Fabletics Takes on Breast Cancer Awareness

Kate Hudson is a world famous actress who is also known for her athleticism and being a co-founder of the Fabletics athletic wear company. She recently partnered with the Council of Fashion Designers of America to be the ambassador that targets breast cancer awareness through fashion. Kate and Fabletics worked together to craft a deep pink hued, breast cancer awareness outfit of athletic wear for the Fabletics customers.

Kate Hudson said it was an easy decision for her to make, based on the fact that everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed or effect by the effects of a breast cancer diagnosis among their families and friends.

The outfit that Kate and In Style created to help raise awareness for breast cancer is designed to be comfortable, stylish and to be something women will truly enjoy wearing. The Fabletics breast cancer awareness line is made up of a pair of capri athletic leggings, two tank tops and a bralette. The Fabletics breast cancer awareness line comes in a deep pink magenta hue. There is a slight line design all over the active wear that is a slightly deeper color.

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For those unfamiliar with the Fabletics brand, it is an athletic wear subsidiary company of Just Fab. The Fabletics company allows customers to shop either as guests or as members of Fabletics. It’s only really worth it to become a member of Fabletics if you shop from them regularly. If you are only shopping every once in a while, you may want to shop as a guest from the company. The membership is a slight charge each month and then you can shop all of the athletic wear for a discounted price.

Arguably the most popular item sold by Fabletics are their comfy and stylish leggings on Pinterest. If you aren’t sure if you want to get the full breast cancer awareness outfit, you may want to at least consider checking out the breast cancer awareness capri leggings to enjoy the comfort of a pair of Fabletics leggings.

Learn more about Fabletics: http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/kate-hudson-makes-her-new-fabletics-spot-feel-youre-scrolling-through-her-instagram-feed-172709

Use of stock as collateral for working capital loans on the rise, says Equity Holdings

Banks and other financial institutions have been making their criteria for offering money more stringent; as a result, investors are looking for alternative sources of money. Stocks have become increasingly popular as a source of collateral for working capital loans. The stocks are very lucrative, especially to people that do not qualify for the conventional loans.

These loans normally have a higher loan to value ratio when compared to the alternative. They therefore offer a valid alternative for investors who could be running away from the higher interest rates that are presently being charged by the banks. Market fluctuations normally occur during a three year loan term, however, when one uses their stock as collateral; they provide a shield because the market is already downside. The stock loans should not be confused with the margin loans. For instance, with the margin loan, pre-qualification is needed, and you may also need to state the specific purpose that you will be using the loan for. The loan to value ratio ranges from 10 to 50 percent.

When you opt for the stock based loan, you will be looking at an interest rate that is fixed between three and four percent and a loan to value ratio of between 50 and 75 percent. The great thing about these loans is that you can use them for anything and you can also walk away from the loan even if the value of the stock used as collateral has decreased in value. The main reason behind the lack of interest people treated stock loans with in the past was the unscrupulous lenders that would fail to return the stocks when the transaction was complete or dumped the stock into the open market and other reckless actions.

About equities first holdings

This company was set up in 2012 with the aim of providing alternative financing solutions to individuals and businesses. They supply capital for clients that have publicly traded stock and help those clients that cannot get the conventional loans reach their financial goals.

If you are a holder of any of the major shares that are traded around the world, these are the people to approach for capital. They have completed transactions that are worth more than $1.4billion since they started and have branches in nine countries including The UK, China, Singapore and Australia. They are here to transform the accessibility of capital for the non-conventional customer.


Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Announces Andy Wirth As New Chairman Of The Board

Mr. Andy Wirth is currently the President & CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort and has recently been named the new chairman of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service. They were proud to announce in an Explore online article that he will be bringing his talents to the forefront to allow superior transportation to and from the ski resort. Wirth also has experience in international ski resorts and transportation. Andy Wirth says he hopes to expand Reno-Tahoe air services to Los Angles, Houston, and many other major cities. His objective is to make it more cost effective and easier for residents and tourists to appreciate a family vacation. The Reno_Tahoe Transportation Authority Board is glad to have him as a part of their team.

