Read This Before Hiring An Event Planner

Event planning is a science that requires superior organization skills and the ability to think on one’s feet. The event planning industry is worth several billion dollars, proving that when it comes to holding an event, most people would rather hire someone to handle all the details.


If you’re holding an event in the near future, hiring an event planner can relieve you of a lot of unwanted stress. However, before you start checking out all the event planners NYC has to offer, read these tips so that you can hire the planner who will turn your dreams into a reality.



  1. Have a General Grasp of What Your Event Will Be Like


Before researching all the event planning companies NYC has to offer, know the general details of the event you are planning to hold. Roughly how many people will be in attendance? At what time of day will your event be held? What type of venue are you looking for? By knowing the answers to these questions, you can find an event planner who is right for your specific needs.



  1. Have a General Budget in Mind


Any event planner you hire will need to know what your general budget is before being able to help you make any decisions. That’s why it’s important to come up with a general figure before contacting any planning services.



  1. Determine Your Needs


Do you need a day-of coordinator or do you need a planner who can provide every service you will need for your event? Twenty Three Layers in New York City is an event planning company that provides full-service event planning. This means that in addition to coordinating the actual event and handling all the details, Twenty Three Layers can provide you with every service that you need from bar service to decor.



  1. Research, Research, Research


Ask around your neighborhood for references. Talk to anyone you know who has gotten married recently and has used an event planner. Then do lots of research on the internet by looking up online review websites.



  1. Pick Three Candidates


Narrow your choices down to three candidates and interview each one in person. Ask lots of questions and don’t be afraid to get tough. Remember, you are counting on this person to turn your dream into a reality and you need to make sure that you can trust them with your money as well as your time.





Hiring an event planner can relieve you of a lot of the stress that comes with holding an event. By following the steps above, you’ll be able to find the planner who is right for you.

Find Twenty Three Layers in New York: 420 West 14th St., Ste. 2NE New York, NY 10014

Construcap; A Leader In The Construction Industry

As one of the largest construction companies in Brazil, Construcap has demonstrated leadership in the different types of projects that they are engaged in.

Construcap began its operations in 1944, and they have managed to establish their presence in the different states in Brazil. The main aim of the company is to enhance development through the different innovations being mindful of the environment and people in general.

They have provided their different services to the both the private and public sectors. What makes the company successful is that all their projects are controlled by the Integrated Management Systems on They have also ensured that their projects comply with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.


Construcap offers different services that are integrated into engineering, economic viability, civil construction, electromechanical assembly, and pre-operations. The services that they offer include;

« Engineering, procurement, and construction
« Heavy construction
« Structured projects
« Pre-construction

The company operates in three segments;
« Buildings
« Industrial and
« Infrastructure; they have been involved in different construction projects including the airports and railways

For the company to continue with the work of developing the city, they have designed an integrity program on They have a committee that is responsible for evaluating each and every employee to see if they adhere to the company’s code of conduct. They also try to uphold their values when dealing with the different clients and that is why they formed a business committee.

Construcap has obtained great success, but that would not have been possible without the employees. Having acknowledged this fact, the company has designed a training and capacity building program that is designed to improve the skills that the employees possess. They are trained in matters of conflict of interest, integrity, respect for the population and the environment.

The Construcap group

In addition to the Construcap Company, there are other associated companies, and they include;
« Mines Arena; established in 2010
« Cancer; founded in 1995
« CMO construction assembly; it was established in 2011
« CFPS; established in 2012
« INOVA Health; founded in 2014

A Highlight On Todd Lubar’s Career

Todd Lubar is a real estate expert with over 22 years of experience in the field. He started his career by working as a loan originator for Cestar Mortgage Corporation. His tenure at the company provided him with remarkable insights on the expansive real estate industry. More importantly, he was able to use his position to develop relationships with other real estate players such as financial planners, CPAs, real estate agents, and insurance agents.

Five years later, Todd joined Legacy Financial Group. The company provided him with the opportunity to expand his lending capabilities and gain experience in brokering loans to investors. With time, Todd continued to gain confidence in his abilities and finally quit Legacy Financial Group to found Legendary Properties, a residential development company. With his connections in the real estate industry, he was able to buy, rehabilitate, and sell family homes quickly. The company managed to complete over 200 transactions in just one year.

