Advantages of Using Securus Technologies

Keeping in touch with a loved one who is in prison can be more than just a little difficult and it is why so many people are looking into Securus Technologies because this is an option that enables them to keep in touch with loved ones. I have been using Securus Technologies myself for many years now and have continued to be happy with the results I am able to achieve from this type of technology. It has allowed me to keep in touch with my loved one in prison and it is something I will never regret using and speaking about two other people who might need it.

If you are not familiar with Securus Technologies, this is a technology that enables you to video message people in the prison system. Anyway, it is like using your own webcam at home to see somebody who you would not otherwise see on a routine basis. This is a problem for a lot of prison families and it can be difficult to feel connected to your loved one when you simply cannot make those long trips to the prison. Securus Technologies has made it easy for you to feel confident in keeping in touch with them and knowing that they are there to see and hear what you are doing.

I have found for myself that Securus Technologies is a wonderful technology that is easily used by most people who have somebody in the prison system. The system is totally secure and easy for you to use from a home computer or laptop. You just need to download the software and begin using it right away to connect with your loved one who you might not have seen in quite some time. This has been a wonderful option for me and many other prison families in the nation.

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Evolution of Smooth: Latest Rage In Lip Balms

Have you ever wondered why do lip balms today come in spherical shapes and not the old fashion lipstick or tiny jar size? Well, we have too. One thing for sure, they’ve caught the eye of almost everyone, and they’re selling like hot-cakes. Not only this, but they have also become the status symbol of many celebrities such as Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera.
One particular rounded pod that’s leading the rest of popular lip balm brands is Evolution of Smooth(EOS). Lip balm competition of other quality brands that have been around longer include Chapstick, Burt’s Bees and Blistex; however, it’s EOS that seems to strike at the hearts and minds of its users. But why?

Why The Popularity

Many in the industry attribute the exploding success of Evolution of Smooth in part to its attractive and colorful packaging. Looking like a dozen small Easter eggs, the New York-based company product is an easily recognizable commodity and has managed to penetrate the market with reasonably low prices, claims of organic ingredients and myriads of positive online reviews at famous large pharmacy chains nationwide.

Varieties For All Preferences

For those who are health-conscious, EOS lip balm boasts of being over 95 percent organic. It also lays claim to be paraben-free and made with vitamins, minerals, jojoba oil and Shea butter. For those users who prefer functionality over appearances, EOS is relatively easy to find in a handbag and practically applied with one swipe to the two lips. Moreover, there’s no need to get your fingertips greasy.

As an added treat, EOS [] now comes in great fruit-associated flavors such as Pomegranate, Raspberry, Strawberry Sorbet, Blueberry Acai, Sweet Mint, Vanilla Mint, Coconut Milk and Blackberry Pink. There are others, but they are presently out of stock in major stores. For its growing customer base, however, chapped lips have never been more fun to protect than today with Evolution of Smooth lip balm. Check out the website

For more information visit their Facebook and Linked In pages.


Bury Bad Articles To Improve Your Reputation

There are several reasons why you may want to take initiative in restoring your reputation if it has been tarnished in any way. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of where to find the right professionals to “clear” their or their business’s name(s) on the Internet. The Internet has made it possible for anyone to post negative ratings, reviews, comments, and feedback in pertinence to someone and/or their business. It is basically an open forum in which any of the billions of people can write something negative about someone and/or something, for instance, a business, and any of the billions of Internet users can read what has been written about said person and/or business. Due to the capabilities of networking from one end of the world to the other, it is highly recommended for people to ensure that they are taking the necessary steps in keeping their name “clear” of any negative connections to it.

One’s name can be correlated to one’s business. If you are aware of this, then you are likely aware of how there are many people who are always seeking ways to bring someone and/or a business down. In order to keep you name in the “clear”, you may want to consider contacting the professionals of bury bad articles as they will be able to assist you with restoring your name and/or your business. Reputation is extremely important in the world of business. Why enable someone to tarnish it with the simple pushing of buttons on a keyboard? Their efforts of putting a detriment to your name and/or the reputation of your business should not cause you to feel distraught. Be sure to contact a professional who can remove the negative comment(s), review(s), rating(s), and/or feedback(s) that have been left in pertinence to your business’s or your name.

If you search your name online, it is possible that there are some “links” near the front pages that shows the negative things that have been written about you. If that is your situation, you can contact one of the professionals of the reputation management team to provide you with the services that are necessary to either “bury” them, as in, pushing them back in the search results, or to completely remove them from the Internet.

Learn about Bury Bad Articles and how they can help you fix your online reputation

George Soros – Get Advice on Your Portfolio

In a recent PRNewswire, Article posted August 12, 2016,, Angie Koch, CEO of the U.S. Money Reserve, gains a contributor profile on the Huffington Post.

Read more on Crunchbase about US Money Reserve.

The Huffington Post is an online news outlet covering stories from every viewpoint from all over the world. Consisting of a digital population of 79 million unique monthly visitors, they are the first of its kind to win a Pulitzer Prize.

Koch will post to the blog on a regular basis making this a huge accomplishment as she gives advice to many about how to run a successful business by delving into topics such as leadership, culture, and wealth management.

The U.S. Money Reserve founded in 2001, is the world’s largest distributor of gold, silver, and platinum products. The mission of the U.S. Money Reserve is to help you to diversify your portfolio by purchasing gold, silver or platinum. These metals have proven to outlast paper currency due to their scarcity.

