Basics of Litigation with Karl Heideck

Litigation with Karl Heideck
Litigation with Karl Heideck

In these modern times, disputes have become part of our lives and solving them may require the intervention of other bodies and institutions such as the rule of law. This brings about the idea of litigation which is the process of bringing a lawsuit against another party. The aim of the litigation process is to seek monetary damages or any form of relief that one may feel they deserve. The litigation process follows several steps such as discovery, discovery, trial and even the appeal. The good thing about the litigation process is that parties involved can decide to end the battle even before they reach trial. Another thing to note with litigation is that arbitration can also be followed instead of a trial.

Litigation has two sides involved. There is the plaintiff and the defendant. A plaintiff is usually the person who brings the lawsuit with the claim that the other party caused him/her some form of injury. The other person who is alleged to have caused the damage is called the defendant. Before the lawsuit can begin, the plaintiff makes his/her concern with the defendant. If the defendant can’t agree with the plaintiff, they are required to serve copies of summons to the defendant and later file the complaint in a law enforcing institution. One thing to note with the complaint is that it must emphasize on the alleged damages and injuries and the kind of relief the plaintiff expects in return.

This is then followed by the discovery process whenever these two parties do not reach an agreement. This involves the disposition process where the plaintiff gets to ask the defendant some questions regarding the case. This is done in the presence of a court official who records the proceedings. The defendant is also allowed to do the same to get information about the case. They then proceed to court where they are represented by litigation attorneys. To become such kind of an attorney, you must have attended a recognized University and graduated with a law degree. Such attorneys must have the license to practice law in the specified area.

In the region of Greater Philadelphia, there is an attorney called Karl Heideck who specializes in litigation cases. Karl Heideck has years of experience in other areas such as compliance and risk management review. Heideck’s other skills include product liability, employment law, teaching and legal research as well as legal writing.

Karl Heideck has worked in various institutions such as the Pepper Hamilton, Conrad O’Brien and Hire Counsel where he currently works. Karl Heideck is a graduate of Temple University and Swarthmore College.

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