A prominent business person and an entrepreneur with an experience of almost 40 years with an extensive variety of organizations in the United States as well as abroad, Vinod Gupta, the current General Partner of Everest Capital Partners Incorporated in Omaha, Nebraska. Gupta was born in 1946 and raised in Rampur Mahyaran in India wherein secondary school he first showcased his superior gifts by getting admitted in the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur) in 1962.

For the following five years, Vinod Gupta pursued subjects in Agricultural Engineering at IIT Kharagpur, establishing solid bases for his future professional pursuits as well as education. After his graduation from the IIT Kharagpur in May 1967 with a bachelors degree in Technology, he then migrated to the United States settling in Lincoln, Nebraska. He then joined the University of Nebraska in Lincoln as a dual Master’s student from August 1968 to May 1971. Vinod Gupta dedicated his time as well as energy in business management and engineering studies. He was awarded his Master of Science in Engineering and Master of Business Administration in 1969 and 1971 respectively. He then started his career at the Commodore Corporation as a Marketing Research Manager in Omaha.

The businessman took a loan of $100 and invested in a company which in turn was sold for $680 million. He discovered there was an information gap between business-to-business marketing and came up with a list-compiling organization called InfoGROUP. While he was still the CEO of the organization, which later changed to InfoUSA, he obtained various companies finally establishing a juggernaut in the IT field.

As of now, Vinod Gupta’s investment company, Everest Group, issues investment capital for all new information technology companies and also secures businesses that are struggling financially, with the aim of using information technology to encourage future success. Vinod Gupta takes enormous pride in the provision of employment opportunities to the underserved communities and has also been touted by the former President of United States, Bill Clinton, for his comprehensive hiring practices. He dedicates vast resources all through his different charitable associations including the contributions to various schools in India.

Real Estate Businessman and Philanthropist Omar Boraie

As per NJBiz, Real estate is among the quickest developing and one the most lucrative economy sectors. While most rich people will burn through millions or billions of dollars on extravagance flats, just a couple are willing to spend their cash on development. One of the individuals that you can count is Omar Boraie. He is a person of different cats. Boraie is a business visionary, a real estate master, a donor and lastly, the Vice President and Founder of Boraie Development, the organization in charge of the change in New Brunswick.

Omar Boraie holds a Ph.D in Chemistry, but he is a great force to count around when figuring out on matters of real estate development due to his solid belief in offering high-end services to his customers. As guided by the rule, “consumer loyalty implies better business”. Boraie operates a parallel experienced property administration group that runs, assesses and gives guidelines to all his property ventures before they are released into the market sectors. A portion of the commonly initiated projects under the Boraie’s name incorporate the Aspire, Rector Street and Albany Street Plaza. For more info visit

Indeed, even in charge of all the achievement and abundance, Boraie is one flawless philanthropist and humanitarian. Omar has been involved actively in supporting the New Jersey Theater’s series of movies aired for free in the whole of summer to the community. Via the support of his family, they are the sustaining accomplices of the various effort programs led by the state Theater.

The second philanthropic program that Boraie gives support is the Elijah’s Promise whereby he is among the executives. Through this non-benefit association, Boraie can nourish homeless and less fortunate people living within New Brunswick by offering a minimum of 100,000 meals yearly thanks to its cafe, soup kitchen and catering enterprise.

Omar Boraie is a genuine model to the world in general. With Egypt origins, the real estate specialist and entrepreneur is hampered by nothing with regards to giving quality real-estate services and compassionate help. As a great example, a great deal can be learnt by anyone having an interest within the real estate business.

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