Squaw Valley offers their visitors miles of pristine waters with a superior scenery unlike any other in the world. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Lake Tahoe whether you come to ski, fish, sight see, relax, or hit the slopes. There is something for everyone in the entire family to do for a great weekend or vacation get-a-way. Visitors appreciate the beauty of the cobalt ski pressed against the mountain tops of the Nevada Sierra. Residents can appreciate good food and a nightlife that is the best kept secret of Lake Tahoe. Come enjoy the largest lake in the Alpine Valley with the Squaw Ski Resort and it friendly and helpful faculty and other tourists.

Andy Wirth strives hard to ensure that your family will have a vacation of a lifetime and they can get their quickly, safely, and affordable from the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service. More importantly, visitors will find their commute to the Squaw Valley Ski Resort to be one of kind taking you the shortest route to get your their faster. Andy Wirth wants to improve your commute time. Wirth says, he is also trying to improve the commute to include additional flights for visitors and tourists. Wirth will continue to help air services thrive in his area. Andy Wirth is glad to lend his talents to his colleagues and act on behalf of his beloved passengers.

Adam Milstein Ranks 39 On The List of the World’s Top 50 Most Influential Jews

Adam Milstein has recently been recognized by the Jerusalem Post as a deserving member of the worlds Top 50 Most Influential Jews. This list of the elite include Jews who have made their mark on the world during the last year and show promise of more positive things to come. Milstein ranks 39th on the list for his leadership of the Israeli-American Council, philanthropic works, as an activist, and his involvement in various other note-worthy Jewish organizations.

He joins a select group of other great names such as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader, and entertainer Sarah Silverman among many other deserving people on this list. According to Milstein himself the award is a testament to what can be accomplished through the determination of the Israeli-American community as a whole. His impact is felt by those who need it most, his fellow Jews.

As a talented philanthropist, Milstein keeps his family’s mission firmly in mind. Whatever can be done to give strength to the State of Israel and its people will always be a priority. Feeling privileged for this honor rather than entitled to it speaks well of an honorable man’s character. Making any kind of positive difference in today’s world often seems like an exercise in futility, yet Adam Milstein continues to do so time after time.

The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation focuses on stirring the pride of young Jews, offering pro-Israel Americans the knowledge and expertise needed to advocate for the State of Israel. This helps to strengthen the crucial U.S.-Israel alliance, and shows the entire world what one can accomplish for the good, if they wish to. Imagining a world without people like these Top 50 and their drive to improve it is like a future with no hope.

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View source version at: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/jerusalem-post-names-adam-milstein-185000374.html

The illustrious careers of operation manager Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is an operational manager based in the United States of America. This successful leader specializes in billion dollar projects as he has specialized in using innovative marketing as well as merchandising. Goodgame has extensive experience from his many years of management, and this gives him the ability to navigate markets with ease and helps his client not to make costly mistakes. He also specializes in corporate alignment for his clients as well as ensure there is employee engagement not forgetting that he helps his clients establish key performance indicators and also ensure there is quality assurance for their businesses. Goodgame attended the University of Tennessee for his undergraduate degree where he graduated with a degree in Marketing, Bachelor of Science.

Goodgame has been part of several projects in his life. Some of these projects and their timelines are detailed below.

Worked for the Hardlines D28 product merchant. During this period, he was able to contribute in different ways such as the expansion of this franchise in Puerto Rico with 14 outlets being opened during this period. He was also in charge of the vendor negotiations especially on matters of export. During his time here, he was the person who secured and identified contracts with vendors within Puerto Rico.

During this period, Kenneth Goodgame was a director at proprietary brands. He was uncharged of brand management for the Husky and Workforce lines where he contributed to 20% increase in sales. He also managed to develop a new product referred to as the RIDGID brand.

