Whitney Wolfe Is In Charge and She Won’t Turn Back

Match sits at the top of the dating app empire, but Whitney Wolfe is well set to create her own dynasty. Match offered over $400 million for the Whitney Wolfe dating app Bumble, but she wrote an open letter to respond to this with a solid no. Wolfe believes that women need their own voice in this dating app industry.

The reality of the dating industry is that there where no female voices before Wolfe raised hers. There is a lot of sexual harassment that is taking place in the dating world. There are women that are actually scared to utilize dating apps because there is a large amount of stalking and sexual harassment that is going on with these apps. What Whitney Wolfe wanted to do was filter out all of the negativity that would come into the dating app world. Whitney Wolfe is the CEO and founder of Bumble.

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As a woman that experienced sexual harassment inside of the corporate world of a dating app that she co-founded it was pertinent to her to establish boundaries. She wanted to give women the ability to block users that were not conducting themselves in proper ways. She wanted to also provide an option for people to report users and block spam as well. This is what Bumble has evolved into. It is the app that takes care of a lot of the creepy stalker mentality that tends to plague apps were women cannot make the first move. With Bumble women are the ones that are calling the shots and making the first move. There is also a platform for business and building friendships through Bumble as well. This type of movement has become something that Whitney presented as three pillars of Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe has been happy to report that the abuse rate with Bumble is lower than 0.005%. These are very impressive numbers in comparison to other app dating apps contenders like like OkCupid and Tinder. It shows that Whitney Wolfe is creating something of a higher echelon when it comes to communicating through dating apps. She wanted to set the standard because there never has been a true standard in the dating app environment before.

Search more about Whitney Wolfe: https://tim.blog/2018/05/25/whitney-wolfe-herd/

A Roseann Bennett Exclusive

Roseann Bennett is a successful family and marriage therapist who has an experience of over ten years operating with different kinds of people and aiding them as they tackle various life issues. Throughout her career, she has come out as not only a compassionate therapist but also an acute business giant.

In 2009, Roseann Bennett undertook to develop a Center for Assessment and Treatment, and it finally took ground in 2010. Since then, her agency has greatly transformed the lives of individuals who are going through life problems that may either be external or internal, plus those within their reach or out of their control.

Here is an exclusive interview with Roseann Bennett about her daily life experiences and facts that you probably didn’t know about her:

So how does your day start? Any other norms

Every day I wake up early, and I am on my computer. Apart from checking in with employees, I see clients and problem solve too. Well, I consider this both a flaw and stronghold. So to a fault, for me, it’s my work ethic.

What about your early morning work routine? Your major priorities and activities

I am accountable for the overall direction and spearheading of programs at the center. I am a key player in the establishment of programs to the different populations served. I am also in charge of preparing the agency budgets and maintaining an appropriate system for funds to be accounted for properly. My fundamental task, however, is to maintain a personal clinical caseload at the firm as I purposefully seek to connect more with my clients.

Any motivational and productivity tips

Life does not always revolve around logistically bringing an idea to it, but whether the idea is sustainable, assessing potential risks and executable within our scope of practice.

How is your work environment, colleagues?

Well, I rely on pen and paper quite a lot. I think I qualify to be called an “oldie,” but its relative in my field. My most productive time is spent with my notebook.

How do you complete your day?

When all has been done, I update my planner. It enables me to organize my schedule and even prioritize my to-do list.

Recreational and weekend activities

I love reading, and I do it recreationally. For the weekends, a message without a doubt is my dosage for relaxation.

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Adam Milstein Looks To The Younger Generation To Produce New Jewish Leaders

Adam Milstein understands that solid Jewish leaders are required to overcome the obstacles that currently do and will face the nation again in the future. Near the beginning of the 21st century, David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s original prime minister, along with the first woman prime minister of Israel, Chaim Weizmann worked to create a Jewish state that was free and independent. Mordechai Anielewicz guided the Jewish people to battle with the Nazis during World War II, and there has been many other Jewish leaders who have changed the course of history for the Jewish people.

