The Lime Crime Craze

Doe Deere is the founder, CEO, and owner of Lime Crime. She is the ever-changing, self proclaimed unicorn queen in the makeup industry. Her unique vision and love for color have captured the attention of fans world wide. This makeup is just not amazingly popping with vibrant color but it is vegan and cruelty free. Having a vegan and cruelty free brand is very important to Doe because it just speaks of her personal attitude towards things like animal testing. She does a lot of animal related charity work as well so the vegan theme just makes sense. Doe launched her Lime Crime makeup brand in 2008 two weeks before Halloween. In 2009 her Unicorn lipsticks came through with a radical range of lip colors and a cute sparkling unicorn on the packaging. In 2012 she came through strong with her Velvetines lipstick which put the liquid lipstick game on the map!

Her beauty brand has been called a “cult” brand. This means a unique brand and producing something that no one else can, and we can see she has been doing this since she launched in 2008. With the market always changing Doe says, ” It is a big deal to stand out and be individual in a really crowed place.”

For this year in 2018 Lime Crime is focusing on the shades of purple like lilac, lavender, and bright purple. This is going to be worth the purchase because you know your getting smudge proof quality. The Lime Crime rule is if they think it will not work for them or is not right for them they will not produce it to the public. That is boss lady entrepreneurship! This is the reason that her brand continues to spark the industry every time a new product is released.

Doe has some motivating advice for other young women who want to start a business in this makeup industry. She says, “Look for gaps in the market and always think about the next innovation. Listen to your inner voice and pay close attention to what you like and what you want to exist. Then go out and make it happen!”

Lime crime pallets and lip sticks are not just slathers of color put together. The colors are uniquely chosen and placed together to tell a story. It allows you as the individual to choose your color or colors to tell your story and express your self apologetically. It allows you to own your difference.

Lime Crime not only takes pride in the quality of their product but they also think the packaging is just as important. Their motto is, “Who wants a awesome product in crappy packaging?” So it only makes since to go all out on the packaging as well. It lets the customer know they are getting a really good quality product.

If your getting that itch and want to try quality fun makeup then give the Lime Crime a try. You will love every story that you can create with every pallet they offer. Happy creating! Learn more: