Jeunesse Global helps people keep off the pounds with Zen Bodi

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are two of the biggest names in the global health and beauty industry. The entrepreneurial power couple first started their own business when they were still in their 20s. By the time they had reached their early 30s, Ray and Lewis had become successful enough that they would never have to work another day in their lives.

Over the next three decades, the couple went on to found and build some of the most successful businesses in the North American health, beauty and direct-marketing industries. When Ray and Lewis found themselves approaching the traditional retirement age, they thought that they would give retirement a try. Unfortunately, the industrious couple found that they simply weren’t constituted for the hours of boredom and idleness that retirement entails. They decided to found a small hobby business out of their garage as a way to pass the time.

Before long, the drive and passion that had marked all of Ray and Lewis’ other pursuits started to shine through with their current business. They soon settled on the trade name Jeunesse Global, and things began picking up steam quickly. By the end of Jeunesse Global’s first year, the company had registered nearly $1 million in sales. By the end of its fifth year, it was doing tens of millions of dollars in sales each year and had thousands of distributors and tens of thousands of customers worldwide.

Now, Jeunesse Global is continuing its tradition of expanding its horizons through great products. With the company’s Zen Bodi, a weight-loss supplement that helps burn fat, build muscle and curb appetite, Jeunesse is making its first entrance into the global weight-loss market.

Like other Jeunesse products, Zen Bodi is not sold using gimmickry or dubious claims. Instead, the supplement and the marketing surrounding it are based 100 percent on rigorous science. Zen Bodi forms part of the larger Zen 8 Project total-health system, which relies heavily on both scientifically engineered supplements as well as the proven methods of behavioral modification.

With Zen Bodi, Jeunesse isn’t promising magic results; it’s providing a biologic rope tow to help motivated users get to the peak of their potential health.,19.htm

Sussex Healthcare, Now Hiring

The benefits of working for the respected Sussex Healthcare organization are many. This healthcare provider has been in this area for twenty-five years. With 20 private personal care homes and other specialized facilities, this private healthcare organization is revered as a leading healthcare provider. Catering to mostly senior population groups, the healthcare team also specializes in those younger adults with serious physical and/or mental challenges and disabilities. Sussex Healthcare additionally operates facilities devoted to the care of older adults with some form of dementia. Another facility houses those stricken with brain or neurological disorders. Sussex Healthcare is pleased to announce that they are currently hiring.

The various open positions range from registered nurses, nursing assistants, administrative positions, therapists, dining room staff, cleaning positions and many more. Sussex Healthcare offers fantastic health and other benefits to their employees according to They have benefits that pay for continuing education too. It pays to look into the varied healthcare and other service positions now open at Sussex Healthcare. Call to find out the requirements for each important job position. The salary ranges are very competitive in this necessary field. The open positions are in several of the privately owned and run healthcare facilities and outreach community programs.


Sussex Healthcare does care about who they hire. All staff members will be trained on what will be expected while working for this compassionate healthcare team. All of the patients are to be treated as if they were a beloved family member. Each person is given respect and highly skilled care. This organization provides many fun and enjoyable daily activities that the patients love. There are lovely outdoor areas that are pleasing to the eye with the expert landscaping work. Even beautiful gardens can be seen. Every facility is setup to accommodate the patients residing in each one. These facilities have high-tech equipment and safety monitoring plus additional features to provide a secure environment for all.

The pleasant atmosphere found in all Sussex Healthcare facilities helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for patients and visitors. Private rooms can be decorated with things from home. Many patients and visitors comment favorably on the homelike aura within these buildings. While 24-hour nursing and other medical care is always available, Sussex Healthcare likes the atmosphere to resemble a family home setting. Many outstanding services are available that includes a new gymnasium with therapy pool and an audiology dept.

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LifeLine Screening At The Frontline Of Fighting Cardiovascular Diseases

LifeLine screening is privately owned health facility that offers thorough health screening procedure for cardiovascular problems. The organization started in Texas, 1993 and established subsidiaries in other countries.

LifeLine uses the process of finger stick blood tests which detect any problem with just a small sample of blood. The screening procedures offered are ultrasounds, blood tests and EKGs to measure heartbeats.

According to cardiovascular problems develop unnoticed in the body. They cause damage to the blood vessels until the issue becomes too advanced to for treatment. Other diseases such as an aortic aneurysm occur undetected until they get to the point of rupture leading to sudden death. Having preparation of such illnesses in advance would be ideal. When diagnosed earlier there is a possibility of treatment and saving more lives.


To get started with screening the following procedures commence at Life Line. After entering the facilities, visitors check in at the desk where they fill a questionnaire regarding test of choice and payment methods. Visitors proceed to the waiting area then to the screening area. From there, screening procedures continue blood testing, vital signs, bone density screening, peripheral artery disease, EKG testing, Carotid artery testing and Aortic aneurysm screening.

In blood testing, a small sample of blood is taken. After a blood test, vital signs are made concerning height, weight and body measurements. Bone density is carried out, and individuals are expected to remove their shoes and socks. Peripheral tests are carried out where pressure cuffs are placed around ankles thus measuring systolic blood pressure. EKG tests are carried with electrodes being positioned on chest, wrists, and ankles to identify irregular heartbeats. Ultrasounds are conducted on the neck to analyze blood flow. Aortic aneurysm screening is carried out by viewing the aorta. All the procedures carried out are painless.

The types of clothes to wear depend on the kind of test that is carried out. It is advisable to observe the following. Wear comfortable clothes, avoid stockings, avoid unnecessary jewelry, wear socks and shoes that are easy to remove and keep mobile phones turned off. For accurate results, it’s essential to have prior knowledge of some procedures. An aortic aneurysm requires one to have fasted four hours prior and if under medication follow the prescription.

Cardiovascular diseases are silent killers, and while the tests are not extremely accurate. They provide lifesaving treatment methods. Screening gives a chance to change the unhealthy lifestyle that may be life-threatening. Through life screening and the use of modern technology, it has led to the detection of unforeseen diseases and save the lives of countless citizens.

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