U.S. Money Reserve based in Austin, TX, has a team of professionals who are experts in the market at finding products offering the highest profit potential for precious metals buyers at every stage.

This uniquely trained team includes coin research and numismatic professionals to assist you adding precious metals to your assets portfolio. This team of professionals exhibits superior customer service having the mindset of setting up long-term relationships with each of its clients. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

You cannot place your trust in paper money and need something that is secure.
There’re several reasons why one should buy gold, silver, and platinum. Those reasons are as follows:

• The dollar will eventually fall
• Inflation – causing the prices of goods and services to soar
• Gold is harder to find increasing its value
• War, terrorism, and nuclear threats

Several nations also are trusting in gold for their futures such as Russia, China, India, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Thailand, and Turkey.

Thor Halvorssen Is A Man On A Mission

Thor Halvorssen is a misunderstood man. He is the president of Human Rights Foundation (HRF) and has dedicated his life to toppling dictators and tyrants around the world.

Because of this work he has made many enemies around the world and has put his life in danger numerous times. In a recent interview, he recalls a time that he went to Vietnam to interview the leader of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, which had been banned by the government. After the interview, Halvorssen was detained, beaten and arrested.

Halvorssen has no real political ideology. His goal is to expose and remove any leader who thwarts freedom in their respective countries. “I love people!” he states. He continually rails against leftist dictators in Latin America just as much as he attacks right-wing tyrants in Eastern Europe.

He learned how to stand up to dictators and corruption from an early age. His father was imprisoned and tortured in a Venezuelan prison for exposing government corruption. His mother was shot during a protest against Hugo Chavez.This is what fuels Thor Halvorssen.

He is not without his detractors. Some donors on the left dislike that HRF receive money from “right-wing” organizations, and vice versa. But Halvorssen and HRF are just as likely to attack a right-wing dictator like Pinochet of Chile, as they are to go after leftist Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. “Why discriminate?” he says.

Based in New York City, Human Rights Foundation is a nonprofit organization that seeks to protect human rights around the world. They take a particular interest in closed societies like North Korea. Their mission is to promote freedom around the globe. Follow Thor on Facebook to learn more.

More information for Thor Halvorssen:


Don Ressler might be famous for being the mind and body behind a lot of successful startups; but, he also began as a startup himself. Ressler is the man behind In 2001, Intermedia Mix bought it outright. This is the startup company who was run by Adam Goldenberg.

It was during this purchase that Adam and Don met one another. Adam was only 19 years old at the time. His age might of been 29, his head was the mind of a 40 year old. Many considered Adam a boy-genius.

Their partnership soon formed Alena Media. Adam and Don saw a kinship in one another, something they didn’t see in anyone else. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler worked diligently with the company. Don and Adam helped to build each other’s companies up from ground zero. Adam and Don worked closely together.

It wasn’t until 2005 that their team and their work began to take a side step. News Corp on acquired their companies during this time. It was also during this time that Don and Adam saw their work taking a back seat.

“Adam and I felt that our work was not being recognized anymore. We had spent all those years, independently and together, working our butts off. After we fell into a big conglomerate, we felt it was time to go. They were all too happy to see us go. Our ethics didn’t jive with their financial agenda. We left and never looked back”.

–Don Ressler

Weeks later Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler soon found new ventures and partnerships to occupy their time. Some of these ventures included one another. Some of them didn’t. Some say there was a falling out between the two, at some point. Don insists this was not true.

“Like with anything in life, you grow and move on. Adam and I started out together and we are still friends. We work together here and there. Like with any startup, sometimes you take a break and come back to it. Adam and I have worked together on businesses like Shoe Dazzle and Just Fab. He and I are still apart of each other’s lives. Sometimes a business deal takes us a way for a while. It’s what happens with any business. Adam and I are still a team and forever will be.”

What’s the biggest lesson Don has ever learned?

“Finding the right partner. They can’t all be like Adam. Finding someone who is the right fit is challenging. Once you do, don’t let the partnership die. It doesn’t matter what a bog corporation throws at you. Some people are worth more than money. This is how Adam and I look at our business and each other”.


How to Find the Correct Hairstyle for Your Face Shape Using Wen by Chaz

Many women struggle to find hairstyles that suit them. It is very difficult to create styles that were inspired by photos in magazines and online publications and make them fit a completely different personality and facial structure. When choosing a hair styling option, it is important evaluate your individual face shape to determine which styles are best for you. The Wen by Chaz hair care line can help with this determination by nourishing the hair to an ideal condition before the styling is completed. By thoroughly nourishing the hair prior to styling, consumers can be sure that their preference for a style is completely based on the style’s suitability for them, instead of being influenced negatively by a style that would have suited them if the hair was in a healthy state.

In order to get the hair into an ideal state before choosing a style, it is important for the Amazon consumer to develop a consistent hair care regimen using a quality product like the Wen by Chaz hair care system for at least one week. In a recent review published on Bustle, a consumer described her experience using the Wen by Chaz hair care system for one week. She explained that she saw positive results after only a week of using the product. Visit Sephora for more info.

After using the Wen by Chaz hair care system consistently for at least one week (preferably one month) consumers can start to experiment with different styling options. Observing the structure and shape of the face can help to determine the more flattering hairstyles. For instance, consumers who feel that they have larger or prominent foreheads may want to develop hairstyles using bangs or layers to accent the positive facial features. Hairstyles can be adjusted and manipulated in order to accommodate the consumer’s preferences and distinct tastes. For more info, visit the official Wen channel on YouTube. Read more about Wen here: