Marcio Alaor leads Banko BMG to new heights of success

Marcio Alaor is one of most decorated Brazilian executives serving as the Vice President in Banko BMG. He has been providing strategic guidance and intuitive leadership to the operation of this Bank and leading it to the new heights of success in Brazilian banking sector in spite of lagging economy and financial uncertainty. As a thoughtful philanthropist, he is also working hard to give back to the community for which he has been recognized a couple of times as well.



Marcio Alaor comes with a humble background from Santo Antônio do Monte. Even though he had a challenging childhood and had to do some odd jobs such as shoe shining, he never gave up his goals in life and studies. Once he finished his studies, Marcio embarked his professional career, and with sheer determination, he became the Vice President of Banko BMG. Right now, he is considered as one of the most successful executives and entrepreneurs in Brazilian banking sector.



Marcio played a crucial role in leading Banko BMG with its operations. This is an 85-year-old bank in Brazil that was going through a tough time during economic crisis since 2008. But Marcio along with his team members in the management committee has helped the bank to turn around. He has been developing innovative products and services for the Bank that has helped it to penetrate new markets. He also played a vital role in diversifying its products such a payroll, payday loans, cards and so on. Marcio has been rigorously working to promote the bank and actively involved in its campaigns. The bank is now considered as one of the biggest sponsors of Brazilian Football, Volleyball and Basketball teams. In addition to this, the bank also participates in a number of fairs and expositions. Marcio is also working on some new partnership with different investors and seeking new opportunities for the bank in different markets. Marcio has a keen interest in market trends and in-depth knowledge in the financial sector. He has been providing creative and thoughtful market insights to the consumers, entrepreneurs, and youth on different platforms.



In addition to a diversified professional career, Marcio is also involved with community work, and he has been highly dedicated to promoting the rural growth of his hometown, Santo Antônio do Monte. Although Marcio has excelled in the corporate world, he never broke his connection with his roots. He is always in touch with his friends, colleagues and local community that motivated him to achieve his personal and professional goals. He is involved with a number of social and voluntary causes to make his contribution to his community. As a reward of this, a food court (Marcio Alaor de Araújo) was opened after his name in the 33rd Expose Samonte or Agricultural Exhibition of Santo Antonio do Monte.