Adam Milstein Looks To The Younger Generation To Produce New Jewish Leaders

Adam Milstein understands that solid Jewish leaders are required to overcome the obstacles that currently do and will face the nation again in the future. Near the beginning of the 21st century, David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s original prime minister, along with the first woman prime minister of Israel, Chaim Weizmann worked to create a Jewish state that was free and independent. Mordechai Anielewicz guided the Jewish people to battle with the Nazis during World War II, and there has been many other Jewish leaders who have changed the course of history for the Jewish people.

Adam Milstein knows that the Jewish people will now have to overcome many new fresh obstacles. One of these is known as the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, known as BDS, and this campaign is working to rid the world of the State of Israel. The BDS is actively working to create a divide in the Jewish American community and the Jewish community at-large. These sorts of actions require a response, and the Jewish community is in great need of strong leaders. Adam Milstein is calling for the Jewish American community to highlight and support its modern day heroes, because the community needs inspiring people who will spread their courage.

Adam Milstein is hopeful and optimistic about the future, because he has met plenty of inspiring Jewish leaders. As a philanthropist who is also involved with activism, Milstein rubs shoulders with plenty pro-Israel activists and passionate leaders who are part of the younger generation. Many of them have come back from visits to their homeland with a renewed sense of purpose and understanding, and he is glad that many of them are working in the Israeli-American-Council where they can make a real difference. He believes that it is the job of the Jewish community to help these new leaders find a platform where they can communicate their ideas.

Adam Milstein knows that being a leader is challenging and that many leaders have to spend plenty of time on their own or face criticism and ridicule, but he also knows that without investing in them, the future looks less hopeful.

Thor Halvorssen Is A Man On A Mission

Thor Halvorssen is a misunderstood man. He is the president of Human Rights Foundation (HRF) and has dedicated his life to toppling dictators and tyrants around the world.

Because of this work he has made many enemies around the world and has put his life in danger numerous times. In a recent interview, he recalls a time that he went to Vietnam to interview the leader of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, which had been banned by the government. After the interview, Halvorssen was detained, beaten and arrested.

Halvorssen has no real political ideology. His goal is to expose and remove any leader who thwarts freedom in their respective countries. “I love people!” he states. He continually rails against leftist dictators in Latin America just as much as he attacks right-wing tyrants in Eastern Europe.

He learned how to stand up to dictators and corruption from an early age. His father was imprisoned and tortured in a Venezuelan prison for exposing government corruption. His mother was shot during a protest against Hugo Chavez.This is what fuels Thor Halvorssen.

He is not without his detractors. Some donors on the left dislike that HRF receive money from “right-wing” organizations, and vice versa. But Halvorssen and HRF are just as likely to attack a right-wing dictator like Pinochet of Chile, as they are to go after leftist Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. “Why discriminate?” he says.

Based in New York City, Human Rights Foundation is a nonprofit organization that seeks to protect human rights around the world. They take a particular interest in closed societies like North Korea. Their mission is to promote freedom around the globe. Follow Thor on Facebook to learn more.

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