During this period, Goodgame worked at the Home Depot at Atlanta, Georgia. Where he was in charge of procurement. However, his major achievement while working as t home depot was to generate over$18 million sales.

Goodgame has also worked at other places such as Ace Hardware Corporation in Oak Brook, Illinois between 2010 and 2013. He has also worked at the Techtronic Industries North America based in Anderson, South Carolina between 2008 and 2010. Here, he worked as the president of Baja Motorsports as well as the president of direct tools factors outlets. Between 2013 and 2015, Goodgame worked at the true value hardware Corporation in Chicago, Illinois, where he held the position of senior vice president and Chief Merchandising office.

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A little bit About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion started in 2007 its been in operation for 9 years. They are not branded on making money instead their main goal is to aid people. They are a direct sale company which helps people set up a direct sales business while helping people accomplish all kinds of business goals. They provide marketing tools to help build your business. They teach you the ins and outs of keeping your customers happy. To know more about them and their wonderful work visit this website http://www.abcactionnews.com/morning-blend/talk-fusion

Have you ever wanted to be connected? Well now is your chance to be connected, and all it takes is Talk Fusion. They do our most strenuous tasks for us such as email marketing. Email marketing is very important to business people like you and me. We know that we need to maintain relationships with all of our associates, new clients, and the best way to do this is though Talk Fusion. They do the heavy work for you so you can focus on other tasks that will bring more movement to your business. One of the features they do which sets them apart is online meetings. The entire platform for online meetings is provided that way you are not alone. They also create a more down to earth approach to continuing to speak to clients and business associates. This is a new way to put your ideas and business advances out there for plenty of people to see. The best part is that Talk Fusion is economical and business people know how important that is.

Highland Capital Management Amazing Donation of $1 Million to Fund The Family Place Foundation

In a recent press release, James Dondero announced about the Highland Capital Management donation of $1 million to The Family Place foundation that advocates for a better life for domestic violence victims. This came as a surprise to many as the project was in the last stage of completing the $16 million fundraising. The fundraising had a deficit of $2.8 million and the Highland Capital Management move to donate $1 million gave them the hope to finish strong. The announcement made The Family Place’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon have a fantastic climax that most individuals did not expect.

James Dondero confirmed that the move was driven by the previous remarks of Dallas mayor and the Dallas police chief that residents and organizations should chip in and assist The Family Place Foundation in achieving their goal of helping domestic violence victims. James expressed his heartfelt gratitude to be among many other generous organizations to make this goal come true as well as elevate the living standards of the victims. In his speech, James said how glad they are as an organization to see a willing Foundation raise $16 million in only one year and thanked The Family Place CEO Paige Flink for his commitment and dedication to ensuring that more than 2,000 victims will get a shelter.

James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia where he attained the highest honors from the McIntire school where he majored in both finance and accounting. Mr. Dondero is a licensed user of Chartered Financial Analyst designation and also a Certified Management Accountant. After school, Dondero kicked off his career as an analyst working for Morgan Training Program from 1983 through 1985. Later, he became a corporate bond analyst gaining more analytical experience which show him become the portfolio manager at American Express. He then became the Chief Investment Officer where he helped oversee different projects.

In 1993, Mr. Dondero founded the Highland Capital Management together with other associates who shared the same vision of distressed investing. With 30 years of experience, Mr. Dondero has made the company to be among the best financial companies with good corporate social responsibility ratings.

Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/james-dondero-announces-1-million-challenge-grant-from-highland-capital-management-to-finish-the-family-places-165-million-capital-campaign-300341376.html

Being Your Own Online Reputation Manager

Experiencing bad press can permanently damage a company’s reputation. To help companies solve those particular problems, online reputation management companies exist. To those businesses that afford it, the services offered are invaluable. Some small businesses however, may not be able to afford an online reputation management company. For those who are not able to hire a management company, there is advice to consider. It is quite possible to do it on your own if you adhere to this advice.

