and schools of their choice. The Dick and Betsy Devos organization also runs the Children’s Scholarship Fund. The Foundation is also involved in the activities of other charity organizations like the Choices for Children, American Education Reform Council, and the Children First America together with other Christian schools and foundations across the state of Michigan.
In 2005, Mr. Devos came back to run for governor of the Michigan state. He had a dream of solving the issue of unemployment which has for long been a problem in the state. Dick says that the tourism industry will do much to improve the economic state of Michigan. He gave the Democrats a hard time criticizing their poor economic policies.

A Leader at Madison Street Capital in the 40 Under Forty

The 40 Under Forty is an honor given to people under the age of forty years who have had a commendable impact in whatever field they work in. The award recognizes the leadership skills and vigor that an individual demonstrates in the normal operations of their business. The nominees for the accolade are chosen by the Executives of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) and the Consultants’ Training Institute (CTI). http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/orland-park-homer-glen/community/chi-ugc-article-madison-street-capitals-anthony-marsala-reco-2015-08-20-story.html

In 2015, NACVA and CTI enrolled Anthony Marsala to the 40 Under Forty program. Marsala is the Chief Operation Officer at Madison Street Capital, where he is also a co-founder. The process of choosing nominees was a difficult one for the panel due to the excellent quality possessed by the candidates. The original list contained 125 candidates from which the judges had to choose the best forty. The people who get selected to the list are given a whole year of publicity in press releases, and various blogs, among other avenues.

During the award ceremony, the Executive VP and CEO of both NACVA and CTI, Brien K. Jones said that the program aimed at giving voice and a platform to the professionals who display exemplary leadership and vision in the work they do. The award is all about getting the best of the best leaders in all fields.

Anthony Marsala merits his selection into the program due to his efforts at Madison Street Capital, among other firms that he has been involved. At Madison Street Capital, Marsala is the leader of the team that carries out the business valuation for their M&A customers and Corporate Finance. He has been crucial in helping the company to expand into new markets in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Anthony has more than thirteen years of experience in many industries of all sizes. He has had affiliations with companies in categories such as food, pharmaceuticals, staffing, energy and tech, among other sectors.

Marsala is a Loyola University of Chicago graduate. In college, he took a course in Finance and Information Systems. Anthony has also studied at the University of Oxford, where he attained a Masters in Strategy in the Said Business School. Marsala sits on the boards of NACVA, and the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) as a member. However, his association with NACVA is not a reason he received the nomination for the 40 Under Forty. His leadership and vision in the work he does are the reason he was selected.

Madison Street Capital is an investment banker that was established in 2005. The company prides itself on offering their clients financial advice, asset valuation and mergers and acquisitions, among other business services. The firm is situated in Chicago, Illinois, from where it has expanded its services to reach many people across the world. https://network.axial.net/a/company/madison-street-capital/

Madison Street Capital is led by a team of executives who are vital in ensuring the firm operates as desired and that they keep their clients satisfied. Madison Street Capital is involved in many philanthropic acts around the globe with the aim of making the lives of the less privileged in society better.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Fashion Confession

In an article that appeared in Marie Claire Magazine At http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/, Kate Hudson revealed some very interesting secrets about the way she really feels about high priced designer fashions, wearing athleisure, and Fabletics. Most people are aware that Kate Hudson is an actress that has appeared in popular films. She is also the co-founder of Fabletics. Fabletics is an online retail company that sells trendy clothing to women subscribers. Kate Hudson is all about comfort. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that thekrazycouponlady.com co-founder is releasing a line of athleisure wear dresses that are designed for the woman that prefers comfortable and fashionable clothing.

Fabletics New Dress Line
Leave it to Kate Hudson to create a wonderful line of dresses for women that want to dress in more than the regular little black dress. Hudson’s Fabletics‘ line of dresses are specifically designed for the athletic girl. The girl that is always on the move and prefers clothing that does not cramp her style. Her comfy dresses are perfect for a casual date, a night out on the town, or wearing to the office. Clearly, the dresses are designed for the modern active woman that likes to keep mobile. The secret to the dresses success might simply be the stretchy high performance material. Hudson states that Fabletics trendy clothing is comparable to high fashion, but at a much lower price. The clothing is very high quality and desirable. Her company is able to bring it directly to the consumer. Thus, cutting out the middle man and reducing the price of the clothing line.

Fabletics is an online retailer store that is changing the way that women across the country shop for trendy clothing. Women subscribe to the monthly fashion service and are provided with a wide selection of clothing to select each month. The clothing cost is less than $50.00. Women are allowed to cancel the VIP membership and subscription service at any time. Fabletics offers all new customers a great deal. They are able to purchase their first outfit for only $25.00. Give Fabletics a try, you just might like them.