Securus Technologies: Changing Lives for Both Inmates and Incarceration Officials

Solving and preventing crimes is a headache that jail and prison officials confront with as they execute their mandate. For the longest time, the incarceration department in the United States and the world at large faced a great challenge in ensuring that inmates do not commit crimes behind bars. A greater challenge was for the jail officials to prevent criminals from the outside world to enter and establish their centers of influence within the facilities. With Securus Technologies, however, some of these challenges have become easy solves for officials. The corrections department telecommunication and tech solutions provider has made it a priority to design tech tools that makes jails and prisons within the United States safe. The firm’s main aim according to its motto is to revolutionize technology and to use that same technology in modernizing and digitizing the incarceration environment, with a long-term goal of ensuring that public security is well taken care of.

Customer Comments

Richard A. Smith, the current CEO and board chairman at Securus Technology, is known to place a high emphasis on results and excellence. The CEO has ensured that the firm innovates at least one tech tool per day that goes into meeting the company’s motto. These investigative and crime monitoring tools have gone a long way in helping corrections officials do their job more efficiently and most importantly, in a more comfortable manner. Among the most rampant security threats in America’s prisons is inmate-on-inmate crimes, and Securus Technologies has sufficiently provided solutions for it. As a result, clients send in letters and text messages congratulating Rick and his team for making their work easy.

Of the thousands of letters that Securus has received, some of them were published on PRNewswire on Oct. 21, 2016. In a majority of them, jail officials talked of how specific tech investigative and monitoring tools developed by Securus has revolutionized their daily mandate for the better.


Securus Technologies Keeps Customers First

Securus Technologies is known for keeping Corrections Facilities safer for all. I know how they strive hard as they provide jail authorities with products that make inmates, their families, and even their friends, and parolees along with the community safer.


This company provides various ways for resolving cases. This includes supplying its customers with highly advanced audio-video communication platforms. It means that people talk to each other with a lot of clarity, along with security. For jail officials, this is very important. They have to make confidential calls all the time. This means that any compromise with security is simply not possible. I am well aware that all this is very important for Securus Technologies. They provide exactly what the jail authorities require. Thus the calls will always be of top technical quality. The quality of call cannot suffer in any way. The clarity of voice ensures that long-distance communication can take place without any glitch. There are several other issues that include call drops, blocked calls, or delayed calls and so on. All these are taken care of by Securus Technologies. The issues of cross talks will also have to be taken care of by them.


Securus Technologies offers a lot more than this. They are charging only the cost-based rates. In this way, I could understand how they are able to offer the lowest cost structures that are available in this industry today. This testifies the fact that this is a highly efficient company. Also, they have managed to keep their costs low. These benefits have been passed on to the customers by Securus Technologies as it provides them services at very low rates.


Another thing that Securus Technologies is known for is for not making any unauthorized payments in order to get business.


Securus Counters Against Wave of Misleading Press Releases

Like many people now do, I get a majority of my news and current events from online mediums so I was more than curious when a name that’s been passing through my feed lately came up once again.


A technology solutions company based in Dallas, Securus Technologies had issued an official statement regarding allegations made by GTL, a communication company providing services to correctional facilities. Naturally, as a writer for several law blogs I was interested.


Apparently, the communications company had engaged in negative press campaign aimed at Securus and had begun releasing misleading statements regarding the technology company. Securus, in turn, responded to their allegations and even further offered to settle the matter in a manner the CEO Richard Smith aptly called a “technology bake-off challenge“.


As the practice of jilted business running misleading and at times false press statements has been making its rounds across the web, it was great to see a company actually challenge the statements.


What can I say? I enjoy a decent debate.


Securus’ took to directly addressing every allegation, citing the previous proceedings in detail. As every statement was rebuked it left me with a pretty good impression as to who stood in the right.


Far too often negative campaigns spread misleading the entire online community so it was refreshing to see a company successfully address the latest attempt at image assassination.


