Securus Counters Against Wave of Misleading Press Releases

Like many people now do, I get a majority of my news and current events from online mediums so I was more than curious when a name that’s been passing through my feed lately came up once again.


A technology solutions company based in Dallas, Securus Technologies had issued an official statement regarding allegations made by GTL, a communication company providing services to correctional facilities. Naturally, as a writer for several law blogs I was interested.


Apparently, the communications company had engaged in negative press campaign aimed at Securus and had begun releasing misleading statements regarding the technology company. Securus, in turn, responded to their allegations and even further offered to settle the matter in a manner the CEO Richard Smith aptly called a “technology bake-off challenge“.


As the practice of jilted business running misleading and at times false press statements has been making its rounds across the web, it was great to see a company actually challenge the statements.


What can I say? I enjoy a decent debate.


Securus’ took to directly addressing every allegation, citing the previous proceedings in detail. As every statement was rebuked it left me with a pretty good impression as to who stood in the right.


Far too often negative campaigns spread misleading the entire online community so it was refreshing to see a company successfully address the latest attempt at image assassination.


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