What to Know About Handy Cleaning Company

It is always hard having a tight schedule throughout the day, then going home and cleaning up. It feels more comfortable going home to a clean and attractive environment. This helps you relax your mind and prepare for the next shift. As we know, everyone loves a clean environment and the cleaning can be done for you by well-trained experts. The experts are from a trusted and well known company known as Handy Cleaning Company. This company helps you keep your home dust free and always clean. Handy cleaning company offer services such as plumbing, delivery, handyman, painting and also cleaning services. The employees from Handy cleaning are well trained, experienced, friendly and trustworthy.

Handy (https://www.handy.com/) cleaning company also known as Handybook has an easier way of booking appointments or services by using your mobile phone. Handy gives you the opportunity to choose the time depending on when you are free and available. By using your phone you will give details of the services you need them to help you with, time to start the task and your location. With this you don’t have to travel all the way to their offices to book an appointment since you can reach them at your own disposal. This company was formed in the year 2012 by Umang Dua together with Oisin Hanrahan.


By hiring experts to clean up your home you will be in a position to get quality services. The experts will make sure you get what you want since they are well trained. They also have enough experience and are in a position to handle your property with great care. If you need the services again, the experts will be willing to come back and serve you the same time and date. In case you receive poor services the company refunds the cash charged for the service.

Soros Continues His Progressive Role in American Politics

The George Soros self-made billionaire currency trader, will continue to be a figure in the American political landscape. Soros attended a post-election conference of the Democratic Alliance (DA), held at the Mandarin Hotel in Washington DC, on November 14. Soros is one of the founding members of the DA. The DA’s stated aims are “a fair democracy, an inclusive economy, and an environmentally sustainable future.” The group includes wealthy and influential members, from an array of industries. Members like George Soros are required to donate funds to progressive causes, such as the protection of human rights and the preservation of the environment. The organization strongly supported Hilary Clinton this past election, and met in response to Trump’s surprising victory.

George Soros was a featured speaker at the DA meeting. His speech was described as invoking “… personal experience living through the Holocaust and Soviet Communism in the context of preparing for a Trump presidency.” The agenda also noted that Soros, who grew up in Hungary “… has devoted his foundations to protecting the kinds of open societies around the world that are now threatened in the United States itself.” Soros had spoken out previously against Trump’s strident anti Muslim rhetoric, saying Trump was “doing the work of Isis.” DA president, Gara LaMarche, who moderated Soros’ talk, said, “I don’t think there is anyone who has looked at Trump, including many respected conservatives, who doesn’t think the experience of authoritarian states would not be important to learn from here. And to the extent that George Soros and his foundations have experience with xenophobia in Europe, Brexit, etc., we want to learn from that as well.”

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The DA, is also now focusing on strategies for the next elections. LaMarche told members gathered at a welcome dinner, that reassessment was necessary. “You don’t lose an election you were supposed to win, with so much at stake without making some big mistakes, in assumptions, strategy and tactics.” He also emphasized that any reassessment should not randomly assign blame and “must take place without recrimination and finger pointing, whatever frustration and anger some of us feel about our own allies in these efforts.”

Although the DA admits mistakes were made, one DA pointed out Clinton’s significant lead in the popular vote as a sign the the efforts of the Democratic party had not completely failed. The fact that Clinton won the popular vote by a resounding margin, is no doubt some solace to George Soros and other DA members as they focus on the 2017 and 2018 statewide election. Issues such as increasing voter turnout, wooing blue collar voters, and protecting voting rights, will be a part of the DA’s efforts.

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Madison Street Capital Nominated for M&A Awards

Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking facility that is committed to offering consumers with high-quality services. The firm has always been focused on excellence, integrity, and leadership since it was founded several years ago. Some of the high-quality services provided by the company include mergers and acquisitions, financial advisory and valuation. The company has grown significantly since it was established, and it currently offers its services to private and public owned businesses.


Madison Street Capital has earned the trust of its customers in the past years because of various reasons. First of all, it hires a team of professionals with a lot of expertise and experience in the investment banking industry. These individuals have the ability to provide capitalization and the right financial structures that will suit its different clients. This has made the institution rank among the best in the world.


