The Exceptional Experience of Jason Halpern in Real Estate Development

Jason Halpern was born in a family that has had generations of real estate developers. They are based in New York and have been working in the sector for more than five decades. His family had a third generation real estate company that established and managed more than one hundred buildings in different parts of the Westchester County and New York City. They were also the proprietors of a high-end property that was later developed to have the millions of square feet that they leased for commercial use.


Mr. Halpern’s first job in the real estate business was at his father’s construction company, which was called Halpern Development. He then established and headed the JMH Development. The firm has been devoted to developing real estate assets in some of the leading residential and tourist locations such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Miami Beach. The company has been acquiring land and constructing top notch buildings that are marketable. Jason Halpern loves his job as a real estate developer and has been motivating the employees of JMH Development to build revolutionary property. The firm has also been acquiring historical buildings and transforming them into luxurious apartments that can be rented by people. It has also been creating jobs for the people of the cities that it conducts construction projects.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen
Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Some of the other activities of the company include the reconstruction of the old Motel Ankara, which is based in the Miami Beach into the high end Aloft South Beach. JMH collaborated with the Plaza Construction, Madden Real Estate Adventures, and ADD, Inc to complete the hotel, which has 235 rooms. It is close to the Lake Pancoast and Collins Canal. JMH also formed a significant construction project at Brooklyn’s 184 Kent Avenue to develop a luxurious residential apartment that has 340 units. The company changed the Townhouses of Cobble Hill that are also Brooklyn-based and established nine townhouses.


Jason Halpern is a charitable individual. He is a busy person who is involved in several projects, but he does not forget to give back to communities in the United States and abroad. He supports Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center, which has been constructed at the Westchester Medical Center. The medical facility has been offered Level I accreditation due to its ability to provide emergency heart surgeries. The procedures that it offers include orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, and open heart surgery. It also attends to patients who have fractured limbs and internal bleeding. Mr. Halpern’s company has also partnered with various non-profit organizations to supply clean water in areas of Nepal and Egypt. Its charity work in the region has support about 650 homesteads. The company pledged to offer donations from every construction deal that it won.


White Shark Media company reviews

White Shark Media offers PPC management and has its offices in Nicaragua, Miami, Central America, Denmark, GA, Atlanta, FL and Scandinavia. The enterprise delivers effective management services to small and medium businesses that advertise online. White Shark bases its philosophy on the fact that their success only comes after the client’s.

White Shark Media has continuously improved on its efforts to enhance their customers’ experience and end results so as to address customer complaints and concerns. To do this, the firm has established better marketing solutions by revamping its services. The company has also focused on customer feedback to improve customer satisfaction. White Shark now uses clients’ Google adwords campaigns to give reports. This provides a detailed review of the clients’ campaign, hence enabling them to identify exact strategies used by the company to expound on their customer base.

Focusing further on customer feedback, the company has improved its communication to some of its clients to curb the complaints raised. There are now new systems of access-phones which are direct-extension enabled. Moreover, the systems have monthly go-to-meeting calls. All these aspects have improved communication hence client satisfaction significantly.

White shark has assisted businesses to succeed via innovative marketing through search engines. In addition to being cost-effective, the company meets most Google’s eligibilities which are stringent. Google itself through its employees acknowledges White Shark. It states that the company is its partner and offers an end-to-end customer-based service, experience and expertise. This enables business owners to focus their attention on operating their businesses.

Apart from a few complaints, which White Shark has so far addressed, many clients continue to offer positive feedback about the company. Some of them boast of having a new customer base, thanks to White Shark. While some clients say White shark has assisted them to save more than 10,000 dollars on cost per month, others associate the company with growth and success.

Real Estate Developer and Philanthropist-Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is an Israel native who relocated to America. He is an active philanthropist, an investor, a real estate developer and a community leader. After his high school graduation, Adam served at IDF during the Yom Kippur war. Adam later joined Technion College and graduated in 1978. Adam Milstein relocated to the United States of America in 1981 where he began his career as a commercial real estate developer. He also earned his MBA in the United States. Adam Milstein is the Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Management which is a private real estate commercial company.

Adam Milstein is also passionate about his background and origin; he is the co-founder and the National Chairman of the Israel-American Council where he is responsible for chairing the national expansion. His love for his country Israel has also seen him sit on the board of several other organizations including StandWith Us, the Israel on Campus Coalition, Jewish Founders network, Hasbara Fellowship, AIPAC National Council, Birthright Israel and AISH Los Angeles. Adam together with his wife has founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America, an organization that promotes the Hebrews teachings by providing free books, as well as teaching Jewish value to Israel-Jewish-America families.

