Securus Technologies: Changing Lives for Both Inmates and Incarceration Officials

Solving and preventing crimes is a headache that jail and prison officials confront with as they execute their mandate. For the longest time, the incarceration department in the United States and the world at large faced a great challenge in ensuring that inmates do not commit crimes behind bars. A greater challenge was for the jail officials to prevent criminals from the outside world to enter and establish their centers of influence within the facilities. With Securus Technologies, however, some of these challenges have become easy solves for officials. The corrections department telecommunication and tech solutions provider has made it a priority to design tech tools that makes jails and prisons within the United States safe. The firm’s main aim according to its motto is to revolutionize technology and to use that same technology in modernizing and digitizing the incarceration environment, with a long-term goal of ensuring that public security is well taken care of.

Customer Comments

Richard A. Smith, the current CEO and board chairman at Securus Technology, is known to place a high emphasis on results and excellence. The CEO has ensured that the firm innovates at least one tech tool per day that goes into meeting the company’s motto. These investigative and crime monitoring tools have gone a long way in helping corrections officials do their job more efficiently and most importantly, in a more comfortable manner. Among the most rampant security threats in America’s prisons is inmate-on-inmate crimes, and Securus Technologies has sufficiently provided solutions for it. As a result, clients send in letters and text messages congratulating Rick and his team for making their work easy.

Of the thousands of letters that Securus has received, some of them were published on PRNewswire on Oct. 21, 2016. In a majority of them, jail officials talked of how specific tech investigative and monitoring tools developed by Securus has revolutionized their daily mandate for the better.