Bruce Levenson: The Entrepreneur And Philanthropist

Bruce Levenson is an extremely successful entrepreneur. According to his Wikipedia page, he is the co-founder of the United Communications Group. The United Communications Group is a company that provides data, analysis and guidance to people who are in the banking, technology, government contracting and defense industries.

Levenson is also a partner of Gasbuddy. Gasbuddy is an app that has been used by over 45 million people. It helps people find the best deals on gas. Levenson co-founded DOT, which is a type of cooking technology. Additionally, he is the owner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC.

When Levenson is not busy with his many businesses, he is spending time giving back to the community. He has been involved in philanthropic activities for the past 40 years. The Hoops Dream Foundation is one of the many organizations that Levenson is involved in. This is an organization that helps low-income students achieve their dream of going to college.

Levenson has also supported many organizations financially. He has made donations to the Seeds Of Peace and SEED Foundation. Seeds Of Peace is a organization that is committed to helping restore peace in the world. The SEED Foundation provides boarding school to undeserved students. The purpose of this foundation is to provide students with a rigorous academic program in a nurturing environment so that they will be prepared for college.

The Seed Foundation has a very high success rate. In fact according to Time, it is estimated that 96 percent of 12 graders who attend the Seed Foundation are accepted into college. Bruce has also served as the president of Washington D.C’s chapter of I Have A Dream. The I Have A Dream foundation is another organization that is committed to helping low income people achieve higher education. Bruce is very passionate about helping students who come from economically challenged backgrounds pursue higher education.

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