EOS Has Taken the World By Storm

Ever since the rise of Chapstick, people have thought of this popular lip balm as a small cylindrical object. But, when the more popular EOS lip balm were released, filling shelves with unique flavors in little orbs, the boring tubes soon became yesterday’s business.

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, quickly sold over 250 million dollars and become the second best selling lip product. Burt’s Bee’s is currently the first. Because the global lip balm market is expected to increase the 1 million units sold every week are constantly going up. The demand for natural products, which is the EOS specialty, is constantly increasing which is partly cause for the steady growth of the company. https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/

The founder of EOS joined with other packaged-good companies nearly a decade a go. The team who came up with idea all agreed the lip-care industry would be the best option. The creators originally believed that lip balm was typically unisex. However further research showed that lip balm is used almost exclusively used by women. Many women use lip balm in their daily makeup, or keep a tube in their purse. A problem many women faced was losing the little tube in their purse. And so became the orb. The orb appeals to all senses, and competes with other brands at just three dollars.

Another issue was keeping up with big names. This was a challenge; people are loyal to their lips. Eventually a meeting with a female buyer got them on the shelves at Walgreens. Marketing to stores was easy: Walmart and Target soon followed. But marketing to people was harder. Miley Cyrus used the balms in her music video, creating a huge spike in popularity.

By collaborating and finding the most popular demographic, in just 7 years EOS has taken the world by storm.