What You Need to Know About the Capital Group’s Chairman

Tim gave his opinion on Warren Buffet’s investment strategy citing it as wrong. Warren Buffet stated that he could attain more investment returns than investing in the index fund. But Tim believes that the risks of passive index investments are high.

At the mention of Tim, what comes to the mind is the investment guru who is widely known in Los Angeles and globally. He is a member of 3 Board Committees, in 3 different companies and across seven (7) organizations. He is currently the Chairman and Principal Executive Officer of Capital Research and Management Committee. He is also the Chief Executive Offer of the Capital Group, a firm that was founded by Jonathan Lovelace, in 1931.

In the July 2015, he got named as the Chairman of Capital Group’s management committee and Capital Research and Management Company. He has 32 years’ experience in investments. His career started as a participant in the Associates Program, later to an equity investment analyst at Capital. He is a bachelor degree holder in Economics from Middlebury College.

Investment Inputs
Tim Armour firmly believes that investing in managed funds can bring investors better and higher returns. Active managers should do thorough research for the companies and look for better investments portfolios, to aid the investors in attaining better returns than the average market earnings.

In no doubt, Tim’s vast knowledge in investment has enabled him to manage the Capitals’ Group sales scale high putting more confidence to the investors.