Adam Milstein knows that the Jewish people will now have to overcome many new fresh obstacles. One of these is known as the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, known as BDS, and this campaign is working to rid the world of the State of Israel. The BDS is actively working to create a divide in the Jewish American community and the Jewish community at-large. These sorts of actions require a response, and the Jewish community is in great need of strong leaders. Adam Milstein is calling for the Jewish American community to highlight and support its modern day heroes, because the community needs inspiring people who will spread their courage.

Adam Milstein is hopeful and optimistic about the future, because he has met plenty of inspiring Jewish leaders. As a philanthropist who is also involved with activism, Milstein rubs shoulders with plenty pro-Israel activists and passionate leaders who are part of the younger generation. Many of them have come back from visits to their homeland with a renewed sense of purpose and understanding, and he is glad that many of them are working in the Israeli-American-Council where they can make a real difference. He believes that it is the job of the Jewish community to help these new leaders find a platform where they can communicate their ideas.

Adam Milstein knows that being a leader is challenging and that many leaders have to spend plenty of time on their own or face criticism and ridicule, but he also knows that without investing in them, the future looks less hopeful.


Chenevert Deserves the Compensation

Chenevert has completely changed the aerospace manufacturing industry forever. Never again would any other company in the sector be able to hold a candle to the United Technologies Corporation. He has led them to be the most dominant force and completely own the production of aircraft for both the military and commercial sectors.

The United Technologies Corporation works on a 30 year product cycle. This cycle is based on consumer needs and a passion to create life-changing products. They had worked with a small group of executives which have allowed them to create the most efficient cycle ever known. They also would go out to acquire key businesses that allow them to both diversify their portfolio and enhance their innovation.

While the main business for the United Technologies Corporation is to produce jet engines and sensors in flight controls and systems it is not as simple as that. They have gone further than any other company and created the most efficient engines in their field.

First of all, they took it right to Rolls-Royce and invaded their territory by taking away the monopoly they had for the large business luxury sector. They created the Gulfstream G 500 and the G 600. They also enhanced the GTF engine. This would fit in the F1 35, Bombardier C-Series, and the Airbus A320. This engine requires 30% fewer parts while also having a 20% more fuel efficient burn.

They would continue working with the United States government to produce the best aircraft and also at a rate that could not be matched. Their Sikorsky unit produces over 80% of the helicopters for the United States of America Military and does at a rate faster than any other industry. For all of his hard work, Chenevert receive a compensation package of 22 million annually.

The United Technologies Corporation is also known for its environmentally conscious ways. They spent immense resources reducing their own carbon footprint. Water consumption at the factories decreased by 53% and they also watched as gas emissions reduced by 24%.

Chenevert has left a legacy that’s difficult to follow well.


Jordan Lindsey and the New FOREX

To the many individuals, the world of monetary investment is viewed in much the same way that one would view a football game. It is interesting, often fascinating, the players are often larger than life, and the stakes of individual decisions can be huge. People will give their opinions, watch the plays, and debate the outcomes, but it would seem insane to try to step out on the field themselves. Clearly professional athletes play on an entirely different level. In the same way, people see “the markets” as something to be touched only by those graced with some particular innate skill set that allows them to profit where mere mortals would flounder.

The foreign exchange market, generally shortened to FOREX, embodies this concept. Many people understand the surface concept of the stock market, such as predicting the value of corporations; however evaluating the strength of a national currency seems to be another monster entirely. In FOREX, one is attempting to predict the value of one national currency in relation to another, or in relation to many others. Add in the recent explosion of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and getting an accurate measure of the future seems closer to witchcraft than statistics.

However, there is a counterpoint to this view. Enter Jordan Lindsey, a man who has made a career out of making sense out of the obfuscating complexities of the FOREX and cryptocurrency world. His battlefield is more broadband than boardroom, and while earnings reports and press releases are important, Lindsey’s real weapon is data. Lots and lots of data.

