Securus Technologies: Changing Lives for Both Inmates and Incarceration Officials

Solving and preventing crimes is a headache that jail and prison officials confront with as they execute their mandate. For the longest time, the incarceration department in the United States and the world at large faced a great challenge in ensuring that inmates do not commit crimes behind bars. A greater challenge was for the jail officials to prevent criminals from the outside world to enter and establish their centers of influence within the facilities. With Securus Technologies, however, some of these challenges have become easy solves for officials. The corrections department telecommunication and tech solutions provider has made it a priority to design tech tools that makes jails and prisons within the United States safe. The firm’s main aim according to its motto is to revolutionize technology and to use that same technology in modernizing and digitizing the incarceration environment, with a long-term goal of ensuring that public security is well taken care of.

Customer Comments

Richard A. Smith, the current CEO and board chairman at Securus Technology, is known to place a high emphasis on results and excellence. The CEO has ensured that the firm innovates at least one tech tool per day that goes into meeting the company’s motto. These investigative and crime monitoring tools have gone a long way in helping corrections officials do their job more efficiently and most importantly, in a more comfortable manner. Among the most rampant security threats in America’s prisons is inmate-on-inmate crimes, and Securus Technologies has sufficiently provided solutions for it. As a result, clients send in letters and text messages congratulating Rick and his team for making their work easy.

Of the thousands of letters that Securus has received, some of them were published on PRNewswire on Oct. 21, 2016. In a majority of them, jail officials talked of how specific tech investigative and monitoring tools developed by Securus has revolutionized their daily mandate for the better.


The Impressive Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Talk Fusion Company. Bob is experienced in the marketing of videos and direct sales having a wide experience of twenty- five years. Bob Reina believes in the field of innovation. The entrepreneur states that when a product is introduced into the market, its growth does not end from the introduction.



The philanthropist has the aim of helping individuals to succeed in their endeavors. Bob has written various articles to help the individuals irrespective of where they are in the world. Bob has contributed immensely to the Huff magazine. Trends in the technology involving videos, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, and self-development have been enhanced through his contribution.



Since Bob Reina launched their brand, the culture of the individuals has been diversified. Bob is enthusiastic about using his articles top empower the many readers of the Huff post. The world’s problems have been solved since the Talk Fusion provides solutions that are related to the marketing daily. The solutions are usually one time.



Businesses have benefited from the Talk Fusion initiative since they are able to become the best amongst the similar products. The products are of high quality thus encouraging consumers to buy the products. The improved production also leads to higher profits among the business owners. This is an advantage to the business since it has a ready market.



The Talk Fusion Company has employed different ways that have enhanced production. The video has facilitated this goal by enabling the clients to engage directly with their hosts. The clients are able to pursue their hosts the type of products that they want and are satisfied by the available results.



The company’s associates that are independent have propelled the company further by selling its products worldwide. The associates are located in 140 countries where any individual can access the products. The Talk Fusion is an effective company since it holds trials before selling the products. The trials normally last for a period of thirty days.



The Talk Fusion came into limelight in the year 2007. The company does not involve credit cards in the purchasing of their products. The company also supports charity work in the world. Learn more:


LifeLine Screening At The Frontline Of Fighting Cardiovascular Diseases

LifeLine screening is privately owned health facility that offers thorough health screening procedure for cardiovascular problems. The organization started in Texas, 1993 and established subsidiaries in other countries.

LifeLine uses the process of finger stick blood tests which detect any problem with just a small sample of blood. The screening procedures offered are ultrasounds, blood tests and EKGs to measure heartbeats.

According to cardiovascular problems develop unnoticed in the body. They cause damage to the blood vessels until the issue becomes too advanced to for treatment. Other diseases such as an aortic aneurysm occur undetected until they get to the point of rupture leading to sudden death. Having preparation of such illnesses in advance would be ideal. When diagnosed earlier there is a possibility of treatment and saving more lives.


To get started with screening the following procedures commence at Life Line. After entering the facilities, visitors check in at the desk where they fill a questionnaire regarding test of choice and payment methods. Visitors proceed to the waiting area then to the screening area. From there, screening procedures continue blood testing, vital signs, bone density screening, peripheral artery disease, EKG testing, Carotid artery testing and Aortic aneurysm screening.

