The Success of Whitney Wolfe with Bumble App

Many people start relationships on social networks where they connect and get to know each other better. Nevertheless, most people especially men; end up mistreating others in an unprofessional way. However, Whitney Wolfe has solved that misconduct by launching not only a dating app but also for professional as well as friendship purposes. Whitney was born in Utah in 1989. She studied at Southern Methodist University where she majored in International Studies.

Whitney is the CEO and the founder of Bumble dating app. She founded Bumble in 2014 aiming at empowering women to make first moves not only to find their match but also for friendship and professional purposes. Her aim is maintaining professional respect and kindness among people to avoid hateful behaviors from happening to people who are connected to this app. According to Wolfe, life is made up of love, profession, and friendship which define a person’s mental state as well as physical health. With this app, your life changes to be healthy as you have friends with whom you can share your problems.

Bumble has updated a new feature in its app called Bumble BFF which allows users to have new friends all over apart from dating. According to the company, this step has been made because some of the people have been using the app for friendship. This friendship connection has been as a result of traveling to new countries or cities where you want to make new friends there. This BFF feature has made Bumble be the first dating up to that has expanded beyond dating.

Bumble Bizz is yet another mode that has been incorporated into this app. This has enabled people to connect professionally. Its connection has allowed networking and mentoring to take place all over, therefore, making professional improvements to the users. Based on the fact that women are the ones to make the first move, Bumble looks forward to doing away with all areas that women feel uncomfortable working.

The Bumble headquarter of is known as The Hive and is located in Central Austin. The yellow color and the hexagonal shape of the building is a representative of the brand. According to the head of the brand, Bumble’s location has created an opportunity for Austin people to get to know Bumble better. El-Effendi continues to express Bumble as a site that is aiming at ending dead connections on social networking sites.

Whitney Wolfe is now married in Positano Italy. Her wedding was so classy and eye-catching. The wedding wardrobe for those three days was so colorful and amazing. Her wedding dress and the dining dress were from best designers. All her outfit took her well making her look brighter and fit for the occasion.

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