Ken Goodgame has launched a new program, The ‘New at True Value.’

Ken Goodgame officially announced the launching of their new program at True Value, ‘New at True Value’ which happened at the True Value Fall Reunion. The program is expected to begin immediately.

The vice president of the merchandising division at True value believes that the initiated program will address the significance of product innovation in their stores. Kenneth Goodgame also have confidence in the program and expects it will present the market with the top end cap program. He believes that the consumers of their products all over the United States will enjoy the innovation in production at an affordable price. True value will ensure that they are always on the lookout for the recent products in the industry so as attain their goal.

According to Crunchbase, the new program as Kenneth Goodgame says will help their clients to understand more about the products they are purchasing from the store. Even if the products might have been existing in the market, this is an added advantage. Some clients have been undermining the quality innovations in the market due to lack of financial benefit from the creative ideas. The end cap program will help change their perspective completely, and the dealers will benefit from it as well by boosting their market.

The implementation protocol of the new program will be simple, and the staff at True value are expected to carry out some research every month. From the research, they will be able to come up with at least four new life-changing products to their clients. These products will then be supplied to all True Value stores in the country and be sold at relatively low prices. For the first new products introduced, they expect to sell them at a price not more than $50.

About Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is an American entrepreneur, whose career involves sales, marketing as well as retail merchandising. He lives in Chicago and holds a Bachelor of Science in marketing from the University of Tennessee. Goodgame is the chief merchandising and senior vice president at the True Value Hardware Corporation.

At True Value, Goodgame increased the annual sales realized from the stores incredibly at a global level. He was also able to reduce the company’s marketing expense costs through the program, “pay to play.” This program worked in a way that dealers contributed something towards the True Value advertising costs so that they can be included in them. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

The marketing executive had been employed by other companies such as Techtronic Industries North America as the president, The Home Depot as a senior global product merchant and Rubbermaid where he served as the president of marketing. All these positions have helped him a lot to nature his sales and marketing skills, and he is making more creative contributions to the field.