EOS Has Taken the World By Storm

Ever since the rise of Chapstick, people have thought of this popular lip balm as a small cylindrical object. But, when the more popular EOS lip balm were released, filling shelves with unique flavors in little orbs, the boring tubes soon became yesterday’s business.

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, quickly sold over 250 million dollars and become the second best selling lip product. Burt’s Bee’s is currently the first. Because the global lip balm market is expected to increase the 1 million units sold every week are constantly going up. The demand for natural products, which is the EOS specialty, is constantly increasing which is partly cause for the steady growth of the company. https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/

The founder of EOS joined with other packaged-good companies nearly a decade a go. The team who came up with idea all agreed the lip-care industry would be the best option. The creators originally believed that lip balm was typically unisex. However further research showed that lip balm is used almost exclusively used by women. Many women use lip balm in their daily makeup, or keep a tube in their purse. A problem many women faced was losing the little tube in their purse. And so became the orb. The orb appeals to all senses, and competes with other brands at just three dollars.

Another issue was keeping up with big names. This was a challenge; people are loyal to their lips. Eventually a meeting with a female buyer got them on the shelves at Walgreens. Marketing to stores was easy: Walmart and Target soon followed. But marketing to people was harder. Miley Cyrus used the balms in her music video, creating a huge spike in popularity.

By collaborating and finding the most popular demographic, in just 7 years EOS has taken the world by storm.


Flavio Maluf Is The Brains Behind Eucatex The Brazilian Eucalyptus Tree Success Story

Flavio Maluf had no idea of what he would become after he was through with his university education. As a matter of fact, he also dint have an idea of what his worked of business and career would look like when he was still at the University of Penteado Fundacao. After his graduation with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he decided to further his education in business and administration. For this reason, he secured a place at the University of New York where he worked and studying in Business Administration. This was the certification on econoinfo.com.br which opened his eyes to the world of business after graduation.

Flavio Maluf joined the family company Eucatex Group in 1987. When he acceded to the company, he started working at the lowest level of performance. During his trajectory in the company, he commenced from the trade section of the company where he put his skills learnt at the University of New York. Flavio Maluf tried to balance the business sheets and incoming goods. For his reason, his perfect job led to the expansion of the company where it started exporting its goods to other parts of the world. Because he started at the bottom, he gained enough experience on dino.com.br to enable him to work as an executive of the company.

For more than six years working in the trade section, he was shifted to work in the manufacturing section of the company. During this season, he put the Mechanical Engineering career and knowledge to good use. Whenever a machine could break down or needed service at https://twitter.com/fmalufc?lang=pt, he was always there to offer his technical advice and capabilities to have the best production possible. For this reason, he was adopted by most people as the nest worker of the company.

During this time, his uncle was the current president of the company. Because people working in the company had good ideas and talked well about Flavio Maluf, he was extended an invitation to work as one of the board members of Eucatex. For this reason, the people saw that he was ripe enough to seer the management wheels of the company. The family chose him as the next president of Eucatex.

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The Refugee Crisis Rates Highly On The Agenda Of George Soros

The cause of refugees from across the globe has always been a part of the life and career of George Soros the hedge fund manager who has seen consistent growth through good and bad financial times. Soros himself is a former refugee who spent many of his formative years looking to escape tyranny in its many forms; born in Hungary in 1930, George Soros spent his early teenage years hiding his Jewish faith from the Nazi’s after the World War II occupation of the country by German. The founder of Soros Fund Management would later set off an a remarkable refugee journey taking him from communist controlled Hungary across Europe to London where he studied at the London School of Economics before continuing his financial career on Wall Street in New York. Articles can be found on Investopedia.

George Soros has retained his compassion and willingness to help other refugees who are looking to follow a similar journey to that undertaken by the many credited with breaking the Bank of England in the 1990s; among the aspects of refugee life that have attracted the attention of Soros are the need to find new ways of making sure as many refugees are accepted across the world as possible, and the need to find new ways of allowing refugees to integrate into new communities without losing their own identity. George Soros feels his mission in life is to help as many people as possible live impressive and safe lives with their human rights intact, which he has been exploring with the aid of a personal fortune of more than $25 billion that was built on the back of his many decades of success as a hedge fund manager. Using his wealth for good is something George Soros is always looking to do as he has proved over recent months through a commitment to providing around $500 million in funding for refugees to use to develop businesses and their personal entrepreneurial skills on project-syndicate.org.

The role played by George Soros in developing the global response to refugees flooding into Europe and the role of other countries in handling the issue has been developed through his donations to the Democratic Party in the U.S. and his own Open Society Foundations charitable group. Soros has been eager to make sure a more liberal approach is taken to the refugee crisis the world is facing and a more liberal approach is taken to a wide range of foreign policy decisions on Forbes; George Soros is a believer in the open borders of the European Union and feels global citizenship is a trend that should be developed for the future.

Rona Borre: Anything But ‘Borre-ing’

Rona Borre has also served as the CEO

Businessperson Rona Borre is currently best known as the CEO (chief executive officer) at the company named Instant Alliance. She has been with the company since 2014. The company is based out of Chicago, Illinois.

Instant Alliance

The company was established to enlarge the technical workforce solutions for Instant Technology. The company was created to expand into accounting and financing. They offer potential customers a number of different options related to the consulting and human capital services. The company specializes in staffing that will help businesses grow, expand and prosper in the future.

Instant Finance

Since August of 2014,  Rona Borre has also served as the CEO of the company known as Instant Finance. The business operates in the greater Chicago area. Instant Finance specializes in financing and human capital requirements.  Take a look on linkedin.com to read more about her.

Instant Technology, LLC

Prior to the above two positions, she became the CEO of another business. She has headed Instant Technology, LLC since November of 2001. She still holds all three positions to date.

Sapphire Technologies

Her prior positions also include working for Sapphire Technologies. Rona served as the senior account executive from April of 1996 through November 2001. The company is located in Chicago.

Team Alliance

Her first job, however, was as a recruiter and account executive for Team Alliance. She worked there from April 1995 through March 1996. TA is also a Chicago-based business.


Rona Borre credits her success to her education. She first attended the University of Arizona in 1991. There she studied business administration with an emphasis on marketing. She earned her Bachelor of Science in 1995.

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