Check Your Company’s Status

Use your search engine to find your company. What shows up on the first page is what customer’s will be seeing first as well. Write down your findings. Are there items misspelled? Any reoccurring reviews or phrases that you see? Write down anything that is concerning. Also, try tracking employees online. Their history can damage a company’s reputation, so make sure that all employees’ online reputations reflect what you want your company’s to be.

Create an Online Presence

Online presence is equal to offline advertising. Creating a website and joining a social media site can not only create advertising for your company, but also give information and outlets to customers. Post updates and respond to reviews and comments. Make your pages interesting and engaging.

Learn How to do Your Own Reputation Management

Believe it or not, some bad press isn’t going to completely ruin your Reputation Defender. Some negativity are targeted at your company and contain hidden agendas. Other negativity is simply to gain attention. You must teach yourself to see the difference. Decide if the negativity is worth your response and only deal with legitimate issues.

End Bad Press Online

Rely on your online presence to eliminate the bad press. Continue posting interesting and engaging things on your pages. Updates will naturally push negative posts down the line to where no one can find it. Focus on posting positive stories. Resolve any open issues by encouraging them to contact you in another manner. You do not want to deal with any issues through an online outlet. Keep monitoring search engines.


Gooee LED Lighting For Your Home

Gooee Led Lighting is an excellent tool to use to decorate your home to make it look wonderful while getting the lighting that you need. The company Gooee backs their products, and they are always made to the highest specifications.

Gooee Led Lighting Comes In Different Sizes

When you are designing your lighting needs in a room, be sure that take a look at the size that you have. You will want to make sure that the lighting that you choose does not overpower the room. Pick from a variety of sizes that can give a unique look to any home.

The Gooee Led Lighting Comes In Various Shapes

There are several different shapes that can be chosen too. Be sure that you are picking the one that will give the most interesting look for the room.

How Much Does Gooee Led Lighting Cost?

The price will vary, depending on what size and shape you decide to purchase. There are ample sales and discounts that you can take advantage of so be sure to look for them.

What Makes Gooee Led Lighting Stand Out?

The reason that Gooee Led Lighting is so astounding is that it lasts longer than regular lighting. In many cases, you can also save money on your lighting bill.

Using Gooee Led Lighting is fast becoming the way to go for many homeowners. Be sure to follow the instructions completely, and to contact the company if you have any questions about your product.

Marc Sparks Is An Excellent Entrepreneur

Timber Creek Capital, LP is owned by Marc Sparks. The company is moving to a new location. Marc Sparks moved the business to a place that can house three, different companies. Timber Creek Capital, LP is an equity firm that is private. It helps develop new businesses for entrepreneurs that want to increase their revenue in fantastic ways.

 Marc Sparks Knows How To Help Entrepreneurs

Since Marc Sparks has an impressive background in developing business, he is able to assist others in doing so. Marc Sparks believes that 25% of the important elements of making a business work well is having a great place to increase the revenue. He knows that it matters where the team in the business spends their time, and encourages them to decide if a warehouse is better, or an office with plenty of windows.

 A Book By Marc Sparks

In a book that Marc Sparks wrote, They Can’t Eat You, he goes into great detail about the collaboration of a business. He also assists then with marketing, banking and other such needs that important in getting a new business up and running.

 About The Man, Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks has 35 years of experience in being an entrepreneur. He has seen quite a bit, and knows that there are plenty of times in owning a business that there are ups and downs. With “Spark Speed”, like his team refers to it, he gives urgency to many areas of the business.

As well, as being an entrepreneur and author, Marc Sparks also helps kids. He has a place called Sparkey’s Kids, which is a non-profit. Marc Sparks donated many computers to this cause. He has also helped to constructed housing for people that is affordable through Habitat for Humanity.

 Marc will continue to do great things in the future. He has completely made a success of himself. Marc Sparks is entrepreneur that has an excellent sense of works and what doesn’t. By having all of this, plus talent and more, he has made excellent strides in all aspects of his life.