Over the years, Madison Street Capital has worked hard to ensure that its clients are ranked internationally regarding success. All the objectives and goals of the clients are adopted by the firm with a lot of dedication, and this ensures that everything runs smoothly. Although the current market is very competitive, the company has managed to record a good number of transactions in the past.


Not long ago, the well-known M&A Advisor Awards announced that the Chicago-based investment banking institution had been nominated and also made it to the finals in the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. This is a great achievement for the organizations, keeping in mind that the awards are respected especially in the finance industry. This is because the awards represent some of the weighty accomplishments in the department. Organizations and individuals given the awards must have done well in restructuring deal making activities and many other successes in the field.


Reports indicate that Madison Street Capital was fortunate this year to be nominated for two broad categories in the awards. The successful finance company has been selected for the Industrial Deal of the Year and the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. The company received the Industrial Deal of the Year nomination because of the major role it played in the acquisition of Acuna and Asociados by one of the longest customers of the institution, known as Dowco. Charles Botchway said that the transaction was a difficult one because it involved cross-border processes, but his team of professionals managed to facilitate everything. The company is very excited about the nomination, and it is hoping to get the awards. According to a report from the institution, the award winners will be announced soon at a celebration that will be attended by all the stockholders in the finance department. Madison Street Capital is looking forward to getting the awards.

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Handy Home Cleaning Major Turn Around

Handy is a popular home cleaning booking service that has been around for several years. Their rise to success was quick and they changed the way that people hire a cleaning service, handyman, or a plumber. The company also made it possible for thousands to earn a livable wage working the hours that they prefer. Their innovative service led to several other companies trying to follow in their path, but failing to attain their kind of success. Recently, CEO Oisin Hanrahan took a long look at his company’s business model. He decided that it was time to make a few changes, or the company would start losing profits.

CEO Hanrahan Advocates New Changes At Handy

At one time, cleaners, handymen, and other workers were recruited in one fashion. He decided to change the way that the company recruited new workers to reduce the cost to the company. They rolled out the new updated business model back in 2015. They faced this change while experiencing a downturn in funding for the organization. Hanrahan decided to go full speed forward with the new business model. He thought it might be his last chance to go forward with the new business model. Certainly, sacrificing growth for profits was a major decision for the CEO. However, in the long run it was the right decision for the company. See, https://www.handy.com/cleaning-services/new-york.


Handy is actually an app that provides a way for people to book a cleaning service, handyman service, or plumbing service. The company was founded by Oisin Hanrahan, Umang Dua. They’ve been providing quick, reliable, and trustworthy service to the public since 2012. They provide background checks, and reference checks to all workers with their organization. Their customers are able to book online or completely through the mobile application. Thus, making finding quality service easy and very convenient.


The Entrepreneur

Co-Founder of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann currently holds a position as Managing Director of the company. Dynamic Search Partners specializes in hedge finds and alternative investments. Keith Mann has been in the executive search industry for over 15 years and is proficient in hedge fund compensation, staffing and hiring strategy. Prior to his role at Dynamic Search Partners Mann was the Managing Director where he recruited for global financial services firms and then rose through the ranks, all the way to Co Founder of the company. In 2006, Mann expanded his practice into the private equity industry and then established DSP as a premier executive search firm invested to alternative investment. Keith Mann and DSP held a find raising event for Uncommon Schools at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden. Over 22,000 dollars was raised for the Uncommon Schools by the members of the community. A new high schools in Brooklyn, New York is opening by the Uncommon Schools. is opening a new high school in Brooklyn, New York this fall. Dynamics Search Partners has donated 10,000 dollars to the student testing and to make sure that all students testing are met. Dynamics Search Partners developed from a previous firm called Dynamics Associates. The firm wanted to keep the name consistent, so DSP was created. DSP originally came from years of experience in the industry specializing in alternative investments. Dynamics Search Partners works with firms across the nation including the United States, Europe and Asia over two hundred client mandates each year.