A self-taught programmer and system designer, he is a pioneer in the relatively new field of algorithmic trading. Algorithmic trading operates on the concept that fluctuations in price can be predicted by watching various trends in market data and beyond. If you feed the data into a sufficiently smart computer program, it can help predict the likelihood of a certain product rising or falling in value.

With success in building and utilizing algorithmic trading programs for FOREX trading, Jordan Lindsey founded JCL Capital to both develop profitable trades, and to teach average people the methods of analyzing trends and making educated choices in investing.

Lindsey continues to do the same today, both analyzing the FOREX markets and providing the explanations that allow new traders to confidently enter the field.


SahmAdrangi and Shane Wilson thesis.

Sahm is a popular figure who appeared for interviews in the leading media outlets such as the CNBC as well as Bloomberg. He has featured in various publications such as the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the Business Week, The Business Daily, just to mention a few. In all the public appearance, one thing is common about Adrangi, that is the interest in the banking experience that he has had for decades.

The Yale University graduate, Adrangi is proud Holder of arts in Economics degree. After completion of his studies, he started off his career at Deutsche Bank in credit-performing and leveraged loan financing as well as at the Chanin Capital Partners where he served as a committee member in charge of credit advisor in bankruptcy and restructuring situations.

During Adrangi’s tenure, Kerrisdale Capital Management raised about $100 million to go against a single stock from its investors. An individual who understood the situation informed Reuters. It looks like the new Kerrisdale “co-investment” fund is the first of its nature. Hedge Fund Managers sometimes managed to raise money that would be channeled on specific thesis investment, such as the recovery of the troubled energy firms and the residential mortgage securities.

Also, the New York-based firm plans to invest the money in stocking a company that would soon be availed to the public. The company scheduled for its launch in Mid-May as reported by someone who spoke of anonymity because the information had not officially released to the public. According to the report, the company had already started establishing itself in the unnamed firm.

According to an email written by SahmAdrangi and revealed to Reuters, it is noted that within a short period, the organization had raised a significant amount of money. As a result, they had struck a chord within the alternative community. Besides, Sahm partnered with Shane Wilson- an analyst at the Kerrisdale Capital Management. The duo was the brainchild of the thesis which they were planning to present. They had started working on a report, video, and website to convince others about their hypothesis.

Rick Smith Helps Securus Technologies to be the leader in Corrections Industry

Securus Technologies is one of the prominent components of the correction facilities system that offers secure technologies for inmates at various correctional facilities. Some of the services provided include communication, emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, monitoring and incident management. Since the company was established, Securus Technologies has been in the forefront when it comes to delivering the secured technology services required at various correctional facilities.Rick Smith is the current Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technology. He started serving the company in July 2008. During his appointment, the majority believed that he was the perfect candidate to take the reins of Securus Technology due to his vast experience, drive and focus. With the help of Rick Smith, the company has experienced tremendous growth, making Securus Technology the leading service provider in the correction industry.

Rick is a prominent leader who is equipped with an excellent background, exceptional skillset and a remarkable track record. He has served in various lucrative departments including finance, operations, information technology telecommunication and business development. SECURUS Technology is a correctional company located in Dallas, Texas. The company provides diverse variety of services to more than a million inmates and 26000 correction facilities, law enforcement and public safety organizations in North America.Rick Smith is a learned individual with a solid educational background. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology where he obtained his Associate Degree in applied sciences. He went on to continue with his studies at the University of Rochester and acquired his MBA. He later joined the State University of New York where he received his Master’s Degree in Mathematics.