In blood testing, a small sample of blood is taken. After a blood test, vital signs are made concerning height, weight and body measurements. Bone density is carried out, and individuals are expected to remove their shoes and socks. Peripheral tests are carried out where pressure cuffs are placed around ankles thus measuring systolic blood pressure. EKG tests are carried with electrodes being positioned on chest, wrists, and ankles to identify irregular heartbeats. Ultrasounds are conducted on the neck to analyze blood flow. Aortic aneurysm screening is carried out by viewing the aorta. All the procedures carried out are painless.

The types of clothes to wear depend on the kind of test that is carried out. It is advisable to observe the following. Wear comfortable clothes, avoid stockings, avoid unnecessary jewelry, wear socks and shoes that are easy to remove and keep mobile phones turned off. For accurate results, it’s essential to have prior knowledge of some procedures. An aortic aneurysm requires one to have fasted four hours prior and if under medication follow the prescription.

Cardiovascular diseases are silent killers, and while the tests are not extremely accurate. They provide lifesaving treatment methods. Screening gives a chance to change the unhealthy lifestyle that may be life-threatening. Through life screening and the use of modern technology, it has led to the detection of unforeseen diseases and save the lives of countless citizens.

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The Success of Whitney Wolfe with Bumble App

Many people start relationships on social networks where they connect and get to know each other better. Nevertheless, most people especially men; end up mistreating others in an unprofessional way. However, Whitney Wolfe has solved that misconduct by launching not only a dating app but also for professional as well as friendship purposes. Whitney was born in Utah in 1989. She studied at Southern Methodist University where she majored in International Studies.

Whitney is the CEO and the founder of Bumble dating app. She founded Bumble in 2014 aiming at empowering women to make first moves not only to find their match but also for friendship and professional purposes. Her aim is maintaining professional respect and kindness among people to avoid hateful behaviors from happening to people who are connected to this app. According to Wolfe, life is made up of love, profession, and friendship which define a person’s mental state as well as physical health. With this app, your life changes to be healthy as you have friends with whom you can share your problems.

Bumble has updated a new feature in its app called Bumble BFF which allows users to have new friends all over apart from dating. According to the company, this step has been made because some of the people have been using the app for friendship. This friendship connection has been as a result of traveling to new countries or cities where you want to make new friends there. This BFF feature has made Bumble be the first dating up to that has expanded beyond dating.

Bumble Bizz is yet another mode that has been incorporated into this app. This has enabled people to connect professionally. Its connection has allowed networking and mentoring to take place all over, therefore, making professional improvements to the users. Based on the fact that women are the ones to make the first move, Bumble looks forward to doing away with all areas that women feel uncomfortable working.

The Bumble headquarter of is known as The Hive and is located in Central Austin. The yellow color and the hexagonal shape of the building is a representative of the brand. According to the head of the brand, Bumble’s location has created an opportunity for Austin people to get to know Bumble better. El-Effendi continues to express Bumble as a site that is aiming at ending dead connections on social networking sites.

Whitney Wolfe is now married in Positano Italy. Her wedding was so classy and eye-catching. The wedding wardrobe for those three days was so colorful and amazing. Her wedding dress and the dining dress were from best designers. All her outfit took her well making her look brighter and fit for the occasion.

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Ricardo Tosto, the Brilliant Litigation Lawyer

Ricardo Tosto reputation has been on the rise due to his skills in litigation of complex cases. Ricardo introduced the mass litigation scheme which is one of its kinds in Brazil. His quick thinking and visionary in legal matters make his law firm light years ahead of others. The company has the most extensive workforce of close to five hundred employees. In Brazil there is a massive pool of Lawyers and for one to have gained the reputation like that of Ricardo, it due to hard work, commitment and a lot of endurance.

In Brazil, for one to become a qualified lawyer one has to undergo a five-year learning course, internship for six months and finally gain the license to practice. The legal system in Brazil had not existed until 1882, and Sao Paulo hosted the founding law schools in the country. Ricardo has been able to navigate through his career in all these institutions. His career embarked at a small office in Sao Paulo, pushed on for several years until he established his practice. He helped co-found the Leite, Tosto& Baros advocate, which has a high reputation in Brazil on business law. While in the office, Ricardo takes care of young mentoring partners, helping them build on cases, and review the litigation processes while offering counsel where needed. Among the cases the organization deals with is corporate litigation, commercial law, business law and banking and financial counsel services.

Ricardo firm has a unique way of handling their cases. Furthermore, with the years of experience, the company has a firm grip on the Brazilian market. The firm builds on the strategy of going into in-depth research and analysis. From there, the business proceeds to give advice and guidance regarding the matter Ricardo Tosto finds credit recovery, mergers & acquisition and election & commercial laws among his specialty cases. To watch video click here.

