Wen Your Hair Needs Chaz Dean

If you have ever seen Chaz Dean either in commercials or on tv shows, you have probably noticed how amazing his hair is. You may not know who he is, but likely his shiny and thick blonde hair has left an impression. It’s no accident that Chaz’s hair looks amazing and his passion for hair has translated into a hugely successful haircare line. One haircare lover at Bustle.com put his popular line to the test and the results are absolutely worth checking out.
Setting the WEN haircare line apart is the revolutionary system behind the product. Instead of the simple wash and condition steps that we have all become accustomed to, Wen has completely reinvented hair care. Inside every Wen cleanser is a “Cleansing Conditioner” which does the work of five products in one easy step. It cleanses your hair thoroughly while also deep conditioning, detangling, and acting as a leave-in.

After one Bustle writer tried out this unique Wen system, she documented the results each day. The WEN difference is clear from the first picture; comparing her normal shampoo consistency to the Wen system, it looks thicker and creamier. Noting a change while cleansing, she noted that her hair felt thicker and that less strands were falling out during the shower. After her first usage, her hair was shinier and bouncier. Continuing with her week long experiment, the end of day 3 brought her shiny and healthy hair. Day 6 passed the ultimate hair test, where her friends commented on how shiny her hair looked. Mission accomplished! Guthy-Renker has also made their own review of the product.

Read the WEN FAQ’s posted here: http://www.wen.com/faq.html