Adam Milstein is very devoted and hardworking, he began working as real estate broker while still in college, and that is where the idea of founding Hager Pacific came. Adam clearly mentions that when one starts a business they are not sure of how their day will be, but for him, his philanthropic activities make his day. Adam is a go-getter, and he believes in pushing things till they happen, and doing what others cannot. Adam says that he follows up his daily duties to make sure they are perfect and that nothing fails. Adam believes to be a successful entrepreneur one has to follow up his work, be consistence and persistence.
During an interview, Adam mentioned that to be a successful businessman, one does not have to rely on others, and one has to be a part of the resolution, be aware of a problem and consider the issue. Adam Milstein did not lack failures in his way to being a successful investor; he mentioned that he wanted so much to succeed in a short period, but he advises other entrepreneurs that the way to succeed is not the quick way but the long way.

Technology and Fashion Industry Symbiotic Relationship

The technology and fashion industries have undergone multiple changes over the years. Over the years, it has been evident that the two industries grow together. At one instance, technology becomes fashionable and on another fashion becomes technologically fashionable. A glance at the past and present shows an exciting journey and what is expected of the future.


A Glimpse of The Past


In the 70s boom box was fashionable in the music industry. During this time the two cassette decks, which could play music and record at the same time were very popular. Twenty years later, the Walkman was invented. In the 21st century, iPods, which are smaller, became the most preferred by many. Judging from the past, what is fashionable has been judged based on the size of the gadget.


The Present


In today’s world, technology and fashion are being married to increase quality and attractiveness of products. For instance, fashion designers are now exploring technology to bring higher innovative standards and better functionality. Fashion experts utilize technology as a playground to experiment. Fashion designers believe that technology holds a lot of possibilities and it rewards handsomely.


Foreseeing the Future


Fashion developers are keen to explore technology in a way to protect humans. However, the challenge in this category is developing a current technology that will protect the user. For instance, wearing helmets helps reduce the severity of an accident. However, these helmets are not fashionable, and they reduce visibility.


In a move to solve this problem, cyclist airbags that are stylish, protective and doesn’t reduce visibility are in the pipeline. The airbags will be worn on the neck area and pop out of the neckwear to protect the cyclist head from an impact.


Moreover, other developers are trying to marry technology and fashion to create energy. Since movements can be converted to electric power, the new clothes will be able to produce energy to power watches, mp3, and cell phones.


The Symbiotic Relationship


Fashion and technology can grow together or require assistance from each other. They work hand in hand to perfect each other. A better tomorrow will, therefore, be determined by how much the two industries will learn from each other.


About Chris Burch


Burch is an experienced investor in technology, real estate, and fashion industries. He is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. With great experience and knowledge, Burch has steered the company to become a leader in the development of various lifestyles and consumer products.


Burch is an alumnus of Ithaca College. He began his entrepreneurship while in college when founded Eagle’s Eye. His excellent performance has earned him an opportunity to serve on executive boards of reputable organizations including The Continuum Group.

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Anthony Petrello Leadership At Its Best

Anthony Petrello CEO of Nabor Industries made his mark in a complex industry beginning in 1981. His leadership has spear- headed its successes through innovative ideas matched with his educational background as a Harvard and Yale graduate. Petrello sets the course of successes and growth at Nabor Industries by creating, negotiating and maintaining contracts. Also, by making decisions that will impact the oil and gas drilling business for years to come.

His leadership has not gone unnoticed throughout the years. Petrello was promoted to CEO of one of the largest oil rig equipment industries for off shore drilling here in the US and abroad to major Middle Eastern countries.

In addition to his leadership as CEO of Nabor industries, Petrello manages to make generous contributions to various charities. One of which he now serves on the Board of Directors at the Texas Children’s Hospital contributing well over 7 million dollars toward the cause of helping children with neurological disorders.

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While serving on the Board of Directors and CEO of Nabor Industries, Mr. Petrello and his wife Cynthia Petrello had to face other challenges after the birth of their daughter who was born 24 weeks premature with a neurological disorder. Petrello committed to the cause by becoming proactive in contributing and raising money for all children with similar disorders. In addition to his service at the Texas Children’s Hospital, Petrello has made numerous contributions to the Periwinkle Foundation that supports adults and children with cancer. When we think about the many challenges he faces as a CEO one may wonder how he maintains his business and personal interests.

When reading stories that reports he had to force his top leaders to take pay cuts. Or make decisions to partner with other companies in order to save the business, one may take on much criticism from outsiders. However, no one can deny that as CEO, tough decisions are made everyday among many leaders of which may or may not please everyone. However, the result of this CEO making the tough decisions for the business, Anthony Petrello continues to lead Nabor Industries to success, while finding time to give back to communities in need. Anthony Petrello has proven to be leadership at its best.

