Talkspace Providing Professional Counseling at a fraction of the General Price

Many people are suffering from various mental health issues these days, which can range from PTSD or post-breakup trauma or the loss of loved one, and much more. Whatever be the mental health problem that you are facing, if you feel that you are not able to cope with it and it has started to affect how you think and feel about yourself, it is highly necessary that you talk about it with a professional therapist. The cost of going to traditional therapy is what makes people have second thoughts about going for it. It is where Talkspace, an online counseling company, can come to your rescue.

The company recently reported a surge in the number of people joining it after the Trump’s win in the November 2016 election for Presidency in the United States. More and more millennials are going to therapy at Talkspace, and about seventy percent of the new users at Talkspace are women. It is an interesting statistics that showcase the dynamics of the lives of the people, in general, these days. The company’s CEO said that the surge in the number of new registrants has been astounding for sure, but it cannot be said for sure whether it is due to Trumps’ win in the Presidential election or the typical rise in stress and anxiety in the lives of people.

Talkspace has so far claimed to have provided counseling to over 500,000 people so far, and that figure has been rising at a rapid pace. The company believes that the convenience it offers to the users in how they can avail therapy from their mobile phones remotely is what makes people attracted towards it. Also, the cost of therapy at Talkspace can be called peanuts in comparison to what a traditional therapy session at an office would cost.