Steven Hicks Achievements in Financial Industry

Steven Hicks is an excellent figure in the investment industry. He is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Southridge Capital. Southridge Capital is a group of companies that offer assistance in the management of business development and implementation of a business plan. He has a tremendous educational background that incorporated his Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration that he earned from Kings College in New York. He is also a holder of an MBA which he attained from Fordham University.


He launched Southridge in 1996 which led to 30 years of vast experience in investment, risk and financial management. Hicks has great love and passion for the Southridge Capital which helped him to manage the critical strategic direction of the group companies that were under the direction of Southridge Capital and helped to craft the planning and development course. Steve Hicks and his highly skilled staff combined their experience and skills to create a business plan that would lead to more profitable growth and expansion.


Steve Hicks was recently hosted for an interview by Inspirery where he was interrogated about his career and his success mechanisms. He was first asked to explain how his typical day looks like. Steve noted that he doesn’t have a standard routine for every day, but he instead runs through each day at a time. However, there some things that he always does to retain and maintain his focus and concentration as well as to make sure that he exhausts everything that he needs to do every day. You can visit for more details.


Hicks usually starts his day by taking a review of their portfolio as well as generating a list of various activities that should be achieved by the end of the day, for himself and his team. Hicks pointed out that his day is generally spent focusing on two major activities. The first is one ensuring that their investments are heading towards the right direction. The other one is to search for more new opportunities for the future investments. Steve Hicks has created himself a great name in the financial department. He has attained much success via Southridge Capital. To see more visit