Brenda Wardle and the Pistorius Trial

Pistorius was a well-known South African runner in several Paralympics and 2012 Olympics. On February 14, 2013 Pistorius shot and killed his long term girlfriend Steenkamp in his home. Pistorius admitted to police shooting Steenkamp but did so thinking she was a thief breaking into his home. On February 15, 2013 in Pretoria court, Pistorius was formally charged with the murder of Steenkamp. On February 25, 2014 in the Pretoria high court with Judge President Dunstan Mlambo authorized the trial to broadcast over the radio and on the television. The trial proceeding began on March, 03, 2013 and the first verdict was delivered September 11 and 12, 2013. The first verdict delivered by Judge Thokozile Masipa. The verdict concluded Pistorius was guilty of culpable homicide and reckless use of a firearm in a restaurant. On October, 14, 2014 would serve a maximum of five years in prison for culpable homicide and another three year suspended prison sentence for the other charges.

Brenda Wardle is the legal analyst that covered the Pistorius case through the sentencing hearing. She grew up with parents that have a passion for education and law. Her parents have passed on their passion to her. Brenda Wardle is a known around the world as a legal analyst. Wardle has many different degrees to help her stay the top legal analyst. She holds three law degrees specializing in but not limited to medical law, forensic medicine, and advanced constitutional and fundamental rights. Wardle is currently registered at the University of South Africa to obtain a Doctor of Law degree.

Brenda Wardle’s career has focused on high profile cases. She has been interviewed by television stations and radio stations to give her expert opinion on what is going on while the case in in process and to give clarification to the audiences questions. Wardle has also written twelve manuals on the Contract Management Framework for the South African public sector. The manuals are also known by different titles. She has many talents and will continue to take her career as far as it can go for as long as she can.

Brenda Wardle discusses Oscar Pistorius Trial:

An Overview of Brenda Wardle

On March 2014, South African high court commenced the hearing of a case in which a Paralympic gold medalist Oscar Pistorius was charged with murder of his girl friend Reeva Steenkamp. The judge of the high court, Thokozile Masipa delivered his verdict, where the athlete was acquitted of murder related charges but was found guilty of homicide as well as reckless handling of a gun at a restaurant. On October 2014, Oscar was sentenced to serve a maximum of five years in prison for committing homicide and another suspended three year for being reckless with a firearm.


Pistorius is a famous South African athlete with disability who had competed at several Paralympic Games including the 2012 London Olympics. Oscar shot dead her girlfriend on 14 February 2013 at his home in Pretoria. In his defence, Pistorius submitted that he wrongly shot her because he thought it was an intruder. He was arrested by police and charged with murder at a court in Pretoria on 15 February 2013. On February 2014, the President of the High Court ruled the proceedings would be broadcasted live via audio and to some extents via television.


About Brenda Wardle


Brenda Wardle is a South African legal expert providing legal analysis in South Africa and in the entire world. She prominently featured during the trail, placement and appeal of Oscar Pistorius. Wardle has a Master of Laws Degree, Bachelors of Law and an Intermediary Degree Qualification. She has published a number of articles relating to law in South Africa, including the one relating to presidential pardons. In specific, she made a reference to presidential pardon of Dr. Allan Boesak, which was made just before the contract of NDDP was terminated.


Brenda Wardle has been interviewed by several news agencies including Talkradio 702, SABC News Radio, PowerFM, BBC Radio and many others relating to different issues that were happening mainly in South Africa. During the sentencing of Oscar Pistorius, Brenda was interviewed by Andrew Harding and Karin Giannone of BBC.


Wardle has facilitated training and other events with up to 4000 delegates in the last two years. She has a consultancy firm that has hosted high profile events and conferences where prominent individuals have attended. Her writing is not only limited to legal matters only, but she has also written several manuals concerning contract management systems in the public sector in South Africa.

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