Whitney Wolfe Is In Charge and She Won’t Turn Back

Match sits at the top of the dating app empire, but Whitney Wolfe is well set to create her own dynasty. Match offered over $400 million for the Whitney Wolfe dating app Bumble, but she wrote an open letter to respond to this with a solid no. Wolfe believes that women need their own voice in this dating app industry.

The reality of the dating industry is that there where no female voices before Wolfe raised hers. There is a lot of sexual harassment that is taking place in the dating world. There are women that are actually scared to utilize dating apps because there is a large amount of stalking and sexual harassment that is going on with these apps. What Whitney Wolfe wanted to do was filter out all of the negativity that would come into the dating app world. Whitney Wolfe is the CEO and founder of Bumble.

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As a woman that experienced sexual harassment inside of the corporate world of a dating app that she co-founded it was pertinent to her to establish boundaries. She wanted to give women the ability to block users that were not conducting themselves in proper ways. She wanted to also provide an option for people to report users and block spam as well. This is what Bumble has evolved into. It is the app that takes care of a lot of the creepy stalker mentality that tends to plague apps were women cannot make the first move. With Bumble women are the ones that are calling the shots and making the first move. There is also a platform for business and building friendships through Bumble as well. This type of movement has become something that Whitney presented as three pillars of Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe has been happy to report that the abuse rate with Bumble is lower than 0.005%. These are very impressive numbers in comparison to other app dating apps contenders like like OkCupid and Tinder. It shows that Whitney Wolfe is creating something of a higher echelon when it comes to communicating through dating apps. She wanted to set the standard because there never has been a true standard in the dating app environment before.

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