Technology In The Banking Industry

New technology is rapidly changing the future of many industries. One of the best examples of this is in the banking industry. Many people today prefer to bank online. With all of the options in Brazil, Bradesco is trying to grow its customer base.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the CEO of Bradesco. During his time at the top, he has had to deal with many challenges in the company. When he took over, the company was losing money and sales were declining. He has had to make many changes to make the company better prepared for the future.

Changing the Culture

One of the biggest issues facing Bradesco was a poor culture when Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over. At the time, the company was laying off workers in an attempt to save money. As more people started banking online, traditional banks were losing market share within the industry. Luiz Carlos Trabuco came in and made a commitment that the layoffs would stop.

In addition, Luiz Carlos Trabuco started to invest in worker training and improving morale. He decided to pay employees more than they were previously making. Although this did cost the company money in the beginning, Bradesco has saved much more based on lower turnover costs. In the coming years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco wants to continue offering more benefits to workers.

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Investing in Technology

Technology is a vital part of staying in business. Bradesco was not making the necessary investments in technology many years ago. This is one of the reasons the company was so behind the competition when Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over. He decided that technology needed to be a focus for the company in the years ahead. He budgeted millions of dollars per year in technology spending. This has led to more sales and profits for the business over time.

One area that Luiz Carlos Trabuco focuses on is online banking. Bradesco had no online banking options when he took over. This was a huge disadvantage for the company. Many customers today want to bank online in some way. Many customers prefer to have the option of both a physical and online bank. This is exactly what Luiz Carlos Trabuco is working on to provide all customers.

Bradesco is also allowing people to apply for loans online. This is a huge advantage over the other banks in the industry. Few banks want to work with people online when it comes to loans. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a believer that helping customers is the best way to grow over time. Due to his commitment to customers, the company is starting to grow rapidly again.

Growth Plans

With the high demand for banking services, Bradesco is growing as fast as any company in the banking industry. Brazil is a dynamic company that has many opportunities and challenges in the years ahead. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is excited about leading this company in the future.

More customers than ever before are banking with Bradesco according to Luiz Carlos Trabuco is investing in new physical locations across the country. This will allow the company to grow rapidly and to help customers at the same time. Many customers love the experience of banking with Bradesco. Not only does the company concentrate on customer service, but they have great financial products and options as well.

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