Rocketship Education: Fighting Back Against the Achievement Gap

Education is a lifelong endeavor that is best started at the very beginning. In a person’s formative years, they are able to build a foundation of good habits and positive attitudes towards learning. Rocketship Education believes that these years are key to the long-term success of an individual. They intend to take that key and use it to unlock a more promising future for their students. However, this is not an easy task. Among many low-income communities, there is a blatant drop in the performance of students. This is sad fact lends it’s self heavily to the achievement gap prevalent in these communities.

Walking into any high school in an underserved community you will see plenty of students. If you looked at a freshmen class at one of these schools and removed the number of students who would drop out before graduation it would be shocking. Further, if you could possibly remove the even larger majority of students that would never even attend college you would be left with a depressing fragment of the student body you began with. Why is this? While many fingers point to different factors that could be responsible for this alarming trend there is no time to dither over action.

Rocketship Education is one group that realized this alarming trend must be stopped imminently. Through consideration of the issue, they realized the key to addressing the harmful achievement gap was to create a sustainable system that engaged students and parents to form the habit of learning early. They also focus on teaching parents how their involvement and support can really make a difference in their child’s education. Rocketship Education’s programs consistently produce students who test up to a great higher in Mathematics and English. They have also had the honor of being listed in the top 10% of all California schools serving low-income populations. Since their foundation in 2006, the nonprofit charter school collective has taken the world of education by storm. Not only have they impressed with their thoughtful approach to education, but they have also expanded to over 20 schools in 3 states as well as the District of Columbia.