In 2003, Todd made a strategic move back to the mortgage banking industry. He partnered with First Magnus Financial Corporation to open Charter funding. The company was involved in providing investors with mortgages. Later, he founded Legendary Financial LLC, which is an affiliate of Legendary Properties. The corporation was established to provide commercial lending services to underserved companies and individuals. The money loaned to these clients was from sourced from Todd’s funds and Legendary Properties’ liquidity. Under Todd’s leadership, Legendary Financial LLC was involved in at least 7000 transactions. This information was originally mentioned on Todd Lubar’s website as outlined in this link

Because of the economic crisis of 2008, Todd had to re-engineer Legendary Properties’ operations to ensure that it continues to operate as a going concern. He started offering commercial demolition services. This new line of business saw him land large contracts and generate more revenues. He also ventured into the automotive scrap metal business. The success of these new lines of business saw his company being listed on the stock market. Todd is married and lives in Bethesda Maryland with his family.

EOS Lip Balm Offerings

When one is looking to buy an EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip balm product, one has only to go as far as the keyboard to acquire such a thing online at the EOS website for $3.29 or other online outlets like Racked and eBay ( or to any one of many brick and mortar stores. There are six product lines to choose from. These are; Organic Smooth Spheres flavors include Vanilla Bean (white container), Passion Fruit (purple container), Strawberry Sorbet (pink container), Blueberry Acai (blue container), Pomegranate Raspberry (reddish container), Summer Fruit (red container), Sweet Mint (bluish green container), Honeysuckle Honeydew (light green container) and Medicated Tangerine (orange container). Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres flavors include Vanilla Mint (light blue container), Coconut Milk (pink container) and Blackberry Nectar (lavendar container).

EOS lip balm Shimmer Smooth Spheres varieties are a sheer pink and a pearl. Both of these are housed in gray containers. The pink is pink. The pearl is white. Active Protection Smooth Spheres are available as a Lemon Twist with SPF 15 (yellow container) and Fresh Grapefruit with SPF 30 (pink container). Organic Smooth Sticks are held within a different-from-the-others outfit. Flavors to be had are Pomegranate Raspberry (pink), Vanilla Bean (white) and Sweet Mint (light green).

Current Multi Packs offerings are a Holiday 2016 Limited Edition (Lip Balm 2 Pack), Holiday 2016 Limited Edition (Lip Balm 3 Pack) and Smooth Sphere/ Smooth Stick Multipack (4-Pack Lip Balm).

How did EOS started? Read the story on

Securus Counters Against Wave of Misleading Press Releases

Like many people now do, I get a majority of my news and current events from online mediums so I was more than curious when a name that’s been passing through my feed lately came up once again.


A technology solutions company based in Dallas, Securus Technologies had issued an official statement regarding allegations made by GTL, a communication company providing services to correctional facilities. Naturally, as a writer for several law blogs I was interested.


Apparently, the communications company had engaged in negative press campaign aimed at Securus and had begun releasing misleading statements regarding the technology company. Securus, in turn, responded to their allegations and even further offered to settle the matter in a manner the CEO Richard Smith aptly called a “technology bake-off challenge“.


As the practice of jilted business running misleading and at times false press statements has been making its rounds across the web, it was great to see a company actually challenge the statements.


What can I say? I enjoy a decent debate.


Securus’ took to directly addressing every allegation, citing the previous proceedings in detail. As every statement was rebuked it left me with a pretty good impression as to who stood in the right.


Far too often negative campaigns spread misleading the entire online community so it was refreshing to see a company successfully address the latest attempt at image assassination.


To read the entire release visit



Talk Fusion for Business

There are a lot of ways to talk to your employees when you are running a business, but you might want something that is going to be unique and will help build your business. That’s where Talk Fusion comes in.


When you Start your Business


Talk Fusion can be a good tool for speaking with and motivating your employees at the same time. This works by allowing you to record videos and sending them through email or setting up a group chat. These options allow you to speak with the employees and let them know of the exciting things you have going on in the business that they are a part of.


You can also use Talk Fusion to send videos to customers or potential customers letting them know what is new and exciting with the business. This will help build your brand and will help you to get the things you want from your business.


After You Are Established


Once you get your products and your business name out there, you can still use the Talk Fusion to update your employees as to what is going on. You can also set up group chats where they can ask questions and be able to see you as a person and not just as a name on the business. This can help them to feel more a part of the business and not just feel like they are stuck in some company that gives them a paycheck each week. This improves their performance as well.


If you started creating videos when you opened your company, then you will still want to keep creating them. The customers will more than likely be expecting them so they can keep up with your company and put a name to the face. That might be a little difficult as you grow, but keep in mind you are building a relationship with the customer and that is more important than you might think.


When you are thinking about the software you want to use for your company, take your time and be sure to do your research. You may find in the end that Talk Fusion is going to be the best for you and your business needs.