Shiraz Boghani, A “Splendid” Visionary In Healthcare And Hotel Hospitality

Time is the key element to all things, and being Shiraz Boghani beholds the key. A proven visionary who has taken action throughout time in the healthcare, hotel and restaurant industry. The Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group perpetually holds reign expanding hotels and restaurants across England.

A master in hotel hospitality, as a recipient of the 2016 “Hotelier of The Year” at The Asian Business Awards, admirably cites Chairman Boghani as an infallible leader of the times. Ever advancing the hospitality of quality, security, comfort and the scope of entertainment. He has broadened the landscape to over 20 trending hotels and growing. Most if not all, mounts over 200 rooms per hotel where convenience is paramount. In addition, this portfolio includes the five star He Grand Hotel and Spar, York.

As Founding Joint-Chair of Sussex Healthcare, Shiraz Boghani evidence veracity dwells in its fundamental values for every patient. It is the core resource of quality support in health and social care. Ensuring proficiency in all care components of patients, his award-winning Care Home Group avails and maintains a qualified workforce of over 1100 staff members for operational services.


Sussex Healthcare, Care Centers, and Support is a community of medicinal services designed to serve Alzheimer & Dementia, Gerartic, Neurological and Learning Disabilities superior care. The vastness of Sussex existence encompasses a compendium of qualities founded on their fundamental values. Citing a few, Person-Centered Care, specializing individuality of one’s treatment. It is the patient entitlement to expect and receive privacy, personalized care, equality and profound support that sustains their independence of Dignity and Respect. These values and more are aligned with the Mental Health Act as pursuant to Healthcare of England.

Dedication, commitment and consistency is textured by Shiraz Boghani, a servant in numerous vital roles to his community and charity organizations. Inclusive of being a member of the National Council, The Chairman of the National Councilman and Arbitration Board and Resource Development Convenor for the AGA KHAN University.

Shiraz Boghani is indeed a Marketing entrepreneur for the 21st century.