Ricardo Tosto, the Brilliant Litigation Lawyer

Ricardo Tosto reputation has been on the rise due to his skills in litigation of complex cases. Ricardo introduced the mass litigation scheme which is one of its kinds in Brazil. His quick thinking and visionary in legal matters make his law firm light years ahead of others. The company has the most extensive workforce of close to five hundred employees. In Brazil there is a massive pool of Lawyers and for one to have gained the reputation like that of Ricardo, it due to hard work, commitment and a lot of endurance.

In Brazil, for one to become a qualified lawyer one has to undergo a five-year learning course, internship for six months and finally gain the license to practice. The legal system in Brazil had not existed until 1882, and Sao Paulo hosted the founding law schools in the country. Ricardo has been able to navigate through his career in all these institutions. His career embarked at a small office in Sao Paulo, pushed on for several years until he established his practice. He helped co-found the Leite, Tosto& Baros advocate, which has a high reputation in Brazil on business law. While in the office, Ricardo takes care of young mentoring partners, helping them build on cases, and review the litigation processes while offering counsel where needed. Among the cases the organization deals with is corporate litigation, commercial law, business law and banking and financial counsel services.

Ricardo firm has a unique way of handling their cases. Furthermore, with the years of experience, the company has a firm grip on the Brazilian market. The firm builds on the strategy of going into in-depth research and analysis. From there, the business proceeds to give advice and guidance regarding the matter Ricardo Tosto finds credit recovery, mergers & acquisition and election & commercial laws among his specialty cases. To watch video click here.

In the judiciary system of Brazil, Ricardo has served as the president of the judicial reform committee. He is one of the first members of the Brazilian Institute for Brazilian Institute for Political Parties and election laws, among his many accomplishments. Ricardo has various publications regarding form multiple topics in the legal field and Ricardo also lectures at universities around the country. Recently he received recognition from W.H.O as a commercial litigation lawyer. In 2007, he wrote the book, “The process of Tiradentes” which covers legal proceedings.