Details on Rocketship Education Philanthropy

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of public charter schools. It is headed by the CEO and co-founder, Preston Smith. The foundation works with communities, parents, organizations, and educators to create a bio-network of high standard public schools to put children from low-income communities on their path to college. Rocketship is a philanthropic network that helps in improving the lives of children through education. The foundation usually empowers children, particularly from the low-income communities. The system is founded on the principles of transformative power an excellent education.

Rocketship opened its first elementary school in 2007 and gained national attention after the first strong tests as well as its blended learning approach. It used a mix of traditional as well as online and computer-assisted instruction. As a result, the network has been able to keep its administrative costs low.

Rocketship Education also gets funds from donors and well-wishers to expand its projects of improving the quality of education among the poor communities. Some of the donors include the NetFlix Bank and Facebook that donated engineers to support the Information Technology Sector. The other donor is the former world’s number one tennis player Andre Agassi who assisted in developing a new charter school, Rocketship Rise Academy, in Washington, D.C.’s Woodland Terrace neighborhood in the southeast.

At Charter School Network Rocketship, parents play important roles in the process of hiring teachers. Parents are usually actively involved in the job interviews for teaching staff months before the classes begin. The idea helps in enhancing the confidence that the parents and the community as a whole have regarding the Rocketship. In this case, the parents get to know whom their children are dealing with and strengthen the relationship between the teachers and guardians. Besides, teachers and support staff at Rocketship Education Network are usually dedicated to sharing the positive things that they feel in their soul to impart positive values in students.

The education network has been able to succeed in transforming the lives of many individuals, particularly those from low-income communities. To be in a better position to help more children, Rocketship confirmed in June 2017 that it had bought a 25,000 square foot office located at 1700 Cavallo Road. The foundation intends to build a school for grades K through five.