Mighty Fortress Church is Open to All

Minnesota is situated in the Midwestern and Northern part of the United States. It remains one of the most popular states in the region. Minnesota boasts of having several historical as well as modern churches, with unique architectural designs, in the US. It is of great significance to note that majority of the Minnesotans are protestants. This has equally contributed to the region’s high number of worship centers. Below are some of the most beautiful churches in Minnesota:

Cathedral of St. Paul – It is considered by many to not only be the most beautiful church in the region but also the most iconic architectural design in the entire Minnesota. Built in 1990’s, the French design property remains the 3rd largest prayer house in the US.

Lakewood memorial chapel, Minneapolis – The structure entails some of the most unique features that are not easy to find somewhere else. Constructed in 1910 inside Lakewood cemetery, the Chapel has a 65 feet dome, tainted glass windows and a mosaic made from valuable materials including silver and gold.

St. John’s Abbey Church in Collegeville – This is one of the most modern churches in Minnesota. Amazingly designed, St. John’s Abbey was constructed in 1961 and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the area.

All you need to know about Mighty Fortress International Church (MFI)

MFI provides the most-unique environment for building personal relationship with God. Through the comprehensive bible study sessions and authentic worship styles, the church has changed several lives. MFI has continued to keep to its vision of multi-dimensional service with total focus on healthy relationship with God.

Mighty Fortress church is open to all: just the way you are. Unlike other places with routine bureaucratic services, MFI values its members and makes its services spiritual and entertaining. The church’s services are lively, inspiring and refreshing. They help believers in building quality personal relationship with the creator. The preaching, band and songs will definitely leave you nourished in spirit. The study sessions support members on getting answers to real-life situations.

Bishop Thomas Williams

He is the founder of Mighty Fortress International church and ministries. William has a BA Degree in mass communication. He has master degree in Organizational Leadership among several other qualifications. Thomas is a truly devoted man of God.

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