A Roseann Bennett Exclusive

Roseann Bennett is a successful family and marriage therapist who has an experience of over ten years operating with different kinds of people and aiding them as they tackle various life issues. Throughout her career, she has come out as not only a compassionate therapist but also an acute business giant.

In 2009, Roseann Bennett undertook to develop a Center for Assessment and Treatment, and it finally took ground in 2010. Since then, her agency has greatly transformed the lives of individuals who are going through life problems that may either be external or internal, plus those within their reach or out of their control.

Here is an exclusive interview with Roseann Bennett about her daily life experiences and facts that you probably didn’t know about her:

So how does your day start? Any other norms

Every day I wake up early, and I am on my computer. Apart from checking in with employees, I see clients and problem solve too. Well, I consider this both a flaw and stronghold. So to a fault, for me, it’s my work ethic.

What about your early morning work routine? Your major priorities and activities

I am accountable for the overall direction and spearheading of programs at the center. I am a key player in the establishment of programs to the different populations served. I am also in charge of preparing the agency budgets and maintaining an appropriate system for funds to be accounted for properly. My fundamental task, however, is to maintain a personal clinical caseload at the firm as I purposefully seek to connect more with my clients.

Any motivational and productivity tips

Life does not always revolve around logistically bringing an idea to it, but whether the idea is sustainable, assessing potential risks and executable within our scope of practice.

How is your work environment, colleagues?

Well, I rely on pen and paper quite a lot. I think I qualify to be called an “oldie,” but its relative in my field. My most productive time is spent with my notebook.

How do you complete your day?

When all has been done, I update my planner. It enables me to organize my schedule and even prioritize my to-do list.

Recreational and weekend activities

I love reading, and I do it recreationally. For the weekends, a message without a doubt is my dosage for relaxation.

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