Mike Baur Wants Young Businesses

Mike Baur, formally of Clariden and Sallfort bank, has founded Swiss Start Up Factory(SSUF) with aims to grow business ideas of young entrepreneurs dealing in digital technologies. Tech is an industry that is slated to grow rapidly with no signs of slowing. Michael Hartweg, one of Leonteq’s founders is also teaming up with the Swiss Start Up Factory as an investor and adviser to companies hoping to establish themselves in the digital market.


Giving up his operative role at Leonteq, Hartweg seems optimistic about the future of the company. Joining the ranks of those tired of the day-to-day finance rat race, he is looking towards the fledgling fintech industry to stir up the way investors feel about bright ideas and young talent. He plans to use his previous experience in finance to carefully select the startups he will work with and develop.


The history of SSUF is prestigious. The company have been responsible for the Accelerator program that has had many successful years during which it has not only launched many young businesses, but also put itself out there as an independent and privately financed Startup support within Switzerland. This program has completed two successful batches of businesses.


Mike Baur goes on record with his optimism regarding the company. He has previously stated that he is not only pleased he was able to win a lot of high-profile support for the SSUF, but also his gratitude at having so many talented youth who have made their businesses a success. The company’s commitment to excellence has only been confirmed through the addition of other talented industry heads joining the team at SSUF. These individuals will be trusted with a major task: continuing to create and promote a Swiss economy that will stay viable and competitive internationally.


The Swiss StartupBus funded by Swiss Startup Factory is another program that draws international talent. This program is a combination hackathon and road trip, in which young business owners gain valuable experience and exposure for their ideas. The StartupBus places participants in a competitive environment meant to empower the tech community through intensive work: the individuals chosen must conceive and execute the plans for a business within 72 hours. The challenges usually starts in Zürich in the beginning of September and culminates during its final day at the Pirate Festival in Cologne – Germany. Participants have stated how helpful the push has been in motivating creativity within the process of starting a business.

Bruce Levenson: The Entrepreneur And Philanthropist

Bruce Levenson is an extremely successful entrepreneur. According to his Wikipedia page, he is the co-founder of the United Communications Group. The United Communications Group is a company that provides data, analysis and guidance to people who are in the banking, technology, government contracting and defense industries.

Levenson is also a partner of Gasbuddy. Gasbuddy is an app that has been used by over 45 million people. It helps people find the best deals on gas. Levenson co-founded DOT, which is a type of cooking technology. Additionally, he is the owner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC.

When Levenson is not busy with his many businesses, he is spending time giving back to the community. He has been involved in philanthropic activities for the past 40 years. The Hoops Dream Foundation is one of the many organizations that Levenson is involved in. This is an organization that helps low-income students achieve their dream of going to college.

Levenson has also supported many organizations financially. He has made donations to the Seeds Of Peace and SEED Foundation. Seeds Of Peace is a organization that is committed to helping restore peace in the world. The SEED Foundation provides boarding school to undeserved students. The purpose of this foundation is to provide students with a rigorous academic program in a nurturing environment so that they will be prepared for college.

The Seed Foundation has a very high success rate. In fact according to Time, it is estimated that 96 percent of 12 graders who attend the Seed Foundation are accepted into college. Bruce has also served as the president of Washington D.C’s chapter of I Have A Dream. The I Have A Dream foundation is another organization that is committed to helping low income people achieve higher education. Bruce is very passionate about helping students who come from economically challenged backgrounds pursue higher education.

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Marcio Alaor leads Banko BMG to new heights of success

Marcio Alaor is one of most decorated Brazilian executives serving as the Vice President in Banko BMG. He has been providing strategic guidance and intuitive leadership to the operation of this Bank and leading it to the new heights of success in Brazilian banking sector in spite of lagging economy and financial uncertainty. As a thoughtful philanthropist, he is also working hard to give back to the community for which he has been recognized a couple of times as well.



Marcio Alaor comes with a humble background from Santo Antônio do Monte. Even though he had a challenging childhood and had to do some odd jobs such as shoe shining, he never gave up his goals in life and studies. Once he finished his studies, Marcio embarked his professional career, and with sheer determination, he became the Vice President of Banko BMG. Right now, he is considered as one of the most successful executives and entrepreneurs in Brazilian banking sector.



Marcio played a crucial role in leading Banko BMG with its operations. This is an 85-year-old bank in Brazil that was going through a tough time during economic crisis since 2008. But Marcio along with his team members in the management committee has helped the bank to turn around. He has been developing innovative products and services for the Bank that has helped it to penetrate new markets. He also played a vital role in diversifying its products such a payroll, payday loans, cards and so on. Marcio has been rigorously working to promote the bank and actively involved in its campaigns. The bank is now considered as one of the biggest sponsors of Brazilian Football, Volleyball and Basketball teams. In addition to this, the bank also participates in a number of fairs and expositions. Marcio is also working on some new partnership with different investors and seeking new opportunities for the bank in different markets. Marcio has a keen interest in market trends and in-depth knowledge in the financial sector. He has been providing creative and thoughtful market insights to the consumers, entrepreneurs, and youth on different platforms.



In addition to a diversified professional career, Marcio is also involved with community work, and he has been highly dedicated to promoting the rural growth of his hometown, Santo Antônio do Monte. Although Marcio has excelled in the corporate world, he never broke his connection with his roots. He is always in touch with his friends, colleagues and local community that motivated him to achieve his personal and professional goals. He is involved with a number of social and voluntary causes to make his contribution to his community. As a reward of this, a food court (Marcio Alaor de Araújo) was opened after his name in the 33rd Expose Samonte or Agricultural Exhibition of Santo Antonio do Monte.

Basics of Litigation with Karl Heideck

Litigation with Karl Heideck
Litigation with Karl Heideck

In these modern times, disputes have become part of our lives and solving them may require the intervention of other bodies and institutions such as the rule of law. This brings about the idea of litigation which is the process of bringing a lawsuit against another party. The aim of the litigation process is to seek monetary damages or any form of relief that one may feel they deserve. The litigation process follows several steps such as discovery, discovery, trial and even the appeal. The good thing about the litigation process is that parties involved can decide to end the battle even before they reach trial. Another thing to note with litigation is that arbitration can also be followed instead of a trial.

Litigation has two sides involved. There is the plaintiff and the defendant. A plaintiff is usually the person who brings the lawsuit with the claim that the other party caused him/her some form of injury. The other person who is alleged to have caused the damage is called the defendant. Before the lawsuit can begin, the plaintiff makes his/her concern with the defendant. If the defendant can’t agree with the plaintiff, they are required to serve copies of summons to the defendant and later file the complaint in a law enforcing institution. One thing to note with the complaint is that it must emphasize on the alleged damages and injuries and the kind of relief the plaintiff expects in return.

This is then followed by the discovery process whenever these two parties do not reach an agreement. This involves the disposition process where the plaintiff gets to ask the defendant some questions regarding the case. This is done in the presence of a court official who records the proceedings. The defendant is also allowed to do the same to get information about the case. They then proceed to court where they are represented by litigation attorneys. To become such kind of an attorney, you must have attended a recognized University and graduated with a law degree. Such attorneys must have the license to practice law in the specified area.

In the region of Greater Philadelphia, there is an attorney called Karl Heideck who specializes in litigation cases. Karl Heideck has years of experience in other areas such as compliance and risk management review. Heideck’s other skills include product liability, employment law, teaching and legal research as well as legal writing.

Karl Heideck has worked in various institutions such as the Pepper Hamilton, Conrad O’Brien and Hire Counsel where he currently works. Karl Heideck is a graduate of Temple University and Swarthmore College.

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When It Comes To Cuticles, WEN By Chaz Seals The Deal

If we look at the beauty and science of hair, we can learn quite a lot. For instance, the cuticle is key when it comes to our tresses. It is the outermost layer of hair and features overlapping segments. This natural design protects the inside layers of the hair.

If the segments of the cuticle lay flat, that means the hair is healthy. When locks show dry or damaged hair, the cuticle will lie open.

The proper shampoo and conditioning system will close the cuticle and seal in moisture.

Maybe you spend a lot of money for hair care products that perform with huge lathers, but sadly, most of these brands carry nasty chemicals in their formulas. You might feel that the big foaming action is helping your tresses, but in reality, these potentially toxic chemicals are weakening the hair shaft. Little by little, your hair becomes, dull, rough and damaged.

WEN developed a healthier way to care for your hair and its all important cuticles. It’s the famous no lather shampoo that features botanical and herbal extracts for hair strength and shine. There are zero sulfates present in WEN’s special cleansing conditioners.

Chaz Dean, see:, is the famous LA stylist who created the WEN By Chaz label. He is a proud person living an holistic lifestyle, and that is how he approached developing his popular brand of no lather shampoos. His cleansing conditioners are multi-action, 5-in-1 miracle hair care bottles. One bottle can effectively cleanse like a shampoo and offer a conditioner, de-tangler, deep conditioner and leave in conditioner. The products are so luxurious and versatile, that each WEN item can be used on hair of any type and texture in any condition, even for a double-process platinum blonde.

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