After he had worked in the medical aesthetics sector for more than ten years, Dr. McKenna decided to start OVME. However, after growing it to one of the renowned medical aesthetics companies in America, he decided to sell the firm to a bigger company. Dr. McKenna is also a medical doctor who is licensed in surgery and medicine.

The Georgia based doctor is married and the couple has a daughter. Apart from having a successful career, Dr. McKenna also treasures his daughter greatly. Before he sets out to work, he makes sure that he has breakfast with her while his wife gets her beauty sleep. The family man heads to work at around 8 am but by 6 pm he is back home for the family dinner time.

Dr.McKenna loves Jiu Jitsu passionately and every day he trains for the discipline until 9 pm. However, this is expected from a man who is excited by the reduced trend of smoking in America. The doctor and entrepreneur’s ideas are realized by practicing visualization and setting goals. He practices this by meditating in a silent place daily. The doctor is an avid reader and this practice has made him a productive entrepreneur. In fact, one of his favorite books is “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill. He confesses that this book has helped him a lot in meditating. The doctor is a real entrepreneur who has never worked for someone else apart from himself.

If Dr. McKenna could have another chance in life, then the father of one would move with more accuracy and less speed. He admits that surrounding himself with positive people has always helped him in growing his business. The entrepreneur thinks that exchanging cryptocurrency and retail brick to tangible money is a good business idea. Dr.McKenna’s influencers are Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and Michael Bloomberg.

ABOUT Dr.McKenna:

Dr. McKenna is the owner and proprietor of Shape Medical Wellness Center. This center which he started in 2000 aims to help individuals in weight loss and it also provides aesthetic services without surgery. Apart from his career in the medical field, Dr. McKenna is also involved in philanthropy work. In fact, he was one of the people who actively rebuilt New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

The Tulane University Medical School graduate is also the founder and proprietor of his own real estate agency.