Mike Baur Wants Young Businesses

Mike Baur, formally of Clariden and Sallfort bank, has founded Swiss Start Up Factory(SSUF) with aims to grow business ideas of young entrepreneurs dealing in digital technologies. Tech is an industry that is slated to grow rapidly with no signs of slowing. Michael Hartweg, one of Leonteq’s founders is also teaming up with the Swiss Start Up Factory as an investor and adviser to companies hoping to establish themselves in the digital market.


Giving up his operative role at Leonteq, Hartweg seems optimistic about the future of the company. Joining the ranks of those tired of the day-to-day finance rat race, he is looking towards the fledgling fintech industry to stir up the way investors feel about bright ideas and young talent. He plans to use his previous experience in finance to carefully select the startups he will work with and develop.


The history of SSUF is prestigious. The company have been responsible for the Accelerator program that has had many successful years during which it has not only launched many young businesses, but also put itself out there as an independent and privately financed Startup support within Switzerland. This program has completed two successful batches of businesses.


Mike Baur goes on record with his optimism regarding the company. He has previously stated that he is not only pleased he was able to win a lot of high-profile support for the SSUF, but also his gratitude at having so many talented youth who have made their businesses a success. The company’s commitment to excellence has only been confirmed through the addition of other talented industry heads joining the team at SSUF. These individuals will be trusted with a major task: continuing to create and promote a Swiss economy that will stay viable and competitive internationally.


The Swiss StartupBus funded by Swiss Startup Factory is another program that draws international talent. This program is a combination hackathon and road trip, in which young business owners gain valuable experience and exposure for their ideas. The StartupBus places participants in a competitive environment meant to empower the tech community through intensive work: the individuals chosen must conceive and execute the plans for a business within 72 hours. The challenges usually starts in Zürich in the beginning of September and culminates during its final day at the Pirate Festival in Cologne – Germany. Participants have stated how helpful the push has been in motivating creativity within the process of starting a business.