One Life to Live: Changing Lives Every Day

For those who grew up on daytime television, One Life to Live was a huge part of their lives. This ABC soap opera aired every single weekday with a new episode, giving the fans exactly what they wanted. The show ran for more than 43 years. However in 2012, everything changed in daytime television. The networks decided to get rid of their soap operas and instead replace them with talk shows like The Chew. One Life to Live was just another casualty.

The fans loved this show, though, and were not ready to say goodbye to it. That’s why channels like Hulu and iTunes decided to turn the show into an online series. These means started airing new episodes. In 2013, though, One Life to Live couldn’t be saved any longer. It finally was canceled for good.

One Life to Live was known for a lot of things over the years. In particular, One Life to Live delved into topics that no other show would. This soap opera talked about major social issues that were going on in our world. One Life to Live also featured actors and actresses that came from all walks of life. These characters were all sorts of races and born into various social classes.

Besides this, One Life to Live also has a reputation for hiring those who were destined for stardom. Some of the actors that appeared on One Life to Live early on in their careers include Blair Underwood, Tommy Lee Jones and Ryan Phillippe. Another actress that had great success on this soap opera is Crystal Hunt, who has seen soaring popularity on Instagram as of late.

Hunt played the role of Stacy Morasco from February 2009 to February 2010. After that, she decided to leave the show to take her chances in the world of feature films. She starred in the movies The Derby Stallion and Sydney White. However, she couldn’t say no to One Life to LIve completely. Even after her time on the show, Hunt talked about on her Facebook having returned to reprise a ghostly version of her character. She only made two short appearances, though. Since then, she has opened her own high-end pet boutique in Florida, which she documents on SlideShare.

One Life to Live is a soap opera that really did change the world of daytime television as we know it. Without this series, daytime television would not be the same. Thankfully, One Life to Live lives on in the hearts of its fans forever and ever.