Introducing the AXA US Group and Its CEO, Vincent Parascandola

AXA Group is an established financial advisory firm with an investment portfolio that includes wealth management, retirement planning, and life insurance. The hedge fund investment firm has been home to Vincent Parascandola since 2004. The VC firm has built a robust network of financial affiliates to help dispense its mandate. Vinnie is an exceptional leader without whom this company would not have survived the financial turmoil that rocked the US in late 2000’s. Mr. Vincent’s unwavering commitment has paid off great dividends to the investors of AXA and to their clients.

Vinnie is responsible for introducing a comprehensive staff training culture at the company. The CEO is a firm believer in the mindset that, success doesn’t come cheap and easy. In fact, his career trajectory at AXA speaks volumes about how Vincent usually conducts his affairs. The man has progressively worked his way to the top of the leadership at AXA in a duration of over 10 years.

The AXA Group is mainly concerned with assisting regular people to safeguard and secure their future. The experts help clients to draw up solid roadmaps for their retirement at a friendly cost. The firm has grown tremendously under Vinnie. It has over 40 dedicated branches and offices spread out nationwide. AXA manages non-current assets worth over $1.5 trillion and their total assets under management are at $582.7M.

Vincent Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola is one of the most recognized residents of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Vinnie has a solid reputation for being an astute innovator with a knack for charity. Today, this eminent entrepreneur runs an equity firm, AXA US. AXA has its HQ’s in NY, but it has affiliates all over the nation. Vincent has helped countless investors with their critical business decisions while serving in various capacities at AXA Equitable. Parascandola joined AXA US in May of 2005, according to his Vimeo page. Previously, in the nineties, Vinnie was a managing director at a sales and marketing firm called the MONY Group.

Vincent Parascandola’s dedication to excellence at AXA has not gone unnoticed by his peers in the financial sector. Vincent is the proud recipient of several noteworthy business excellence awards. For instance, he’s won the National Rookie Award of the Year while serving at the financial firm. Prudential. According to, the investor graduated with his bachelor’s degree from Lubin School of Pace University. View his full crunchbase profile for more information.