WEN Works Beautifully as Super No-Poo Method for Blogger’s Limp Locks

Bustle.com writer Emily McClure admits to having fine, greasy hair, and she’s not alone. She thought her readers would like to see how the WEN no-shampoo method would work for her, so she decided to conduct her own 7-day experiment with WEN’s unique cleansing conditioner. See it here: http://www.wen.com/before-after.html
Emily had seen the famous TV infomercials of beautiful celebrities shaking their shiny, big hair after using Wen hair. She kept a daily log and even took selfies to show Bustle.com readers how her hair was responding.

WEN is special, because unlike ordinary shampoos and conditioners, Chaz Dean’s formulas feature natural botanical ingredients. His cleansing conditioners do not contain the nasty chemicals found in drugstore products. He’s a well-loved celebrity stylist in California who has created the perfect recipe for strong, shiny, manageable hair.

Emily decided on to use the Sephora fig cleanser for the 7-day test, even though she prefers nighttime showers. She found that WEN gave her soft, shiny hair that friends noticed and adored, as long as she kept to the routine so her hair could adapt to a no-shampoo system.

When the Bustle writer decided to mix up the schedule, her hair fell flat and got greasy quickly. Emily revealed to her readers that she can be lazy about her hair care, because she’s a busy person. Once, she even skipped the morning WEN cleanse, because she had run out of time. She thought the WEN hair system would allow her a day off, but apparently, that was not the case. She went to work with unruly, greasy locks and figured she better get back on the WEN schedule.

Emily thought WEN worked wonderfully when the simple routine of a WEN cleanse, blow-drying and styling hair steps were followed. She says she would reach again for the WEN system if she weren’t so lazy.

WEN Hair Care products are available here: http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care