In the judiciary system of Brazil, Ricardo has served as the president of the judicial reform committee. He is one of the first members of the Brazilian Institute for Brazilian Institute for Political Parties and election laws, among his many accomplishments. Ricardo has various publications regarding form multiple topics in the legal field and Ricardo also lectures at universities around the country. Recently he received recognition from W.H.O as a commercial litigation lawyer. In 2007, he wrote the book, “The process of Tiradentes” which covers legal proceedings.

Rick Smith Helps Securus Technologies to be the leader in Corrections Industry

Securus Technologies is one of the prominent components of the correction facilities system that offers secure technologies for inmates at various correctional facilities. Some of the services provided include communication, emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, monitoring and incident management. Since the company was established, Securus Technologies has been in the forefront when it comes to delivering the secured technology services required at various correctional facilities.Rick Smith is the current Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technology. He started serving the company in July 2008. During his appointment, the majority believed that he was the perfect candidate to take the reins of Securus Technology due to his vast experience, drive and focus. With the help of Rick Smith, the company has experienced tremendous growth, making Securus Technology the leading service provider in the correction industry.

Rick is a prominent leader who is equipped with an excellent background, exceptional skillset and a remarkable track record. He has served in various lucrative departments including finance, operations, information technology telecommunication and business development. SECURUS Technology is a correctional company located in Dallas, Texas. The company provides diverse variety of services to more than a million inmates and 26000 correction facilities, law enforcement and public safety organizations in North America.Rick Smith is a learned individual with a solid educational background. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology where he obtained his Associate Degree in applied sciences. He went on to continue with his studies at the University of Rochester and acquired his MBA. He later joined the State University of New York where he received his Master’s Degree in Mathematics.

Rick completed his formal education by obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo.From 1972 to 1998, Rick worked at Global Crossing North America Inc. where he held various lucrative posts. At the company, he served as a controller and chief information officer. He has also worked as a president of Frontier Information Technologies, vice president of Midwest Telephone operations, operation director of Network Plant and also the director of Business Development.Rick Smith was later poached by the Eschelon Telecom Inc. whereby he served as the firm’s chief financial officer from 1998 to 2000. From 2000 to 2003, Rick served as the company’s president and later nominated as the CEO. During his tenure, the company’s income increased from $30 million to $350 million.In 2008, Rick moved to Securus technologies to serve as the CEO and president. After serving the company for one year, he was appointed as the chairman. Securus technologies provide a wide range of products and services, and it has a domestic calling center that is operated by its staff.

Mighty Fortress Church is Open to All

Minnesota is situated in the Midwestern and Northern part of the United States. It remains one of the most popular states in the region. Minnesota boasts of having several historical as well as modern churches, with unique architectural designs, in the US. It is of great significance to note that majority of the Minnesotans are protestants. This has equally contributed to the region’s high number of worship centers. Below are some of the most beautiful churches in Minnesota:

Cathedral of St. Paul – It is considered by many to not only be the most beautiful church in the region but also the most iconic architectural design in the entire Minnesota. Built in 1990’s, the French design property remains the 3rd largest prayer house in the US.

Lakewood memorial chapel, Minneapolis – The structure entails some of the most unique features that are not easy to find somewhere else. Constructed in 1910 inside Lakewood cemetery, the Chapel has a 65 feet dome, tainted glass windows and a mosaic made from valuable materials including silver and gold.

St. John’s Abbey Church in Collegeville – This is one of the most modern churches in Minnesota. Amazingly designed, St. John’s Abbey was constructed in 1961 and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the area.

All you need to know about Mighty Fortress International Church (MFI)

MFI provides the most-unique environment for building personal relationship with God. Through the comprehensive bible study sessions and authentic worship styles, the church has changed several lives. MFI has continued to keep to its vision of multi-dimensional service with total focus on healthy relationship with God.

Mighty Fortress church is open to all: just the way you are. Unlike other places with routine bureaucratic services, MFI values its members and makes its services spiritual and entertaining. The church’s services are lively, inspiring and refreshing. They help believers in building quality personal relationship with the creator. The preaching, band and songs will definitely leave you nourished in spirit. The study sessions support members on getting answers to real-life situations.

Bishop Thomas Williams

He is the founder of Mighty Fortress International church and ministries. William has a BA Degree in mass communication. He has master degree in Organizational Leadership among several other qualifications. Thomas is a truly devoted man of God.

For more information on Mighty Fortress Church follow them on Facebook.