Jeunesse Global helps people keep off the pounds with Zen Bodi

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are two of the biggest names in the global health and beauty industry. The entrepreneurial power couple first started their own business when they were still in their 20s. By the time they had reached their early 30s, Ray and Lewis had become successful enough that they would never have to work another day in their lives.

Over the next three decades, the couple went on to found and build some of the most successful businesses in the North American health, beauty and direct-marketing industries. When Ray and Lewis found themselves approaching the traditional retirement age, they thought that they would give retirement a try. Unfortunately, the industrious couple found that they simply weren’t constituted for the hours of boredom and idleness that retirement entails. They decided to found a small hobby business out of their garage as a way to pass the time.

Before long, the drive and passion that had marked all of Ray and Lewis’ other pursuits started to shine through with their current business. They soon settled on the trade name Jeunesse Global, and things began picking up steam quickly. By the end of Jeunesse Global’s first year, the company had registered nearly $1 million in sales. By the end of its fifth year, it was doing tens of millions of dollars in sales each year and had thousands of distributors and tens of thousands of customers worldwide.

Now, Jeunesse Global is continuing its tradition of expanding its horizons through great products. With the company’s Zen Bodi, a weight-loss supplement that helps burn fat, build muscle and curb appetite, Jeunesse is making its first entrance into the global weight-loss market.

Like other Jeunesse products, Zen Bodi is not sold using gimmickry or dubious claims. Instead, the supplement and the marketing surrounding it are based 100 percent on rigorous science. Zen Bodi forms part of the larger Zen 8 Project total-health system, which relies heavily on both scientifically engineered supplements as well as the proven methods of behavioral modification.

With Zen Bodi, Jeunesse isn’t promising magic results; it’s providing a biologic rope tow to help motivated users get to the peak of their potential health.,19.htm

Incredible Contributions by Dr. Villanueva to the Dentistry Industry

Dr. Chris Villanueva has a vision of influencing both corporate dentistry and individual dentistry practitioners in the industry. Chris founded MB2 Dental to pursue his dream of providing the best dentistry services. Dr. Chris has extensive knowledge in business and dentistry operations that has enabled him to run his company efficiently. Before he started his own company, he has gained sufficient knowledge on how to support his firm by ensuring integrity. Since founding MB2 Dental, Dr. Chris has supported professionals in more than 70 locations. Chris has worked with more than 533 employees who he has mentored to become competent professionals in the field. His able leadership ability has enabled him to provide reliable services and to ensure excellent performance.

The main reason as to why Dr. Villanueva started his own company was to offer high-quality services that are entirely different from other companies. Villanueva’s dental firm focuses on individual growth, supporting clients and having fun. The firm provides services that significantly improve the health conditions of clients. MB2 Dental also supports innovations that facilitate its growth as a business unit. In an interview by Ideamench, Dr. Chris said that he wanted to bring together a group of dentists to a private firm since it was quite challenging for graduates to pursue their career. Chris adds that he likes working at night and values working with smart people. Surrounding himself with great minds helps him to discover amazing ideas on how to run things. Chris trusts his employees thus giving them the freedom to carry out operations in their way. Villanueva believes that working as a team is the best way to get new ideas. He values working with other people to develop new ideas.

Dr. Villanueva is quite excited about the developments brought by technology in different industries. Chris believes that through having fun and ensuring that his employees are honest makes him highly productive. According to Epodcast Network, MB2 Dental was established to bring doctors together to work as a team instead of working individually. As a result, the firm offers fruitful development to young professionals in dentistry. Additionally, the company has positively impacted the lives of thousands of patients. The firm is based on the principle of continued progress each day to ensure that it maintains high standards. MB2 Dental also invests in innovations that provide improved operations thus raising the standards of the services offered to clients.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America: A Brilliant Place For Career Development

Cancer is a disorder that affects millions of people all over the world, which is why the need to offer good cancer care is imminent. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one institution that aims to provide top-tier cancer treatment to patients that are specific to the condition that they have and other kinds of factors.Often, when people are diagnosed with something like cancer, hospitals and doctors tend to offer them only one course of treatment. For patients, there is no one size fits all policy, and different kinds of cancers need different directions of treatment. At Cancer Treatment Centers of America, every patient that comes here is evaluated and offered a treatment that is unique to them and the kind of cancer that they are diagnosed with.

Treating cancer isn’t only about attacking the tumor and removing it from the body. The disorder is filled with physical and emotional challenges that need to be dealt with, along with the financial concerns that patients might have. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America works in a way where patients are assisted all through so that they can have a smoother course of treatment.One of the things that set the Cancer Treatment Centers of America apart from other hospitals in the country is the staff that they have on board. The organization has a large pool of doctors and professionals who are dedicated to offering an incredibly high quality of services to the patients who come to them. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America takes great care in ensuring that every one of the professionals working with them in on board with the kind of services that they provide, and meets the quality standards that the organization has laid out. With some of the most brilliant doctors in the country working at the centers, patients can expect an excellent quality of treatment every time they visit the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

The organization operates through several centers throughout the country. The organization’s centers are located in Atlanta, Chicago, Tulsa, Phoenix, Scottsdale and many more. Because of how many centers the organization has under its name, there are always opportunities available for those who are looking to enter into the medical field. From the medical staff of doctors and nurses to the administrative staff, several positions are available in the organization. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s outlets have consistently gained a reputation for being an excellent place to work and a place that helps professionals develop their skills and professional abilities. For those who are looking for a workplace that enables them to grow and have a fulfilling career at the same time, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the place to be.

Why You Might Need Southridge Capital

Living with debt problems day in and day out can be devastating for a variety of different reasons. Not only are you dealing with constant creditor calls all the time, but you’re probably not sure of your future security. Many of us are one or two paychecks away from being out on the street, so it’s scary when you can’t seem to get the help that you need and are living under this type of stress constantly. Because of the problems you might face right now, you need a financial company that can help you to get rid of the massive pile of money problems you have and see the brightness in your future rather than the insecurity. Check out

Southridge Capital is the company for you, since they’ve been in business for quite some time and have helped thousands of different clients who needed their help with financial problems and worries. Whether you have debt, credit score issues or simply need help with budgeting, it is time for you to give Southridge Capital a call and see just why they are one of the most trusted financial solutions firms in the country. In fact, Southridge Capital has received a ton of recognition for their work within the field and for the work they’ve done with the thousands of clients they’ve had since their inception well over 10 years ago.

Southridge Capital is based out of the great state of Connecticut, but you can hire them even if you’re nowhere near to their home state. This means that you can still get the help that Southridge Capital is able to provide to you without the headache of doing all of this on your own. You will never be able to consolidate and relieve debts and other finance-related problems on your own, but this is why you need to consider hiring Southridge and seeing why this company is a viable choice for your needs right now. Their helpful and affordable fees are easy for those on a budget and those who might not be able to afford a company to utilize long-term. You can follow their Twitter page.

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