What You Need to Know About the Capital Group’s Chairman

Tim gave his opinion on Warren Buffet’s investment strategy citing it as wrong. Warren Buffet stated that he could attain more investment returns than investing in the index fund. But Tim believes that the risks of passive index investments are high.

At the mention of Tim, what comes to the mind is the investment guru who is widely known in Los Angeles and globally. He is a member of 3 Board Committees, in 3 different companies and across seven (7) organizations. He is currently the Chairman and Principal Executive Officer of Capital Research and Management Committee. He is also the Chief Executive Offer of the Capital Group, a firm that was founded by Jonathan Lovelace, in 1931.

In the July 2015, he got named as the Chairman of Capital Group’s management committee and Capital Research and Management Company. He has 32 years’ experience in investments. His career started as a participant in the Associates Program, later to an equity investment analyst at Capital. He is a bachelor degree holder in Economics from Middlebury College.

Investment Inputs
Tim Armour firmly believes that investing in managed funds can bring investors better and higher returns. Active managers should do thorough research for the companies and look for better investments portfolios, to aid the investors in attaining better returns than the average market earnings.

In no doubt, Tim’s vast knowledge in investment has enabled him to manage the Capitals’ Group sales scale high putting more confidence to the investors.

Why You Need To Hire Reputation Management Professionals

Are you wondering the benefits of hiring online reputation management experts? Do you want to be sure that only positive information about you or your business gets found on the Internet? Professionals in the reputation management field can provide a wide range of services designed to help you build a good image online.

A good online image can help you in many ways, no matter what project you are working on or what type of business you operate. With a good reputation, people will trust you and will want to patronize your business.

Online reputation management involves different phases when getting rid of negatives postings or derogatory remarks. Negative review and customer complaints can wreak havoc on a company’s image and greatly tarnish their online reputation, which is why it is extremely important to devise strategies to maintain a good reputation.

The first step to elimination unfavorable content from the Internet search results is to find a reliable online reputation management firm that has a team of knowledgeable professionals. Having a trained and experienced team is definitely a great way to ensure that you take complete control of your reputation online.

Considering the huge impact reputation can make on a company, it is imperative that you seek expert assistance in this regard. Professionals have the skills and resources to detect impending threats and attacks and address these issues at the source promptly. Any delay in getting help or resolving reputation matters can be disastrous to your company or even your personal profile, particularly if you are an executive or organization leader.

Companies and organizations have been destroyed due to negative postings by irate customers and malicious individuals, such as competitors. Professionals will find all negative reviews and derogatory content about your organization or your brand and take appropriate steps to remove them from the search engines results pages.

Reputation management professionals have the ability to analyze search results or the nature of the content in social networking sites, ensuring that only positive content remains in public view while negative content gets suppressed.

Julie Zuckerberg: Redefining The Recruitment Strategies To Attract The Best Talents

Julie Zuckerberg, the US Talent Acquisition Executive Recruitment Lead of Deutsche Bank, is known for attracting the best talent into the banking firm. She uses a number of strategies to bring the best. It includes sourcing from both conventional and unconventional methods, chasing the talents individually, engaging with talents and making a strong career relationship with them, etc. She believes that continuous supply of best talent to a firm can create a great work culture in the firm, and this would in return give greater efficiency and much better results on a long-run. To ensure proper supply of great talents, she works with her team members, various recruitment agencies, sourcing firms, social networking channels, references, etc. The best part which makes her an excellent recruiter is nothing but her experience in the industry. She has more than 15-years of experience in recruiting, training and managing the talents including leading team of recruiters.


In her current role, Julie leads the negotiation and development of Managing Director level offer for various verticals in the U.S. business verticals of Deutsche Bank. She is regularly consulted by the executive committees of the firm and its leadership to stipulate the hiring governance and bring the best recruitment practices which can potentially attract the best talents from diverse backgrounds. Setting up recruitment strategies for U.S. heads of business that can address the attrition and issues in DB external and any internal client coverage. She also manages the external searching and sourcing firms including contingency search vendors in setting their contracts, negotiating terms, performance assessment, etc. She also gives training and strategic direction to newly developed recruitment teams and new hires to recruiting teams. She initiates and executes regional and global TA objectives to ensure internal mobility, diversity drive, and multi-divisional talent brokering.


She completed her graduation in philosophy from Brooklyn College – City University of New York. Later, she completed her J.D. at New York Law School. She started her career with Hudson as Director of Candidates Placement. The role included recruiting various roles from attorneys to temporary financial positions. She also assisted the employees by providing conflict resolution, counseling, coaching, providing information about benefits, etc. Later, she joined Citi as Vice President and Executive Recruiter, which included responsibilities such as full-cycle recruitments to Managing Director and Director level roles for various verticals to managing search firms and sourcing agencies including firm selection, candidate vetting, and fee negotiation. She also helped the senior leadership of the firm to set various recruitment strategies that are reflecting the need, market trend, and supply of talents. Before joining Deutsche Bank, she also worked with New York Life Insurance as Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead, and during the period she worked as client relationship lead for all major recruitments nationwide. She also managed the recruitment process of various recruiting teams. Her hobbies include technology knowledge, arts, running, and photography. She is actively involved in various causes during her free time. It includes human rights, economic issues, animal welfare, civil rights, etc. She actively promotes the initiatives of technology and science and works to make it reach every nook and corner of the country.


Clay Siegall’s Marvelous Leadership Has Made Seattle Genetics Progress in Their Cancer Research Efforts

Seattle Genetics is one of the many companies that is making headway in cancer research in the recent past. Clay Siegall has been at the helm of the company, diligently helping in improving cancer patient’s lives. Since 2002, he has been the executive officer, and with great skills, he has led the company in making great strides in cancer research and innovative therapies.

Leadership and Growth

Throughout his career, Clay Siegall has been passionate about helping ease the pain for cancer patients. It’s with this drive that he has provided the much-needed leadership that has elevated Seattle Genetics to a position of executing high-end research developments. The company has since developed their first antibody drug conjugates, such as ADCETRIS. Clay Siegall played a big part in ensuring that ADCETRIS gained FDA approval in 2011. He, as well, helped popularize ADCETRIS around the world to ensure it reaches as many patients as possible.

Achievements and Awards

Besides his leadership role in new cancer therapies sector, Siegall has also helped in raising more than 1.2 billion dollars as capital for Seattle Genetics in private and public funding. Since its inception in 1998, Seattle Genetics has grown rapidly, with their stock having tripled in only less than half a decade under the able management of Clay Siegall. His efforts haven’t gone unrecognized as he was named the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012. In 2013, he was granted the Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Natural Sciences, Math, and Computer.

Siegall’s Background

Clay Siegall spent three years at George Washington University and completed his Ph.D. in Genetics. He began working at the Bristol-Myers as a chief investigator. He rose through the ranks to the principal scientist post. He advanced to become a member of staff at the National Cancer Institute. Shortly after, Siegall participated in setting up Seattle Genetics.

Clay Siegall owns 15 patents and is still dedicated to looking for ways to improve cancer research. Clay Siegall has been generous to share his in-depth background in the medical field with the community. His passion for educating the scientific community has seen him publish more than 70 articles in medical and science matters.