Soros donates to court Latino votes

George Soros is getting involved in politics again. Soros, a billionaire financier who often supports liberal causes, George Soros has said he will donate $5 million towards a $15 million campaign to sway Latino voters into voting for the Democrats in November, according to a story in the New York Times.

Democrats plan to focus the effort on Florida, Colorado and Nevada, three states with significant Latino populations. Organizers believe there are enough Latino voters in those states to provide a victory in November. The campaign seeks to get those supporting Democrats to get out and vote, and to court swing voters who are not decided.

Republicans also have a campaign going to try to reach Latinos, spending $10 million that was given by the Koch Brothers.

Republicans may have a steeper climb though, as Republican front runner Donald Trump has insulted and angered Hispanics already and other candidates have also taken stands against Latinos. Trump was the most bombastic though, calling Latino immigrants rapists and thieves. He also called for a wall between Mexico and the United States, and he said he would make Mexico pay for construction.

Democrats may also have to mend some fences with Latinos, according to the article. Organizers in the Latino community are disappointed that President Obama has not been able to deliver a promised immigration overhaul, and he deported a lot of people. Organizers have also complained that Democrats have not funded campaigns well enough in the past, so the new money may help in that regard.

George Soros supported a major campaign to try to unseat President Bush in 2004, but has since supported less blatantly political campaigns. He has a foundation called Open Borders Society that promotes human rights as well as transparency. He has donated a total of $13 million in this election cycle.

He said the rhetoric of Republican candidates caused him to get concerned. In addition to Trump’s insulting of Hispanics, he has called for banning Muslims, which Soros has called offensive. Soros said such talk is against the national interest and a danger to democracy. Soros said there should be consequences to such hateful talk, and he hopes voters will provide those consequences this coming November presidential election. Learn more about his profile at

Soros is now one of the world’s most wealthy men and spends most of his time now running the Open Society Foundation. He grew up in Hungary, and his Jewish family was in hiding during Nazi occupation and during World War II. After the war, in 1947 he moved to England where he went to school at the London School of Economics. In the early 1950s he moved to America where he started his international finance company that also managed hedge funds.