Anthony Petrello Leadership At Its Best

Anthony Petrello CEO of Nabor Industries made his mark in a complex industry beginning in 1981. His leadership has spear- headed its successes through innovative ideas matched with his educational background as a Harvard and Yale graduate. Petrello sets the course of successes and growth at Nabor Industries by creating, negotiating and maintaining contracts. Also, by making decisions that will impact the oil and gas drilling business for years to come.

His leadership has not gone unnoticed throughout the years. Petrello was promoted to CEO of one of the largest oil rig equipment industries for off shore drilling here in the US and abroad to major Middle Eastern countries.

In addition to his leadership as CEO of Nabor industries, Petrello manages to make generous contributions to various charities. One of which he now serves on the Board of Directors at the Texas Children’s Hospital contributing well over 7 million dollars toward the cause of helping children with neurological disorders.

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While serving on the Board of Directors and CEO of Nabor Industries, Mr. Petrello and his wife Cynthia Petrello had to face other challenges after the birth of their daughter who was born 24 weeks premature with a neurological disorder. Petrello committed to the cause by becoming proactive in contributing and raising money for all children with similar disorders. In addition to his service at the Texas Children’s Hospital, Petrello has made numerous contributions to the Periwinkle Foundation that supports adults and children with cancer. When we think about the many challenges he faces as a CEO one may wonder how he maintains his business and personal interests.

When reading stories that reports he had to force his top leaders to take pay cuts. Or make decisions to partner with other companies in order to save the business, one may take on much criticism from outsiders. However, no one can deny that as CEO, tough decisions are made everyday among many leaders of which may or may not please everyone. However, the result of this CEO making the tough decisions for the business, Anthony Petrello continues to lead Nabor Industries to success, while finding time to give back to communities in need. Anthony Petrello has proven to be leadership at its best.