To read the entire release visit



Securus Technologies Receives BBB Accreditation

Securus Technologies, one of the leading providers of inmate telephone services, received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau in May of this year. The accreditation, which included an A+ rating, is a huge step forward for the company. You can find a BBB review of the company here.


According to Senior Vice President of Operations, Danny de Hoyos, the company worked very hard to comply with Better Business Bureau standards which include maintaining a positive track record, addressing disputes quickly and professionally, and protecting customer data from fraud.


Securus has approximately 25 million customers, connecting inmates with their families, and their customer service handles approximately 2.5 million telephone calls per month. In an effort to make their customer service as efficient as possible, they opened a 220 seat in-house domestic call center. Securus customer service representatives are trained to adhere to all Better Business Bureau standards.


Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and connects approximately 1.2 million inmates with their families, serving over 2200 correctional facilities all across the United States and Canada, according to Wikipedia


My personal experience with Securus is very good. My son was in a facility that they serviced and at one point I had paid for minutes that would allow my son to call my cell phone but after making the payment the minutes were not added to my account. I called Securus customer service and not only were they polite and helpful, but they immediately tracked down my payment, discovered where the problem had occured, and added the minutes I had paid for immediately. They also apologized for any inconvenience this may have cost my son and me. I was very pleased with their customer service.


Additional information can be found at and at


Securus Technologies Develops Software To Monitor Inmate Calls

With the release of Investigator Pro 4.0, Securus Technologies has once again revolutionized the criminal justice system in North America. This cutting-edge software lets investigators in jails and prisons analyze incoming and outgoing phone calls. The purpose of Investigator Pro 4.0 is to identify a given voice in different calls. This technology is very useful in cracking down on gang-related operations that are conducted by inmates.

Secretive code words enable inmates to run their illegal enterprises even behind bars. It is quite common for incarcerated individuals to give orders to their affiliates who are free to roam the streets. For decades, security officers in correctional institutions have sought ways to crack down on secret forms of communication between inmates and people in the outside world. Investigator Pro 4.0 gives prisons and jails a new way to identify suspicious phone calls that are handled by inmates. This technology is engineered to analyze sound that can be linked to a particular individual. Investigator Pro 4.0 is considered to be an advanced biometric technology that can precisely pinpoint the voice of specific people. When investigators listen to phone calls via this software, there is no need take any guesses on the callers who are involved.

Securus Technologies hopes that its late solution can significantly reduce gang-related activities that are managed via phone calls. Investigator Pro 4.0 comes with a tagging system that can be used to monitor specific parties of interest. The ultimate goal of this program is to destroy criminal enterprises that are somehow managed remotely from jails and prisons.


In business since 1986, Securus Technologies delivers the latest IT solutions to correctional facilities in the U.S.A. This company has a strong presence in more than 2,600 institutions nationwide. Securus Technologies has launched products and services that have been used to manage more than 1 million inmates.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Advantages of Using Securus Technologies

Keeping in touch with a loved one who is in prison can be more than just a little difficult and it is why so many people are looking into Securus Technologies because this is an option that enables them to keep in touch with loved ones. I have been using Securus Technologies myself for many years now and have continued to be happy with the results I am able to achieve from this type of technology. It has allowed me to keep in touch with my loved one in prison and it is something I will never regret using and speaking about two other people who might need it.

If you are not familiar with Securus Technologies, this is a technology that enables you to video message people in the prison system. Anyway, it is like using your own webcam at home to see somebody who you would not otherwise see on a routine basis. This is a problem for a lot of prison families and it can be difficult to feel connected to your loved one when you simply cannot make those long trips to the prison. Securus Technologies has made it easy for you to feel confident in keeping in touch with them and knowing that they are there to see and hear what you are doing.

I have found for myself that Securus Technologies is a wonderful technology that is easily used by most people who have somebody in the prison system. The system is totally secure and easy for you to use from a home computer or laptop. You just need to download the software and begin using it right away to connect with your loved one who you might not have seen in quite some time. This has been a wonderful option for me and many other prison families in the nation.

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