Rick completed his formal education by obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo.From 1972 to 1998, Rick worked at Global Crossing North America Inc. where he held various lucrative posts. At the company, he served as a controller and chief information officer. He has also worked as a president of Frontier Information Technologies, vice president of Midwest Telephone operations, operation director of Network Plant and also the director of Business Development.Rick Smith was later poached by the Eschelon Telecom Inc. whereby he served as the firm’s chief financial officer from 1998 to 2000. From 2000 to 2003, Rick served as the company’s president and later nominated as the CEO. During his tenure, the company’s income increased from $30 million to $350 million.In 2008, Rick moved to Securus technologies to serve as the CEO and president. After serving the company for one year, he was appointed as the chairman. Securus technologies provide a wide range of products and services, and it has a domestic calling center that is operated by its staff.

The Amazing Career Path of Greg Secker

Greg Secker has challenged the myth that people can become successful in life when they only specialize in one activity. A businessman, he has accumulated massive expertise in many different industries and has managed to excel in all of them. Greg Secker is also an accomplished entrepreneur who is based in the US. He is also a public speaker who is very much respected and also an active philanthropist who empowers the lives of many people across the world. A self-made millionaire, Greg Secker began experiencing success while he was still a young man. At the age of 25 years, he was holding the position of vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation.

In 2003, Greg Secker made a decision to quit employment and went to involve himself with the industry of forex trade. Before getting an official office, he was working right the center of his living room. Ever since, Greg Secker has worked hard and committed himself to his career and it is for this reason that he has managed to acquire lots of wealth in many different industries. It was in 2008 when Greg became a successful public speaker after he hosted a financial trading seminar. After this, he began hosting international workshops as well as attracting clients from all parts of the world.

Greg Secker has managed to make a name for himself due to expertise and experience. He has been able to speak at some of the world’s modest new houses like ANB and Bloomberg. As a public speaker, Greg Secker offers people information about the trading world. A great philanthropist, he has managed to earn the respect of numerous people due to his passion of giving back to the community. Greg is very much involved with organizations that are focused on improving the life quality of the youth. In 2011, he started the Greg Secker Foundation and has managed to make a positive impact on people lives through it. The Greg Secker Foundation is focused on offering education to the young adults especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Greg Secker serves as a role model and mentor to many entrepreneurs who wish to follow on his footsteps and make it in life.


Sheldon Lavin’s Entry Into Food Wholesale And Path To Winning Global Visionary

Sheldon Lavin is CEO of one of America’s top meat wholesale distributors and can be credited for making the company into a huge international merchant. That company is OSI Group, a company based in Chicago but with operations in many countries beyond the US borders. Lavin stayed true to a dream he had when he took over to turn the company into not just a profitable enterprise, but one that valued people the most.

As a result of OSI Group’s great impact, Sheldon Lavin won the 2016 Global Visionary Award from Global Vision Academy. Lavin has also won the North American Meat Institute’s Edward Jones award for community service by a meat industry executive.

Sheldon Lavin was an accounting and investing professional before he joined OSI Group. But after years working in the bank offices, he stepped down to run his own consulting firm. During this time Otto & Sons, the original name of OSI Group asked him to join their company on a part time basis to offer guidance in financial structuring and investing.

In the early 1970s Sheldon Lavin was asked to take over as company CEO, an offer he wasn’t interested in at first because he wanted to stick to Financial Consulting. But after discussing it some more with the owners and hearing from the McDonalds Corporation how much they wanted him to join, he decided to buy the owner’s shares and run the company.

Sheldon Lavin changed the name of Otto & Sons to OSI Group because it started becoming a worldwide operating company. Even just this last year they opened a new plant in the Philippines. Some strategic acquisitions they made were Flagship Europe, though they asked the current CEO Russell Maddock to stay, and several plants owned by Baho Food and Tyson Food.

Sheldon Lavin also had made sure OSI Group adheres to some of the industry’s tightest safety regulations, and doing so helped OSI Group win the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour. Lavin’s community service work includes giving to the Jewish United Fund, the Multiple Sclerosis National Society, and the Ronald McDonald House Charities Foundation.